Dodge Ram “Special Services” Police Truck

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Chrysler recently developed a new tool for catching bad guys, a 2012 Dodge Ram Special Service pickup. The vehicle is constructed from bumper to bumper with intelligent features which complement the needs of emergency responders.

New Police Tool - Dodge Ram Special Services Truck

Dodge recently retooled their Dodge Ram for police work.

The exterior features of the model include beefed up door supports which can bear the weight of after-market installed ballistic panels.

The bed of the pickup can be modified to include a watertight, lighted truck box to accommodate additional gear such as rain jackets, flares, and first aid supplies.

The interior is designed for driver comfort, while the back features vinyl seating which is easily cleaned and maintained after passenger transport. The dash console has been removed which provides ample room for auxiliary electronic components such as radio and radar systems.

The engine and chassis of truck have also been modified. The truck is 4-wheel drive which allows operators the ability to move swiftly between various terrains to aid in pursuits.

The components under the hood include:

  • 5.7, 390-horsepower Hemi V-8
  • 220-amp alternator
  • 110 volt power inverter

This configuration will ensure you have a wealth of power to get the truck moving quickly at the required speed while faultlessly operating the installed equipment.

Adding to it’s ‘cool’ factor is that it isn’t available for private purchase. Whether you are a Dodge fan or not, this is one cool ride.

Of course, a Tundra police truck with a supercharger would be a LOT cooler (not to mention more reliable and built entirely in the USA).

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  1. Dez says:

    …but its still a Dodge Ram.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So chuck Norris was right! I bet every redneck whose ever watched an episode of “walker, Texas ranger” is dying to get one. Who names their vehicle after a goat? I bet you don’t see these on the roads in 20 years like you see the old interceptors or the crown vics. If only toyota would put a turbo diesel in the tundra, now that would be a “responsive” truck.

  3. Bruce says:

    @ rich that is old. give me a new recall i dont know about thanks.

  4. Mickey says:

    Rich what’s your issue? Everymanufacture has their problems. Not one manufacturer is immune to recalls. You are very lame guy.

  5. Mario says:

    The problem here is that Toyota isn’t considered domestic so its like an outsider. So the people of the US can’t stand that a foreign vehicle that is made in the USA to be better than the Big 3. According to people who favor the big 3, there vehicles can have flaw after flaw but if a foreign vehicle has even 1 it’s considered the worse thing since the grinch ha Im pretty sure many domestic vehicles have caught fire and the manufacture still didn’t acknowledge. They will do a few things but probably not the major ones only if it’s a safety issue even then who knows.

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