Performax Converts Toyota Tundra for Australia

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Australian demand for the Toyota Tundra is so high that a Queensland company has decided to convert the sports utility vehicles for use on Australian roads.

Performax converts Toyota Tundra for Australia

Australians will soon to able to drive the DoubleCab Tundra thanks to Performax.

The company, Performax, has a 20-year history of converting vehicles that are designed to be driven in America for use in Australia. Strong interest in the vehicle has spurred Performax to add the Tundra to the list of vehicles they convert.

Performax sales manager Kevin Thurgood said in an interview, “Over the past year or so we have experienced an ever-increasing amount of enquiries in regards to the Toyota Tundra…We have responded accordingly. We’re currently completing R&D and hope to have compliance by the end of the year.”

Initially, Performax will concentrate on converting the 5.7 liter V8 4×4 DoubleCab and the 4×4 Crewmax Limited. Converted Tundras will be available by special order. In addition, customers who import vehicles on their own can arrange with Performax to convert them to right-hand drive. According to Thurgood, “We will be able to provide them with sourcing and shipping assistance and will be authorized to convert their vehicle to RHD with full compliance.”

The current batch of Tundras feature:

  • Trailer-sway control system
  • Stability control system
  • Automatic limited slip differential
  • Front and side airbags
  • Curtain airbags
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Back-up camera

The 2011 Tundra offers a number of features popular with Australian consumers. DoubleCab model features a roomy rear seat, and the Crew Max model boasts an even roomier one that includes what Toyota refers to as “slide-and-recline” rear seat.

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  1. texmln says:

    A quick look at the Performax website shows brand new full size American trucks running north of $120k in Australia!!

    • keith says:


      You can pick these up for 30k in america and a boat costs 2-3k really does it cost that much to put in a dash and steeering rack

      • Jason (Admin) says:

        That cost is easy to explain when you consider that an illegally imported Tundra can’t be registered. In order to be legal, they need a ton of modifications, an inspection, etc. It’s not cheap, mostly because of government regulations.

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