Guns, Hummers, and Pickup Trucks

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There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding pickup truck and SUV owners

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  1. Brian says:

    I wish I could get a new assault rifle with a new truck purchase! This is a genius idea! Toyota is WAY too concerned with public image to ever go this route, but what a concept…what a country!

  2. Goofballtech says:

    Not much of a gun person. But if they would have offered me one i would have hung it on my wall and kept the dust off it.
    They make an apartment look tough 🙂

    Ok, my quota for useless comments is filled for the day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wrong answer. If you want a gun or rifle go pay for it. This way buying a truck and financing it for 5 years you just financed that gun for 5 years at a possible rate of 7%. Ridiculous if you want a gun. Just go buy it. Anything given with a vehicle buy has been put into the price of the vehicle. The dealerships aren’t in the business of losing money. I owned 7 guns and rifles and a compound bow so I’m not against having a gun but this isn’t the best way to attract someone to buy a vehicle. Most buyers are family people that go together to a dealership. I know it’s America and do what you want, but to give a rifle or gun to a vehicle buyer is pushing it quite a bit.

  4. Mickey says:

    Forgot to sign in. My comment above.

  5. Jeremy the CyberThug says:

    I feel like a Frosted Mini Wheat. One side of me wishes dealerships would stop doing stupid stuff like that. It makes Truck owners look like cousin marrying gun nuts. The other side of me is upset that a free gun didn’t come with my truck and she’s my 4th cousin so it’s legal!

    Goofballtech, I have a very high allotment of stupid comments. If you need some more let me know. You can have some of mine.

  6. Brian says:

    Mickey: Good point! Thanks for bringing that up and calming down the gun-totin’ American in me. It is smarter to just buy said gun with cash instead of financing it for 5 years. Still, if the deal was the same between 2 dealerships…I want the gun! 🙂

    Jeremy: To my recollection you haven’t Grabowskied any forums to bad lately. Keep up the humor. It keeps things light.

  7. TXTee says:

    Throwing in a gun wasn’t going to make or break the purchase and damn right at trying to finance a gun for 5 years….insane! Too bad I live up to the reality of the truck driver and bear arms as well. But that is totally interesting to believe the marketing tactics used to make a sale.

  8. Mickey says:

    Brian you also made a good point when you’re buying a vehicle. If they are tied and one dealer is throwing in the gun I guess I would go with that unless I know the dealership isn’t worth a crap. Then I won’t. Funny thing My son-in-law took me to a wild game feast at his church and he paid for my ticket. Great meal and I did join that church but I also won a Savage 270. The rifle was $800.

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