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Associate Editor Tim Esterdahl is a married father of three who enjoys all things automotive including wrenching on his collection of old pickups. He also plays an absurd amount of golf. Like really absurd.

Kelley Blue Blue – Toyota Has Best Retained Value…Again

A recent report published by the esteemed Kelley Blue Book auto pricing guide indicates that Toyota passenger vehicles are more likely to retain their value five years after being driven off the lot. This projection is based on 2012 Toyota and Lexus models.

Kelley Blue Book Toyota Best Resale

Kelley Blue Book has named Toyota as the automaker with the best retained value, once again.

While the Toyota brand is no stranger to the Best Resale Value Award from the Kelley Blue Book, in recent years that award had gone to Subaru and other brands. By Kelley’s estimates, 2012 Toyota models are 2 percent more likely to retain their premium pricing than the 2011 models.

Gift Ideas For Truck Owners – 2011 Edition

Christmas gift idea lists are a plenty during this time of year, so what’s one more. Well, the MOST IMPORTANT gift idea list obviously. That’s right, this one is for your truck.

2011 Truck Owner Gift Ideas - Lund Bi Fold Ramp

The Lund Bi-Fold Ramp makes loading heavier objects a breeze.

But before we get on with our list of ideas, here’s a note from one of our sponsors:

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1) Lund Bi-Fold Loading Ramp. Are you constantly loading and unloading your pick up bed? Getting tired of lifting boxes each time one of your ‘friends’ asks you to help them move. Then get this cool loading ramp to make the job easier.

5 Cheap Gift Ideas for Truck Owners – 2011 Edition

Looking for some quick and easy gift ideas for the truck owner in your family? Here you go, our top 5 cheap gift ideas.

2011 Cheap Gift Ideas for Truck Owners - Equus 3100

The Equus 3100 code reader will save you money.

Toyota Tundra Helping Michigan Food Bank

In these troubling times, many needy families are having a hard time simply feeding their children. Once again, the Toyota family is taking the opportunity to show its commitment to those in need.

Toyota Tundra Helping Michigan Food Bank

As part of Toyota's "100 Cars For Good" program, a Tundra was given to a Michigan food bank.

Dodge Ram “Special Services” Police Truck

Chrysler recently developed a new tool for catching bad guys, a 2012 Dodge Ram Special Service pickup. The vehicle is constructed from bumper to bumper with intelligent features which complement the needs of emergency responders.

New Police Tool - Dodge Ram Special Services Truck

Dodge recently retooled their Dodge Ram for police work.