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A Tesla Pickup Would Be A Less Capable, More Expensive Ridgeline (At Best)

The notion of a Tesla pickup truck has reared it’s silly little head again, this time because a Morgan Stanley analyst suggested that Tesla could make money selling pickups.

Tesla truck rumor nonsense

A Tesla pickup will be nothing like a Tundra, F-150, etc. Here’s why.

How to Choose the Best Car Seat for Your Truck

Tundra drivers love their trucks for the sense of safety, utility, and form, but the stakes of the game change when you add a new addition: a baby.  Suddenly safety and utility have whole new meaning!  What’s the best car seat for your truck?  What if you have a double cab or a regular cab? Let’s look at a breakdown what you need to know when choosing a car seat for your truck.

Best Car Seat for Truck

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Quick and Easy Toyota Tundra Gun Mount

Do you need to keep a gun in your Tundra within easy reach? For your sake, I hope the answer is “No.”

Gun holster mounted below Tundra steering column

Check it - a standard gun holster mounted below the Tundra's steering column. Click for a larger view.

However, if the answer is “yes”, here’s a quick and easy gun mounting tip for you.

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  • https://tundraheadquarters com/toyota-tundra-gun-mount/

Libyan Police Use Toyota Tundras

It might not be the most flattering endorsement of a Toyota product, but here it is: a New York Times article features an image of riot police rolling down the street in armored blue Toyota Tundras.

Libyan police using Toyota Tundra

New York Times photographers captured these Libyan police using Toyota Tundras - click the image to see the original story

The question is, who sold the Libyans these trucks? The only thing worse than a North African dictator using a made-in-the-USA pickup to crush rebellion is using a made-in-the-USA pickup that was potentially sold by a US police vehicle upfitting business.

2nd Annual Tundrastop Meet Truck Show Coverage

Just this past Saturday, – in collaboration with, Toyo Tires, and Fuel Off-Road Wheels – hosted their second annual meet and truck show in Brea, California. The show included too many 2nd generation Tundras to count, some very nice 1st gen Tundras, some dedicated off-road trucks, and even a couple of very nice Toyota Tacomas.

2nd Annual Meet 2011

2nd Annual Meet 2011

We sent freelance photographer extraordinaire Shannon West to try and capture the event, here’s what she found: