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Performax Converts Toyota Tundra for Australia

Australian demand for the Toyota Tundra is so high that a Queensland company has decided to convert the sports utility vehicles for use on Australian roads.

Performax converts Toyota Tundra for Australia

Australians will soon to able to drive the DoubleCab Tundra thanks to Performax.

New 2009 F150 Versus Toyota Tundra

NOTE: We’ve updated this information and completed a full, official comparison of the 2009 F150 and the 2009 Tundra. If you’d like to comment, please comment on that post instead.

This week marks the 2008 North American International Auto Show, with Ford debuting the next generation F150 due out in 2009. The newest F150 will represent tougher competition for the Tundra with new features, new engines, better fuel economy, and of course, new sheet metal. Here’s a break down of the new 2009 F150 and Toyota’s anticipated response.

The Next Generation F150

2009 Ford F150 versus Toyota Tundra