Toyota Tundra 2014 Year-End Sales Nearly Hit Target

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The first full year of the 2014 Toyota Tundra redesign sales are in the books and they are mixed. While Toyota nearly hit their sales target, this target was really conservative to begin with.

Toyota Tundra 2014 Sales Results

Toyota narrowly missed their yearly truck sales goals. Yet, they had a big year in many other ways.

Before we get to the numbers, let’s first remember that Toyota set an annual sales target of 120,000 units for the full-size truck. At the time, Toyota was on a hot streak with 2012 truck sales coming in at 101,621 units which was up 22.6% over the previous year. Looking at those numbers, Toyota wanted to boost sales 20 percent in the new truck.

Arguably, adding just 20 percent more sales in a new truck with a booming economy is pretty conservative. Yet, at the time, the critics were a bit across the board on total truck sales for 2014 and nobody really foresaw how strong those sales would become. Now it looks a bit foolish with the large sales jumps competitors were able to hit.

Without further delay, here is the year-end sales chart.

RankModel YTD SalesYTD vs. 2013Year-Over-YearMonthly SalesMonthly Change vs. 2013
1 - Ford F-Series753,851-1.3%December 2014
December 2013
2 - Chevy Silverado529,755+10.3%December 2014
December 2013
3 - Ram Truck439,789+23.6%December 2014
December 2013
4 - GMC Sierra211,833+14.9%December 2014
December 2013
5 - Toyota Tacoma155,041-2.8%December 2014
December 2013
6 - Toyota Tundra118,493+5.1%December 2014
December 2013
7 - Nissan Frontier74,323+18.3%December 2014
December 2013
8 - Honda Ridgeline13,389-24.5%December 2014
December 2013
9 - Nissan Titan12,527-20.2%December 2014
December 2013
10 - Chevrolet Colorado8,003+134.6%December 2014
December 2013
11 - GMC Canyon3,070+230.5%December 2014
December 2013

Officially, Toyota missed their mark by just 1,507 units.

Toyota’s Bill Fay, group vice president and general manager of the Toyota division at ToyotaMotor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., said in a conference call that they continue to sell everything they can build. They also slightly adjusted their production mix to support the Tundra and that switch resulted in the 5 percent increase in sales.

One does wonder what the year-end results would look like if they had done more adjusting of their production mix to the Tundra.

In the end, this year will be known as the year of surging Ram sales, Ford’s new 2015 and rolling plant upgrades, Chevy and GMC combining to best Ford’s total truck sales several times throughout the year. Also, Toyota’s new 2015 TRD Pro making a splash at the Chicago Auto Show and Toyota’s BAJA 1000 win.

What do you think of these results? What is your big highlight of the year?

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  1. breathing borla says:

    kinda of underwhelming with the overall market up so much.

    interesting to see if they bump production or not for 2015.

  2. LJC says:

    Toyota can claim they’re doing well in terms of exhausting production, but in reality sales were way better in ’07 and ’08. As I and others have pointed out earlier, Nissan was not much competition, now they are and they are going to take a bite out of Tundra and Tacoma sales, I’m/we’re certain of it.

    Toyota is in for a world of hurt in 2015, unless the Tacoma has some real stuff to flaunt.

    Toyota went all out in ’07 and sold about 194,000 Tundra’s. Now, they’re just shy of 119,000 units and waving the success flag? That’s delusional, really.

    • breathing borla says:

      good point, I forgot about that first year with almost 200K tundras

    • ricqik says:

      Maybe toyota needs to review it’s own tundra sales history. It shows when you make big leaps in improvements, you get bigger sales increase.

      ’93 T100 sold some but not very well. Same tacoma engine.
      ’00 Tundra with V8 brought new energy. Sale jumped significantly.
      ’07 Tundra total redesign, bigger and stronger everything. Sales sky rocketed.
      ’14 Tundra, toyota may call a refresh all new but people aren’t stupid. The minor tweaks here and there are not significant enough to persuade increase sales.

      I was eagerly waiting for a ’14 with improved engines, transmission, capabilities, only to be disappointed. Yes it is better in other ways than the previous but not enough. The longer I wait the more likely I would buy another brand…. maybe the titan diesel.

      • breathing borla says:

        good points

        I was stoked for the 2014 tundra intro. I was ready for a new limited or platinum tundra. Then I saw what they did for 2014 and was really disappointed, I mean the chopped the limited big time, and removed all the storage out of the trucks, no new features that are worth while (i don’t care about cross traffic alert)

        there wasn’t even remote start on loaded platinum tundras near 50K.

        I then looked at Ram, drove one, handed them my check for a darn near loaded sport.

        I will look again in about 1-2 years and hope toyota has a better showing. As I have said before, Ram, GM 6.2 8 speed, and Tundra are on the to be shopped list.

      • DJ says:

        Why is Toyota so hesitant to make updates, especially drivetrain. I get the reliability thing, but most all of their engines are a good 10 years behind other auto makers. I see it as being cheap to an extent. They really need to catch up.

        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          The answer is simple: Toyota doesn’t see themselves as being 10 years behind. Talk with their people and they still think the 5.7L is technologically superior to other engines. In some ways it may be, but the fuel economy issue is becoming a thorn in their side.


          • breathing borla says:

            I think they were right for a ling time, but now it’s beginning to sound like an excuse.

            I mean how is it superior, let’s take me 2013 Hemi for example.

            The Hemi has more HP, More Torque, and it’s more efficient.

            I think toyota is now due for some improvements. I mean they still have a huge 13 city on the sticker when you shop the truck which is really starting to not go over with people so well. And it’s not like you can say, but ya, it has worse MPG but has more power, it doesn’t anymore.

            They could lower it to 12 for me, but give me 450hp then 🙂

          • ricqik says:

            It may be technologically a more advance design but compared to the competition, others have advanced in power and efficiency.

  3. Richard Miller says:

    I have been a proud Toyota truck owner since 1998, with the purchase of my T-100. Bought an ’08 Tundra SR5 Off Road Extra Cab. We pull a 30″ fifth wheel and have seen a lot of the country in the past four years. We have met a lot of people on the road that like the Tundra. We are asked how does it handle, how dose it pull, what kind of gas mileage dose it get. In September an old timer came to visit the camp, as we set there he said, “when do you think Toyota will get serious about making trucks? They make a hell of a product, just not what I’m looking for.” I didn’t have an answer.

  4. scott says:

    If there was more demand they would have turned up production.

    I’m actually happy to see they didn’t meet their modest target and the fact that their competitors did so much better may just be the kick in the teeth they need.

    They got a spike in sales with the refresh , if they had actually made it a “New” truck they would have done better. The new Tacoma gives me a glint of hope we may see something for 2017

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Sweers told me directly they could have sold 200,000 trucks, yet they simply can’t build enough.


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