2015 Toyota TRD Pro Desert Race Truck WINS Baja 1000 Race

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We just received word a few hours ago that the Toyota TRD Pro not only finished the Baja 1000, it won!

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro WINS Baja 1000

The most telling photo of the bunch shows the carnage from the 36-hour race.

Toyota TRD Pro WINS Baja 1000

Toyota TRD Pro teammates Andy Bell and Jamie Bestwick (left to right) celebrate the win.

Toyota TRD Pro Baja 1000

A blurry pic of the finish.

Official race results are still unknown, but it looks like they really did push the truck (unlike the Ford F-150 mind you). Also, note: the result reflects how the truck did in its class and there is no overall champion with several different classes of vehicles competiting. We do know, the grueling race took the team 36 hours to finish. Nice job guys!

Check out our post on the 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro for everything you need to know about the truck and the team.

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  1. Hemi lol says:

    WOW!!!! thats some carnage! Cool to hear it won the class, much better than ford’s just finish with the Raptor……

  2. GoBig says:

    Ouch. It must be nice to have a sponsored truck.

  3. Randy says:

    Takes a lickin and keeps on tickin

    Congrats to the entire team

    Ok who has to pay for the body damage?

    • Hemi lol says:

      1…..2…..3…… NOT IT!!!! LOL LOL

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I was actually thinking how bad ass would it be if they DIDN’T fix it. I mean take it to auto shows in the same shape. Really show the carnage.


      • Randy says:

        They should not fix it; and send it on tour to all the dealers.

        I bet the dealers would “pay” to have that on display for a week on a car rack 50′ in the air.

        “Winner – Tundra”

        Of course start in Texas first LOL

  4. tonyspin says:

    Nice win! Congratulations!

  5. Goldie says:

    Looks like another Toyota finished in second in the Full size stock class too. Congrats Toyota! The other two entrants (a Ford and a Hummer) did not finished.


    • Goldie says:

      Looks like the other Toyota entry was a 200 series Land Cruiser with a 5.7L V8 by Canguro Racing. Didn’t Joe Bacal run a Lexus LX570 (Lexus version of the Land Cruiser) in the Baja 1000 a couple of years in the stock full size class too and won? Looks like the 5.7L V8 is pretty stout and the Tundra bones are pretty tough too.


      • Tim Esterdahl says:


        Yep, Joe ran a Lexus LX 570 in the race for years. I believe they parted ways in the spring. Interesting news about the “other” Toyota team. The pictures from that magazine make me jealous!


  6. Jason says:

    Toyota trucks in 1st AND 2nd place! Ford and Hummer DNF’d!

  7. GUY says:

    Our race truck also raced in the Baja 1000 and finished. Our truck was stuck in silt when the 8199 truck clipped the front of our truck, destroying the Driver’s side of the Tundra. There was very little damage done to our truck, but I cant say the same for the Tundra… This all happened in the last leg of the race.

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