5 Cheap Gift Ideas for Truck Owners – 2011 Edition

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Looking for some quick and easy gift ideas for the truck owner in your family? Here you go, our top 5 cheap gift ideas.

2011 Cheap Gift Ideas for Truck Owners - Equus 3100

The Equus 3100 code reader will save you money.

1) Diagnostic Scanner/Code Reader. This is the most expensive gift idea on the list, but it’s a really popular item. Check out our review of the Equus 3100 diagnostic scanner / code reader. Basically, this little baby tells you what’s wrong with your 1996 or newer truck whenever the check engine light comes on. It’s about $85, which means it will pay for itself really quickly.

2011 Cheap Gift Ideas for Truck Owners - The LifeHammer

This thing could save your bacon someday.

2) The LifeHammer. What better way to show you care than to get someone a gift that just might save their life? This little hammer can bust a vehicle window with a modest strike, making it a potential life-saver after a crash when a vehicle door won’t open. It’s only $20, and who doesn’t love a hammer?

2011 Cheap Gift Ideas for Truck Owners - Pilot College Logo Hitch Cover

Show your team pride and cover up the hole in the bumper.

3) College Logo Hitch Covers by Pilot. This Hitch Cover is a fun idea will turn that hole in your bumper into proud display of team pride. If college isn’t your thing, you can also find other major sports, poker chips, Toyota logos, Transformers emblems…you name it.

2011 Cheap Gift Ideas for Truck Owners - Blitz Rhino Ramps

Blitz Rhino Ramps are a great gift for people that change their own oil.

4. Blitz Rhino Ramps for do-it-yourself’ers. Engine oil must be changed, and a lot of people have become accustomed to either squeezing under their cars or relying upon jack stands to hold their vehicle up during an oil change. Trouble is, jack stands aren’t very safe. Ramps, on the other hand, arevery safe. Blitz’s Rhino Ramps are inexpensive (less than $40), lightweight, and a great way to show the person who changes the oil that you care about them enough to keep them from getting squished.

2011 Cheap Gift Ideas for Truck Owners - Wagan Smart AC Inverter

An AC Inverter is a great gift idea, we like the Wagan Smart AC Inverter.

5. AC Inverter.Seems like every time we buy a new electronic device, it takes a special adapter to plug it in. Plan ahead and pick up this Wagan Smart AC Inverter set so you will never have to search for a car adapter again.

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