Bully Dog Backup Sensor System

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Owning a truck means having to add an extra layer of care when you are operating it around other people. Let’s face it – your Tundra is pretty big, and it’s easy for a person or pet to hide in a blind spot while you are backing up or turning around. Not only can it be difficult to see people who are located directly behind you, objects that are low to the ground like stumps, fire hydrants and lawn equipment also pose a different kind of menace to your truck. No one wants to have to explain a dent on the rear bumper or a damaged differential when the entire incident could have been avoided in the first place.

Unless your Tundra had a backup system installed at the factory, one of the best ways to improve your peace of mind while backing up is to install a backup warning system. Now, when most people hear the phrase “backup warning system” they get an image of a beeping semi-truck as it backs out of the supermarket parking lot. While these systems still exist and are required on commercial vehicles, modern technology has updated our ability to avoid unnecessary collisions through the use of advanced techniques previously only used by the military.

Bullydog's Backup Sensor

Bullydog's Backup Sensor costs anywhere from $100-$200, making it an inexpensive accident avoidance accessory.

An example of such progress is the Bully Dog Backup Sensor System. Retailing for between $100 and $200 dollars, the Bully Dog System uses sound waves to check your blind spots for you when reverse is engaged. How does it work? The basic offering from Bully Dog installs 4 sensors on your rear bumper. When you put your truck in reverse, the sensors emit ultrasonic waves, much like sonar in a submarine. If these sound waves hit a solid object, they are reflected back to the sensors and an audio alarm is sounded within the passenger compartment. The alarm will beep faster and faster the closer you get to the obstacle in question. A small LCD screen can also be ordered that shows just how far away you are from the object that has been detected, and on which side of your vehicle it can be found, helping you to get out of tight parking situations without having to rely on external directions. You can choose between versions of the system which have a range of either 6 or 8 feet, depending upon your needs.

If you have a cap on your Tundra, then you know just how hard it can be to get a crystal clear look at the situation behind your tailgate when trying to back out of an unfamiliar spot. The same is true if you frequently haul a tall load of cargo. The Bully Dog Backup Sensor System takes the guess work out of reversing your vehicle, and it also helps to protect those around you who might not be paying attention, or might not have a clear idea of your intentions. The majority of accidents are exactly that – accidents, which took place because of miscommunication, a distraction or an important detail being momentarily overlooked. Backup sensors can provide you with a safety net when you’re tired at the end of a long day of work, but still need to take one last load home.

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  1. TXTee says:

    What’s the benefit of this system over the camera systems? I’ve driven with the beeping backup sensors and somewhat ignored it because without view it’s not much help. Guess it’s best to get both.

  2. Jeremy The Truck Guy says:

    Sonar……awesome. Now to find the torpedo tubes to mount in my running boards.

  3. Mickey says:

    I heard too many issues when sensors are wet where they go off prematurely. TXTee is right. It will compliment the backup camera which I have. My only worry is you have to drill holes in the bumper. The bumper as we know is an issue with rust.

  4. Yes the camera is the best, but this system is pretty inexpensive and Bully Dog makes a decent product. As Mickey says, I would imagine that water interferes with this system but I don’t know for sure – anyone?

  5. WFW 94 says:

    Are the sensors the same diameter as the factory ones, so they would work in a factory bumper w/sensor holes.

  6. Jason (Admin) says:

    WFW 94 – Not sure.

  7. Vin says:

    My is350 has the back up cam, but I still need to check far left and right and then look at the back up cam, and rear window. I’m needing a chiropractor. I have a fish eye cam on order in hopes of I viewing its view. My uncle has a Tundra, it has half metal, half plastic.
    How are the magnetic attached back up strip been sensors?

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