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Luxury Truck Bed Camping Accessories

For some people, the ideal form of camping is “roughing it,” heading out into the wilderness with a knife, a sleeping bag, some matches to start a campfire, and a profound sense of confidence.

Extreme campers don't wear shoes.

Extreme campers don't wear shoes.

Others consider camping an electric adventure – they prefer to roll around in giant motor homes, bring along portable generators, and watch satellite TV from the woods…sort of like a bungalow on wheels.

This isn't really camping...but it sure looks comfy. Think she's drinking a margarita?

This isn't really camping...but it sure looks comfy. Think she's drinking a margarita?

The rest of us fall somewhere in the middle. Not Davy or Daisy Crockett rigging any small game snares to catch our dinner, but not exactly interested in watching TV from our portable hot-tub while we’re enjoying the best that nature has to offer.

The good news is that for those who own a truck, there’s an easy way to strike a balance between the two. Here are some “luxury” truck camping accessories that make for a fun time outdoors that’s warm, dry, and comfortable.

Guns, Hummers, and Pickup Trucks

There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding pickup truck and SUV owners

Lowering Your Tundra With Drop Spindles

There are few ways to make a more striking style statement than to slam your pickup truck right to the ground. Trucks which have been lowered often have a menacing, predatory look that is at odds with the tall stance of most other pickups on the road. A dropped truck really stands out from the crowd.

Lowering your Tundra is a great way to improve handling and looks.

Lowering your Tundra is a great way to improve handling and looks.

When looking to lower your Toyota Tundra, you have no doubt run into suspension kits that make use of drop spindles. Drop spindles are one of several different methods that can be used to safely lower the ride height of your vehicle. These components raise the pin on the body of the spindle, which lowers the spindle body and drops the front end of a pickup truck. Since these pieces are completely bolt-in, they are a very simple way to lower a vehicle’s front end, and it can usually be done in a few hours in your own garage.

Toyota Tundra Killer Heat Proves Transmission Is Tough

We’ve all seen those spectacular car and truck ads where someone is either racing a jet, leaping through the desert dunes or avoiding video game-style obstacles in order to demonstrate just how agile and capable a certain vehicle really is. These ads are cool, but are they real?

The amazing advances that have been made in terms of computer graphics and special effects have led to the creation of a lot of “faked” commercials shot in front of a greenscreen in order to add in all of the perceived dangers once everyone is safely back in the studio. While this might be true of a large portion of television trickery, Toyota has remained committed to investing serious sums in producing some of the most incredible, and realistic, advertisements ever filmed.

The Toyota Tundra “Killer Heat” ad is a perfect example. In the TV spot (see below), a Tundra pickup is seen towing 10,000 lbs of cargo up a twisting road that spirals around an 80 foot tower. Here’s some information about the making of the Killer Heat commercial:

Terminator 3 Toyota Tundra Special Edition

It is certainly not unusual for companies to produce movie tie-in products in order to help promote a film. Not only is it good marketing to movie fans, but it also capitalizes on the hype that surrounds the movie. What is a bit out of the ordinary is for a car company to make a special edition vehicle for a movie that isn’t about cars whatsoever. The logic behind automobile placements in car movies – such as the “Smokey and the Bandit edition Pontiac Trans Am – is fairly clear, but it takes a real movie buff to spot the connection between the 2003 Terminator 3 Tundra and an unstoppable cyborg.

The Toyota Tundra Terminator edition promotion.

The Toyota Tundra Terminator edition promotion.

Ready for the connection? The Tundra pickup truck was featured in a rather lengthy and spectacular car chase in Terminator 3 involving Arnold Schwarzenegger’s killer robot from the future and the Terminator X. While most of the eyes in the theater were probably on the action itself (and/or the TerminatriX), the truck driven by the escaping main characters was a Tundra (buried underneath a homemade cargo box and covered with ten different layers of dust and dirt).

The Tundra takes a real beating during the scene, yet it still manages to whisk the movie’s heroes to safety. The message: Toyota’s dedication to quality and toughness is good enough for “da tear-men-8-tor.”

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