Tommy Gate G2 Tundra Liftgate

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Loading equipment, supplies or other heavy gear in and out of your Tundra can be a back breaking experience. Even with the tailgate lowered or removed, it’s still not always easy to lift the items you need to haul up over the bumper and deposit them safely in the truck bed. Sometimes you will luck out and be able to back right up to a loading dock that is just the proper height, but most of the time you are on your own when it comes to the heavy lifting.

Toyota Tundra with a Tommy Gate

Toyota Tundra with a Tommy Gate

Tommy Gate realizes that there are certain loads that weight too much to be safely loaded using muscle alone. They also know that not everyone has access to a forklift or other mechanical helper when it’s time to pack up the truck. This is why they developed the G2 Dual Drive liftgate. Designed to replace the tailgate on a Toyota Tundra, the G2 liftgate is one of the most useful additions you could make to a working truck.

The device unfolds from the back of your vehicle to create a platform that can be loaded and then hydraulically lifted up so that it is level with the floor of your truck’s cargo area. The G2 is capable of lifting up loads that weigh as much as 1,300 lbs, and it has a 38 inch loading depth to handle even the largest steel drums or heavy equipment. The liftgate, which is between 55 and 58 inches wide depending on the exact model ordered, can be made of treadplate steel or extruded aluminum, with the latter option coming in at around 50 lbs lighter. Both are corrosion-resistant and almost maintenance free thanks to the use of chrome plated pins in the lift arms and special composite bushings.

A Tundra with a lift gate saves a lot of effort.

A Tundra with a lift gate saves a lot of effort.

The Tommy Gate G2 Dual Drive liftgate connects directly to your truck’s battery via a 150 amp circuit breaker that is designed to protect your Tundra’s electrical system. A remote control is available so that you can operate the liftgate from inside the truck bed, or from whichever angle is most convenient during the loading process. Special lights can also be added to the bottom of the gate that are displayed while it is in the upright position in order to increase the visibility of you truck.

Are there any disadvantages to the G2 liftgate? Unfortunately, there are a few. Those Tundra owners who have an OEM trailer hitch installed may have to remove it in order to properly use the G2. Also, the extra weight of the unit – between 465 and 510 lbs – can negatively impact fuel mileage. That weight is also hanging off of the tail end of the truck, which means that cornering can also be affected, particularly on wet or icy roads where traction is limited.

These tradeoffs, however, do little to detract from the usefulness of the Dual Drive liftgate when it comes to saving your back, arms and shoulders from stress and injury. If you haul heavy objects for a living, the extra speed with which you can load up your vehicle using the G2 will quickly pay for the unit and leave you wondering how you ever got along without it.

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  1. Mickey says:

    That would be great on a work truck. Anybody have tailgate issues here’s the solution.

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