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Bully Dog Backup Sensor System

Owning a truck means having to add an extra layer of care when you are operating it around other people. Let’s face it – your Tundra is pretty big, and it’s easy for a person or pet to hide in a blind spot while you are backing up or turning around. Not only can it be difficult to see people who are located directly behind you, objects that are low to the ground like stumps, fire hydrants and lawn equipment also pose a different kind of menace to your truck. No one wants to have to explain a dent on the rear bumper or a damaged differential when the entire incident could have been avoided in the first place.

Unless your Tundra had a backup system installed at the factory, one of the best ways to improve your peace of mind while backing up is to install a backup warning system. Now, when most people hear the phrase “backup warning system” they get an image of a beeping semi-truck as it backs out of the supermarket parking lot. While these systems still exist and are required on commercial vehicles, modern technology has updated our ability to avoid unnecessary collisions through the use of advanced techniques previously only used by the military.

Bullydog's Backup Sensor

Bullydog's Backup Sensor costs anywhere from $100-$200, making it an inexpensive accident avoidance accessory.

An example of such progress is the Bully Dog Backup Sensor System.

Black and Decker Electromate 400

It’s happened to almost anyone who lives in a cold climate. One day, you go out to start your car or truck and all you get when you turn the key is a weak whirring sound from under the hood, a click from the starter relay – or nothing at all. Whether it is because the dome light was left on, an accessory was plugged in all night, or simply the result of a battery giving up the ghost in very cold weather, the end result is the same: you’re not starting under your own power.

Black and Decker's Electromate 400 is a nifty emergency battery.

Black and Decker's Electromate 400 is a nifty emergency battery.

Jumper cables are the obvious option (and everyone should have some in their vehicle), but sometimes when you need a jump-start there is absolutely no one around who can help you. Jumper cables also require a vehicle that can maneuver close enough to your front end to make a solid connection – which is hard sometimes when you’re driving a big bad truck and all your friendly Samaritan has is a little econo-box. There’s also the fact that some cars just don’t have the juice to jump a big vehicle. But there’s some good news here…

Improvements in battery technology over the past couple of years have created a new class of product that enables people to jump-start their own vehicles without the need for third-party assistance.

Tommy Gate G2 Tundra Liftgate

Loading equipment, supplies or other heavy gear in and out of your Tundra can be a back breaking experience. Even with the tailgate lowered or removed, it’s still not always easy to lift the items you need to haul up over the bumper and deposit them safely in the truck bed. Sometimes you will luck out and be able to back right up to a loading dock that is just the proper height, but most of the time you are on your own when it comes to the heavy lifting.

Toyota Tundra with a Tommy Gate

Toyota Tundra with a Tommy Gate

Tommy Gate realizes that there are certain loads that weight too much to be safely loaded using muscle alone. They also know that not everyone has access to a forklift or other mechanical helper when it’s time to pack up the truck. This is why they developed the G2 Dual Drive liftgate.

CST Lift Kits For The Toyota Tundra

It’s not always easy to know which lift kits will work the best for your Tundra. There are several different options on the market, and some of them involve replacing many suspension components and need a professional mechanic to be installed properly. While these high end kits do offer a good amount of flexibility and height choice, they can really do a lot of damage to your pocketbook.

CST offers lift kits for the Toyota Tundra from 2 to 7 inches.

CST offers lift kits for the Toyota Tundra from 2 to 7 inches.

CST, a.k.a. California SuperTrucks, offers a simpler spindle lift kit for Toyota Tundra owners that offers excellent quality without adding in complicated component changes. The CST kits offer up to 7 inches of lift using custom-made spindles for the front end, along with a block and bolt kit for the rear of the vehicle. The spindles are made out of machined sheet steel which is then welded by hand. They are stronger than standard cast iron spindles, and are in fact even stronger than the factory spindles that came with your truck (special deal for TundraHQ readers – see below.)

Truck Beadlock Wheels – What They Are and Why You Probably Don’t Want Them

When getting more involved in off-roading your truck, it quickly becomes clear that there is a whole world of specialized off-road equipment that exists solely to serve those who are intent on exploring their local wilderness trails. While some of this gear is readily apparent when installed on a truck – like roll bars, nerf bars, and lift kits – there are other items that have a more hidden, mechanical aspect to them, even those which might appear decorative at first.

Anyone interested in off-roading will eventually hear someone talk about beadlock wheels, or perhaps see beadlock wheels installed on a truck. Beadlock wheels are fairly distinctive, as they resemble a standard wheel with a raised steel or polished edge all along the rim which overlaps some of the rubber on the tire. This edge or lip will feature many bolts or rivets.

An example of a simple beadlock rim.

An example of a simple beadlock rim.

It is easy to mistake this accessory as a fashion statement – indeed, since the look is quite distinctive, many companies offer faux beadlock wheels. However, beadlock wheels are actually a specially designed safety device that is designed to protect drivers from having the bead of their tires separate from their rims while driving.