CST Lift Kits For The Toyota Tundra

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It’s not always easy to know which lift kits will work the best for your Tundra. There are several different options on the market, and some of them involve replacing many suspension components and need a professional mechanic to be installed properly. While these high end kits do offer a good amount of flexibility and height choice, they can really do a lot of damage to your pocketbook.

CST offers lift kits for the Toyota Tundra from 2 to 7 inches.

CST offers lift kits for the Toyota Tundra from 2 to 7 inches.

CST, a.k.a. California SuperTrucks, offers a simpler spindle lift kit for Toyota Tundra owners that offers excellent quality without adding in complicated component changes. The CST kits offer up to 7 inches of lift using custom-made spindles for the front end, along with a block and bolt kit for the rear of the vehicle. The spindles are made out of machined sheet steel which is then welded by hand. They are stronger than standard cast iron spindles, and are in fact even stronger than the factory spindles that came with your truck (special deal for TundraHQ readers – see below.)

7 inches is a serious height increase, and the kit includes coil overs to replace the factory shocks. CST also recommends that their custom control arms also be installed in order to reduce stress on the suspension system. 6 to 7 inches of suspension lift allows 35 inch tires to be used, which can definitely improve the off-road grip and capabilities of your pickup.

Note: The spindles are for 2wd trucks only.

CST''s 7 inch lift kit allows installation of 35 inch tires

CST's 7 inch lift kit allows installation of 35 inch tires

There are other kits available which don’t involve such an extreme height change. CST’s 5.5 inch kit keeps the stock front shocks, while requiring replacement shocks for the rear of the truck and allowing 34 inch tires to clear the body. The 3.5 inch lift kit can be used with either stock shocks all around or custom coil overs, depending on your budget. 33 inch tires are the maximum on your truck’s stock body with this level of ride height. The 3.5 inch kit will also essentially level the Tundra, removing the slight rake that new trucks have.

The advantages of CST’s custom spindle lift kits are that they are simple to install – in most cases less than 6 hours. Not only that, but they allow for a ride that is very close to stock, and they work with a stock specification alignment. This helps remove many of the headaches associated with driving a lifted truck on the street in day-to-day traffic.

One disadvantage of the CST spindle kit is that if you do decide to take advantage of the taller ride to run larger tires, it will be necessary to switch to after market wheels. CST claims that the back space on the stock Toyota wheel will cause larger sidewalls to rub against the spindle. This should be an important part of your overall budget outlook when considering the CST kit.

Special deal for TundraHeadquarters readers – Brad at CST has offered TundraHeadquarters readers special pricing for the month of May, 2009. CST 07-09 Tundra Spindles (part #CSS-T1-1) or CST 07-09 Tundra Coil Overs (part # CSR-3303) will be $900.00 including shipping (continental USA only, that price is per part number). Be sure to USE THIS CODE: THQCST01. This is limited to the first 10 customers, so act fast.

Does anyone have personal experience with the CST kit? Leave your review below!

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  1. TXTee says:

    Unless there’s some new job market to warrant off-roading, I have to pass. Lifts just sound like more money all around from gas, to tires, to the kit itself. I’d love to hear how long it takes to get the first 10 customers and wish the company all the best. The trucks look great and the quality sounds impressive.

  2. TXTee – You’re right about the fact it’s expensive to adopt this feature, but it sure is cool…besides, you were probably going to waste that money on food and rent, right? 🙂

  3. Bryce says:

    Maybe I just didn’t see stated above, it but these lifts a for ONLY 2wd. That it why they are inexpensive and easy to install. You don’t have to do hardly anything to the front end.

  4. Bryce says:

    Sorry I can’t type tonight. We need a edit time like in the forum side.

  5. Mickey says:

    know pionts taken off misspelled wordes.

  6. Bryce – I’m confirming that with CST now and I will be sure to add that point to the article upon confirmation. Thanks for the comment – that’s good info that we would have skipped over otherwise.

  7. TXTee says:

    Unfortunately good ol TXTee here has to waste money on food, dog food, cat food, rabbit food, fish food, rent, AND mortgage. I love how lifts look but I just can’t overcome the additional cost since my off-roading consists of curbs and gravel country roads. I will get nice tires once stock is dead! Can we get a post on comparisons of off-road tires?

  8. Robert says:

    Nice post, looks like a good kit. I do not have personal experience with CST but I have heard good things.

  9. TXTee – Yes – that’s a good idea. I’ll work on it.

  10. hosteen says:

    I just ordered this kit for myself and can’t wait to get it installed. I want to know if the 7″ kit is going to look good w/ the wheels and tires I ordered. I ordered 33″ nitto dune grapplers which is closer to a 34″ tire, then I ordered a 20×9 rim the only thing that is crome on the wheel is the lug nuts. I also want to know if I will loose alot of gas milege because I have the 4.7 v8.

  11. hosteen – Send us pics when it’s all put together!

  12. hosteen says:

    jason- it should be finished by fri rims and my tires are here already im just waiting on the kit it should be here thurs.

  13. hosteen – Cool. Send the pics to admin[at]tundrheadquarters.com.

  14. hosteen says:


    I just wanted to check w you to see if you got my pic’s.

  15. hosteen – Can you re-send them? It’s admin[at]tundraheadquarters.com

  16. Mick Hayward says:

    I’m looking into a six inch lift with 35″ tires on my 2008 Tundra but I’m governed by my under ground parking height restrictions. Can anyone tell me the new overall height my tundra would be.

  17. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mick – The lift kit itself adds about 6″ of height to the truck (sometimes as little as 5″), and the increase in tire size will add another 1.5″. SO, the total will be no more than 8″.

    However, I think entrance and exit angle will impact your figures too. I used to park in an underground garage and the height of the roof wasn’t my only concern. The downward angle of the driveway took away a couple of inches of height…pretty much meant I had to park on the street.

  18. Leslie says:

    We have an 2004 Toyota Tundra 4.7L V8 gas 4WD. And we have already ordered and received 35″-12.5-18″ tires that we will lose money on if we send them back. Is there any 6″ suspension lift out there for this truck?

  19. Dustin says:

    We’re working on some more 4wd product but be sure to check out what we have so far on line…2wd we can do 4″, 5.5″ – 7″ etc…



  20. When I initially commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are
    added- checkbox and now whenever a comment is added I recieve four emails
    with the exact same comment. There has to be a way
    you can remove me from that service? Many thanks!

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