Toyota Warranties Air Injection Pump System – Reimbursement Available

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In response to reports of air induction pump assemblies and/or air injection switching valves issues on their 2007-2010 Tundra and 2008-2010 Sequoia models, Toyota has decided to increase its warranty on these parts and is even offering a reimbursement if you already had this issue fixed. This is a great relief for owners since it was an such an expensive fix as we reported in April, 2010, Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem.

Toyota Air Injection Pump System

Toyota Tundras like this 2010 might have an issue with the air injection system that could cost up to $4,000 to repair. Toyota now offers a longer warranty and reimbursement.

The air injection system is utilized to improve cold-start emissions, and is a federally mandated emissions requirement. The systems in question have been affected by moisture in the pumps and valves, resulting in the illumination of the check engine light. While the injection system has no impact on the core function of the engine, the problem has reportedly cost some consumers as much as $4,000 to fix. In an ongoing effort to ensure customer satisfaction, Toyota has recently introduced a Customer Support Program to extend the warranty coverage on air injection pumps and air switching valves.

This program will extend the warranty on air induction pump assemblies and air injection switching valves for the condition described to 10 years from the date of first use or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. These vehicles were previously covered for 5 years or 60,000 miles. When the condition is verified, the dealer will replace the air injection pumps and air switching valves in the affected vehicles. Owners of Tundra and Sequoia models covered by this extended warranty will receive an Owner Letter via first class mail with details about the Customer Service Program. There are approximately 477,000 Tundra (2007 to 2010 Model Year) and 57,000 Sequoia (2008 to 2010 Model Year) vehicles covered by this Customer Service Program. Please note that damage incurred by accidents, abuse, vandalism, or similar events are not covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or the Warranty Extension.

An owner who has already paid for the repair of this specific condition affecting air injection systems should refer to the owner letter upon receipt for reimbursement consideration instructions. Not every model produced in this time period will display air injection system malfunctions. All vehicles comply with Toyota’s rigorous durability and quality standards. The condition described impacts only a small number of air injection pumps and air switching valves. This warranty extension reflects Toyota’s desire to assure their customers that Toyota stands behind its products. If you experience a Malfunction Indicator Light (check engine light) “ON” condition, contact any Toyota dealer and make arrangements for diagnosis and repair.

Owners with questions or concerns should contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 1-888-270-9371 Monday through Friday, 5:00 am to 6:00 pm, or Saturday 7:00 am through 4:00 pm Pacific Time.

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  1. Dez says:

    Although a lot of the guys that have already set up a bypass for the AIP’s are skeptical, this is good news for for Tundra owners.

    I received my AIP Warranty Enhancement letter from Toyota two weeks ago. 🙂

    Keeping it in my back pocket!

    • Billy says:

      I have a 2006 Tundra with secondary air induction problem. It is the same system as the 2007-2010 models and I have been told by the dealer it will cost $3,000 to fix. Why is the warranty not being extended to ALL Tundra owners that have this issue. It is obviously a systemic design flaw that Toyota needs to stand behind.

      • Michael says:

        I have a 2005 Sequoia and had the same issue in the Fall of 2012. Toyota told me they would not cover it since they have not been notified by enough owners. It is a known problem that Toyota should pay for. I expect better than this from Toyota. I would call Toyota and let them know about your 2006 Sequoia and let them know that the 2005 and 2006 models should be included in the recall. Good luck. I am still out of $3600.

      • Chad says:

        Check out this link found it on a tundra forum some time back got one for my 06 haven’t had any yet!

    • RICHARD OGDEN says:

      I called Toyota Corporate. Although very polite they essentially refuse to reimburse any owner if you are outside the warranty period. If no extended warranty was purchased you are simply out of luck. Plain and simple!

      Toyota claims Tundra, Sequoia, ForeRunner were manufactured at different plants. The same identical problem exists with all their trucks no matter the plant of assembly. They know they ship parts of assembly to their plants for these vehicles.

      2005, 2006, 2007, 2008-2014 years all have same issues with the Air System.

      Obviously if your year is 2005-2008 you are probably outside your warranty period. A defect is a defect, whether its on 10,000 miles of 80,000 miles. They insult their victims with moron stupidity.

      I will NOT BUY another Toyota. I am on record with Toyota Corp that I want my $2000 repair bill reimbursed
      to me. PERIOD!

  2. Mike says:

    I haven’t received anything yet. I had an AIP replaced under warranty earlier this year on a 2010 with about 18K miles. Glad to hear they are extending the warranty, though I wish they would issue a RECALL and replace the pumps with a more effective system. When mine went, the truck went into limp mode and couldn’t accelerate to highway speed. Thank God I wasn’t towing my RV at the time or trying to make a left turn in front of traffic.

    • Jerry says:

      Same on my 2007 @ 80K miles. Dealer has had the truck for over two weeks.No one said a word about the warranty extension. Should be interesting on Monday when I pick it up!

      • Jim says:

        I just had my air injectors replaced at the dealer and paid 2,500.00. I also have the problem with the wheel speed sensor harness apparently another design flaw of the Tundra. I was quoted a price to fix the problems I was having with the truck and they only fixed the air injectors stating the harness was A separate issue that could not be diagnosed until after the injectors were fixed. Upset I turned to the internet to get some real answers and find out the warranty was extended for the air injectors and the symptoms for the speed harness are text book. I was also told my harness was tampered with which it was not.
        Why don’t the public trust the dealer it is because they lie to you. not sure there motive other than profit, maybe double dipping on the air injectors. I believe they had originally quoted the speed harness in the qupte but after having so much trouble repairing the air injectors and having to replace other items they decide to back out the only way they could.
        The dealership was Elite Motor Mall in Monroe Michigan on South Monroe St., avoid them at all cost.

        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          That stinks. Unfortunately, there are dealers out there like this. Have you followed our customer service complaints post? Some owners are getting refunds from Toyota directly (I’ll post the link below). Also, not all dealers are bad, there are some good ones out there.

          Toyota Customer Service Complaints – Make Your Voice Heard


          • DICK OGDEN says:

            I have a 2005 Toyota 4runner v8…purchased new…my daughters first car…Was the warranty extended for this years model for air pump issues???
            Internet states 2005 4runner but your posts indicates Tundra, etc

            Need help…delaer wants $700 to just take the engine apart??? to see if they can determine the problem????

          • DICK OGDEN says:

            please notify me by email

  3. Edison says:

    I own a 5.7 2011, any difference in my AIP than the previous Tundras that mine is not on the list with the extended AIP warranty?

    • Kay says:

      We have a 2011 5.7 4X wheel drive, and ours is currently being towed to the Toyota dealer with the same problem. I hope the extended warranty will jump up to the 2011’s!

      • Tim Esterdahl says:


        That stinks, but you should be covered. Let us know how it goes.


        • ron says:

          Hey Tim what are the chances that this could happen again after i had the air injection pump system replaced at no cost thank God, reason i am asking is i took off out of my driveway and went to turn on main road and my truck stalled. I could not restart it, it turned over, but would not start. Could it be a fuel pump problem. Thanks

          • Tim Esterdahl says:


            It would be really strange to hear of it happening again after a repair from a dealership. I have heard of guys having to repair it twice with DIY. It is more likely a fuel pump and they have been known to go bad rather quickly.


  4. Jason (Admin) says:

    Dez – It may take Toyota 3 years, but they do deal with problems like this. Amazing, right? I’m sure you’ve talked to as many people about this as I have. I don’t blame anyone for being a skeptic.

    Mike – I understand. The cost of recalling the parts is lower than warrantying them.

    Edison – I’m not sure – frankly I don’t know what caused the problem in the first place. I’ve heard lots of theories, but nothing conclusive.

  5. Brian J says:

    This is great news! While I have had no problems with my truck’s AIP to date it’s nice to know Toyota is looking out for me with the new, longer warranty. Good job, Toyota. Its moves like this that keep me coming back to Toyota time after time.

  6. texmln says:

    Better late than never. Even though I haven’t had an issue this goes a long way with me. After four Chevy’s in a row I bought a 2008 Tundra and have been very pleased. However, the air injection issue always made me question Toyota as long term choice. I have no doubts after this.

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  8. Mickey says:

    I feel the same as texmln. Again just shy of 122k miles on mine I don’t have much time/miles left for this to give me issues. Definitely great info.

    • Kevin says:

      Don’t sweat it, the GM S-10 AIP’s will work just fine and will cost around 100 bucks each.

      • Dan Blackwelder says:

        Kevin,I have a 2005 Sequoia with a bad air pump.Your comment on a GM S 10 air pump working is interesting.Does it matter what year the S 10 is? I appreciate any infomation you can give on this question. Thank’s, Dan Blackwelder

        • Robert says:

          I also have a 2005 with the exact same problem. Anyone have any idea if Toyota will also extend back to 2005 given that it is the same problem?

          I would like to hear more about the GM pump if anyone knows?

          • Hollie says:

            I also have a 2005 Sequoia that now has this problem with the air pump! The parts are on back order so they must be having to fix a lot of them. I need my car and can’t get it fixed!

  9. mendonsy says:

    This is certainly good news for a lot of owners. I don’t understand why the 2011&12’s are not covered though. They have the same AIP system.

    • Toyo Tech says:

      Apparently Toyota hasn’t mastered the whole primary and secondary air injection pump system yet.

      Will be interesting what I find when a 2013 Sequoia with 4000 miles, comes in tomorrow with a P0418 dtc.

      Guess what its related to… Secondary Injection system…
      From what I’ve heard through the channels, theres gonna be 2 options whatever I find the problem to be.

      1. A Simple Software Update or reflash as the dealer calls it.

      2. The replacement of the Air Injection Pumps, which are I believe on a waiting list of more than 75 dealers deep nationwide…

      so, this should be interesting

      • Michael says:

        Just had the same problem with my 2012 sequoia with 43k on it.

        Dealer did the software update.

        Anyone aware if this works long term?

      • David Waters says:

        Just had my Secondary Air Injection pump changed on my 2013 Sequoia. Only 3700 miles when the check engine light came on.

        Question for those that had it changed, mainly the 2013 owner: does the replacement pump make a noise when you turn off your Sequoia? I am hearing the pump power down after I turn off the enginte which is something that I have never heard before. It is kinda loud…

        • Brad says:

          Just got are 2012 platinum back from reflashing the computer “recall” and now we notice the weird noise when we turn the toyota off? Weird never did it until we had the recall fixed??

          • Tim Esterdahl says:


            You will notice that noise as the ECM works to clear moisture.

            Here is the exact issue from a Toyota mechanic: “Just as a heads up to all those who are affected by the Limited Service Campaign; after the ECU recalibration, you will hear a slight buzz noise shortly after the ignition is turned off. What you’re hearing is the vehicle operating the AIP assemblies for a short time, to clear the system of any built-up moisture.”


      • Hollie says:

        I am currently waiting for back ordered parts to fix my 2005 sequoia with this air pump problem. I have had to get rides and borrow cars all week to get to work. Why are there no parts? Sounds like this should have been a recall! I am one pissed off Toyota owner and getting angrier every day I don’t have a car! And it’s going to cost me $1800.

  10. Rich says:

    Jason, I received my warranty verification yesterday. Its exactly as written in the article. I believe that all of the attention given toward this issue (esp this web site!) forced Toyota into enhancing the warranty. It just goes to say, if you do nothing then nothing will happen but if the voice is loud enough then you can expect results. Thanks for writing the first article about this issue, a lot of owners will save tons of money on this one!!!!

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  12. Doug says:

    I received my letter and had to pay for my repair out of warranty on my 2007 Tundra. I submitte my claim and to date (about 6 weeks) and have not heard a peep. I think its early yet as the letter says to wait up to 6-8 weeks for processing. Glad Toyota extended the warranty however, I was planning on keeping the truck unitl the wheels fall off, now I will probably trade it. I cant afford a AIP fix every 80k miles!!!

  13. Luis says:

    I cannot find this information anywhere on the Toyota website about the warranty extension? Can someone explain how to get this verification?

  14. […] tomorrow if this part is covered for sure. I found this blog today and this interesting link too:…njection-pump/ I tried driving my truck yesterday and it did not have enough power to climb hills so I went to […]

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  16. jd says:

    Now, after filing for reimbursement, actually getting the money back is an issue. No updates to my case for two months. I just keep calling!!

  17. levdot says:

    Hey Guys and Gals,
    This website saved me $1822.00. I need to thank everyone who has contributed their input to this site. If it weren’t for all the talk about this issue and the warranty that just has been issued I would have been out this amount. I brought my truck in today for the P2440 code, which is when the Engine Light stays on, the CAR with Snakes behind it is lit (anti-skid lights), the VSC Control Light is flashing and the 4 Lo light is also flashing. As I was out of warranty my dealer gave me the above price to fix it. I told my dealer I couldn’t afford it and I would just have to pick up my truck. I told him you know, I don’t want to argue but I was reading online about this and it looks like this particular issue is covered under a new bulletin POL 11-05 dated 10/19/11 he said that he wasn’t aware of it and I directed him to this blog. Called me 4 minutes later while I was limping home in in my Tundra, parts are on order and it will all be covered under the warranty. Thanks Toyota, I’ll tell you…I almost turned away from this truck as I bought it only because of Toyota’s longevity and durability. You did right by me and my next truck will be a Tundra. How about a 1 ton one???

    • Kugs says:

      I have a 08 Tundra.What you have discribed here sounds like the same problem i have been having on and off for about a year now.All the same dash lights,and sluggish proformance.This is great info to have when i take it to the dealer.

    • jim says:

      I went to get a paper today and every thing you described was exactly what happened. No power, CEL was on, 4 wheel low light was flashing as well as the anti skid light. Had it towed in and that was the problem. They say the replacement is an updated one so they have been having quite a few problems with it. Does anyone know were the pump is located as the dealer says there is quite a bit of work to replace it.
      2010 Toyota Double Cab SR5 4×4.
      44,000 ks on it or about 27,000 miles.

  18. levdot says:

    Thanks Tundra Headquarters.

  19. Jason (Admin) says:

    levdot – Awesome – thank you. Tell your friends!! 🙂

  20. Tundra_sick says:

    I received the enhanced warranty notice as well on my 2007 Tundra with 80K. Not one problem with my Tundra since I owned the vehicle but sure enough, a month after the receiving the warranty enhancement on “Air Injuction Pumps and/or Air Switching Valves” I noticed the engine warning light described in the warranty letter.

    At the Dealer, DTC P2440 diognostic test reflected “air injection switch valuve Bank 1 stuck” and the Toyota Stadium Tampa, FL dealer service advisers say I must replace the air vacuum switching valuve B1 and Gasket Driver side VSV at my own cost – NOT COVERED UNDER warranty. The dealership charged me $60 for the diagnostic test, suggestively pushed $150 in EFI service and Induction Service, said my battery was bad.

    I took it to another Toyota dealership in Deland,FL who wanted to charge me another DTC P2440 diagnostic charge and claimed the problem was not covered under the enhanced air switching valve warranty.

    For a third look, I took my Tundra to a private auto repair and discovered differently – even my battery was OK, performance was up to specs. Recommended I call Toyota “Corporate” and gave me their phone #.

    Toyota Corporate: 800 331-4331 ext 4.

    What a run-around; would never have expected it from Toyota dealerships.

  21. Hayes says:

    Has anyone received riembursement yet that filed for it? It’s ben over 2 months for me and nothing yet.

  22. Terry says:

    I mailed my docs on 12/12/11… still nothing

  23. walt says:

    I have a2007 tundra 5.7 and had my radiator replace three times i also had another coolant leak that was detected when I went in to get the oil changed, after getting that fixed thats when I noticed a very bad sound coming from the engine when I would excelerate ihad the head tech test drive the vehicle and he also heard it, the truck sounded as if it was an old truck after they checked everthing i was told that nothing was wrong with the engine, I then tried to explain to the tech that the sound was only heard doing excelleration and not at idle . ithen went to another toyota dealership,and they told me that was a normal sound coming from the air pump, they change a gasket I noticed the difference in performance,and the next week I received my letter I have yyet to rescedule an appt to get the problem taking care of but i will, i have a platium warranty and I was starting to think that they were trying not to do the warranty work.

  24. Terry says:

    Got a rejection letter yesterday. It says my claim didn’t fit their criteria. The problem was identified with 147797 miles on the truck, it was the secondary air pump that was replaced. Not sure what criteria wasn’t met. But that’s okay, I just paid off a Sienna loan that saved me $1900 in interest, about what I paid for the repair, and I will never buy Toyota again!

  25. Terry says:

    And now I repeat this post on Facebook

  26. Hayes says:

    Sorry to hear that Terry! I’m beginning to think I may get a similar letter. Why even waste the time to send out a ” warranty enhancement”. Really dissappointing toyota

  27. AJ says:

    “In an ongoing effort to ensure customer satisfaction, Toyota has recently introduced a Customer Support Program to extend the warranty coverage on air injection pumps and air switching valves.

    This program will extend the warranty on air induction pump assemblies and air injection switching valves for the condition described to 10 years from the date of first use or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. These vehicles were previously covered for 5 years or 60,000 miles. When the condition is verified, the dealer will replace the air injection pumps and air switching valves in the affected vehicles. ”
    *************QUITE MISLEADING THIS STATEMENT IS***********

  28. Rob says:

    Just to let everyone know I received my letter for the pump and I have a 2009 Tundra 4X4. This pump let go on my truck at 50K, I lost power to the truck and the low 4wheel drive light came on and so did the check engine and others too. Well Toyota replaced both pumps for free as long as you have the letter with you, which I did but ever since they replaced the pumps now my fuel consumption has changed and it is burning a whole bunch of gas which is not good at all. On a quarter of a tank of gas I can only go 30 miles with the truck so I was wondering if this is also the cause of all these problems with my truck, has anyone else have these same issues?? I live in Canada now and bought the truck in the states since I live in CT at the time and I bought it new and have babbyed it through out and kept it in top shape through the dealership here and in the states. So if anyone has any suggestions on this could they let me know, thanks.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Rob – They disconnected the battery to do the work, so the truck is “re-learning” your driving patterns. It may take a few hundred miles to get your old mileage back. Maybe longer.

      • Rob says:

        When I first startede having the problem with my truck I used to disconnect the battery to reset the computor and I never had the problem with the gas being used up as much as it does now, I am getting about 12 miles to the gallon even on the highway now which is not good at all when I used to get about 24 on the highway, this really sucks when the price of gas here in Canada where I live is ove 5.50 per gallon, unlike the US we use Litres here, I also live on an island so I can’t just go to the US to buy gas like everyone else, lol…

  29. CJ says:

    All, just came from Toyota shop here in Houston where after holding my 2008 Tundra for 2 weeks, replaced just one of the air pumps! Asked why not change both pumps at once, found out you have to wait until the pumps give way to have them replaced. That those not make sense since my truck has 136k miles, and the warranty goes out of the window at 150k miles. Toyota is being VERY CHEAP when they know these air pumps are faulty and should be recalled.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      CJ – They wouldn’t replace a part that wasn’t actually broken? Those bastards.

      LOL, OK, I’m sorry for being sarcastic, but can you hear yourself? Can you imagine going to the doctor and asking for a liver transplant because you know you’re going to need a new one eventually? Come on man! 🙂

  30. Art says:

    2008 Tundra with 5.7l engine, 59,700 miles, went into limp mode as I exited a campground with my 7500 lb. trailer in tow. Dealer states it was warranty covered and loaner Camry provided while they waited for parts. Although I am disappointed to have another part failure in this vehicle, at least Toyota stood behind it and the dealer gave very good service without argument or discussion. I like the truck but would be serious about another manufacturer — if I could find one better.

  31. Scott says:

    I just had this problem in with my 2005 tundra. Had to pay $2998.00 to replace. Only have 141,000 miles. Anyone else have this issue with the 05

    • Won't Buy Another Toyota!! says:


      My wife’s 2005 Tundra had this same problem January of 2012 with only approx 69000 miles. Same code as all of the above report but thank goodness no limp mode. Took to dealership and found out that extended warranty expired one month before and Toyota would not pay for or help towards the cost even though it has same issue as the 2007+ models. They wanted $3000+ to fix. I told them to stick it….went to my local repair shop and the tech not only found the pump to still be good but that in Toyota’s infinite wisdom, they did not design a filter system of any sort at opening to the pump for my wife’s 2005 Toyota. He found the valves were stuck due to sand, water, and debris getting into the system due to the lack of a filter. He corrected this by putting together a very professional and effective filter system for the intake of the secondary pump and was able to route it to the passenger sidewall for easy replacement in the future. While he was in there we had him replace the timing belt, water pump, thermostat, and of course change the oil, and replace the radiator fluid as well as all the other belts and hoses. All together only $1700 with half of that due to the cost of the two new valves. Stay away from the Stealerships!!!!

      Won’t Buy Another Toyota!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I just bought a 2005 tundra. Had just barely got it home when the check engine light went on. Stealership wants 3k to fix. I put up such a fuss, out of the goodness of there hearts, the lowered the price by 1k. My mechanic cleared the codes and I passed emissions no problem. We bought the truck because of toyota s reputation and now feel abandoned and ripped off.

    • joe b says:

      hi scott listen to this 2005 tundra 38499 miles same problem you have and same problem 2008 to 2010 have but we have no coverage will not pay toyota one dime to fix will by pass the system and my girl freind was just going to buy a toyota but not any more

  32. J.D. Brown says:

    I’ve just paid for two switching valves……today. Total cost was $1,104. The cost of the valves themselves from Toyota was $395 each. After the Toyota shop told me they wanted $100 to hook it up to the computer and determine if it was covered, assuming the answer would be “No”, I went to a local trusted shop.

    I did not buy the truck new, but did buy what was sold as a “Program Truck” from my local Toyota dealer… ’07 Tundra, it now has 55,000 miles. Do you think I’d qualify for reimbursement? I’ll call tomorrow and let you know how it comes out.

  33. J.D. Brown says:

    I’ve just gotten off the phone with Toyota, USA. I explained to them that I’d just had both air switching valves replaced and so far, there’s not been a hint of a problem and the service rep. told me that she aticipated a full reimursement of the $1104 I spent yesterday. The policy is good for 10 years or 150,000 miles.

    In order to qualify for reimbursement, you need the following…

    Proof of payment

    Copy of repair invoice

    “CCR”…Cause, Condition and Remedy…..a brief statement from the repair shop stating which indicator lights were displayed, what their diagnoses was, and what they did to repair it.

    A copy of vehicle registration.

    These documents should be mailed to…

    Toyota Motor Vehicle Sales
    National Customer Relations
    19001 South Western Avenue
    Dept. WC10
    Torrance, California

    Toyota may very well have restored my faith in them.


    • Jason (Admin) says:

      J.D. – Very pleased (and a bit shocked) to hear that Toyota reimbursed this repair for you. I gotta tell you, I don’t understand the logic of skipping the dealership. Spending $100 to potentially save thousands is prudent, especially if the local repair shop tells you the price is going to be $1100.

      If I had been in your shoes, when the local shop told me $1100, I’d have paid them their diagnosis fee and gone back to the dealership just to make sure that I was covered.

      Often times, manufacturers don’t cover repairs made at independent shops…

      • J.D. Brown says:


        There are a couple of reasons I didn’t allow the dealer to do the repair. First, I’ve had a bad experience with them, and secondly, my repair guy, whom I’ve used for about 25 years, used his scanner to gie me a diagnoses free of charge, Toyota wanted $100 just to hook up and tell me whether or not the repair was covered. I had also read horror stories here about excessive charges from Toyota dealers in cases just like this. My calculated guess was that they would not have told me the repair was covered and that the reapir costs probably would have been much higher and I didn’t want to spend $100 to hear that.

        Though I haven’t much faith in my local dealer, I do have faith in Toyota.

        J.D. Brown

  34. J.D. Brown says:

    Oh, and I’ll let you know how it comes out. And by the way, the customer service rep. said it might be 10 weeks from the time they receive my information until I receive reimbursement.


  35. J.D. Brown says:

    I’d like to know how Doug came out? He posted back in December that he hadn’t been reimbursed, but we haven’t heard back. Doug?


  36. Robert Stout says:

    I just paid $2200.00 to have this “fixed” on my 2005 Tundra.

    Thanks a lot, Toyota!!!


  37. Dez says:

    I wasn’t aware this issue included the first gen Tundras..

  38. Kelly says:

    Just came from my local Toyota dealership. Brought my 2008 Tundra in because the dash was lit up like Canada Day fireworks and they diagnosed this issue. They called to tell me my truck was ready, parts were on order and my appointment was booked for the work – 6 hours of labour plus around $1600 in parts, and they need the truck for two nights. Just about to faint because my truck is out of warranty but they said not to worry, this issue is completely covered up to 240,000 km or 10 years. Glad I have a second vehicle though. The truck is limping and appointment is not for another 3 weeks!!

  39. john says:

    I blew the engine in my ’08 tundra. 5.7L. Valve stem and valve seat fell through my block. Major damage. Appaerntly its the first one ever. Can someone please help me find an engine for my truck. I’ve searched across canada. Noone can find one. Please help

  40. Rob says:

    Just like to letg everyone know that if you do not have another vehicle to drive other then your Tundra and you have to wait for parts, disconnect the battery and let it sit for about 5 minutes, the computor will go back to normal and you then have power back to your truck. While I was waiting for parts to come in I did this and I had no problems with the truck for a limited time. It then went back to flashing again and I just kept on doing this until my truck was fixed.

  41. J.D. Brown says:

    Well I’m in the state of shock. Today I received a check from Toyota, USA in the amount of $1104.53, a full reimbursement for the total cost of repair, parts and labor.

    When I first sent my paperwork, the repair shop got my VIN wrong and Toyota asked for a correction, and another statement (what they call a CCR) from the shop. Thinking I might be getting the run around, I complied immediately…..two weeks later I received a full reimursement…..retroactively. I’d buy another Toyota in a heartbeat. They did what they said they’d do.

    Now you do have to cross your “T”s and dot your “I”s, but I certainly can’t blame them for wanting the correct VIN. Less than 6 weeks from the time I filed….not bad at all.

    Go Toyota go!


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  43. […] Re: Startup engine whine/whistle help. Just found this and thought I would share. Toyota Warranties Air Pump System – Reimbursement Available | Tundra Headquarters […]

  44. […] found a little more info, and it seems this is a common problem on certain Tundras and Sequoias: Toyota Warranties Air Pump System – Reimbursement Available | Tundra Headquarters If they have the same engine as the 4Runner, I would think this extended warranty would be […]

  45. […] Tundra and Sequoia Fixed! Here's some interesting news for what Toyota has done for owners of other models with this problem. This program will extend the warranty on air induction pump assemblies and air injection switching valves for the condition described to 10 years from the date of first use or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. These vehicles were previously covered for 5 years or 60,000 miles. When the condition is verified, the dealer will replace the air injection pumps and air switching valves in the affected vehicles. Owners of Tundra and Sequoia models covered by this extended warranty will receive an Owner Letter via first class mail with details about the Customer Service Program. There are approximately 477,000 Tundra (2007 to 2010 Model Year) and 57,000 Sequoia (2008 to 2010 Model Year) vehicles covered by this Customer Service Program. Please note that damage incurred by accidents, abuse, vandalism, or similar events are not covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or the Warranty Extension.In response to reports of air induction pump assemblies and/or air injection switching valves issues… […]

    • Anonymous says:

      I own a 2007 tundra and have had the aip replaced 2 times, it has now gone out for a THIRD TIME, and toyota says they will pay for parts (since I was a loyal customer) but want me to pay 700 in labor. Am I wrong in my belief that they should recall this item and get a real fix done? This one had less than 15,000 miles on it, my truck has only 90,000 on it total. I told corporate if it does not replace it , I’m calling the better business bureau and talking to an attorney about it. No response from toyota. Can’t sell the truck or trade it even, because it won’t stay out of limp mode for more than a couple of miles. I’m pissed off !!! They told me that only covers a one time replacement. Is that a bunch of BS or what !! Oh , by the way , a guy I met online in a toyota forum just bought a 2014 tundra a few weeks ago and, guess what ? His aip went bad with 453 miles on the motor. Drove it 4 days, been in shop for over 2 weeks now, waiting on part because it is back ordered of course.

  46. […] Tundra and Sequoia Fixed! Here's some interesting news for what Toyota has done for owners of other models with this problem. This program will extend the warranty on air induction pump assemblies and air injection switching valves for the condition described to 10 years from the date of first use or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. These vehicles were previously covered for 5 years or 60,000 miles. When the condition is verified, the dealer will replace the air injection pumps and air switching valves in the affected vehicles. Owners of Tundra and Sequoia models covered by this extended warranty will receive an Owner Letter via first class mail with details about the Customer Service Program. There are approximately 477,000 Tundra (2007 to 2010 Model Year) and 57,000 Sequoia (2008 to 2010 Model Year) vehicles covered by this Customer Service Program. Please note that damage incurred by accidents, abuse, vandalism, or similar events are not covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or the Warranty Extension.In response to reports of air induction pump assemblies and/or air injection switching valves issues… […]

  47. Tow Vehicle says:

    […] the warranty on the Air Injection Pump for 10 years or 150,000 miles which ever comes first. Toyota Warranties Air Pump System – Reimbursement Available | Tundra Headquarters Reply With Quote « Previous Thread | Next Thread […]

  48. P2440 Issues says:

    Started my 2005 4.7L V8 4-Runner on Monday morning and several warning lights appeared. Very sluggish acceleration on my way to the local Toyota dealer. They ran diagnostics and received a P2440 code referencing a secondary air intake valve problem. Was quoted over $2,400 in parts plus $950 in labor to repair. Contacted Toyota corp to discuss similarities I’m experiencing to the issues with the Tundra/Sequoia with the same engine as mine. Was told my model wasn’t covered under the extended warranty. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN TOYOTA STANDING BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT, WILL NEVER BUY TOYOTA AGAIN!!

  49. smfl says:

    Brought my 2005 sequoia for oil change on Sunday. The next day the check engine light came on and the abs or varps light came on. The warning lights then went off. It happened off and on for a couple of days and we brought it in to toyota. They said it was the Air injection pump and valves and the abs braking. $4000 + repair. I saw this site and called the toyota corp and got the same info as above after 30 mins. Was told my model wasn’t covered under the extended warranty even though it is a known problem.
    Has anyone with a 2005 got this warrantied or has their been any group lawsuit to get these models paid for by toyota. I have owned toyotas for years but now thats going to change. Thanks for the info on this website.

    • smfl – That’s not the first time I’ve heard someone with a Gen1 Tundra or Sequoia say that they couldn’t get this problem covered. It’s a bit unfair that Toyota would only offer this coverage on the Gen2 truck, but perhaps it’s a mileage thing.

      In any case, there is an alternative. You can buy a module that will “trick” the computer into thinking your air injection system is fully functional. We’re going to write something up about it ASAP, but for now you can visit this thread on TundraSolutions:

  50. brenda says:

    this is going on with these year models but I have a 2005 Sequoia and I have the same problem…anybody with a toyota not in the years of recall please notify Toyota so that we too can be included in this recall

    • Brenda — and everyone else reading this post — there is an after-market bypass module available which will solve this problem for less than $100. We’re running the post about this tomorrow, and hopefully I remember to come back here and drop a link…

  51. smfl says:

    I have fault codes P1442 and P1445. It is a 2005 sequoia with 109,000miles

    I also had codes C0215, C1201, C1223, C1247 come up at the same time and these all relate to the skid control failure and abs sensor failures. Will these codes be resolved with this module? Did these problems also come about just because of the air injection failure?

    Also yes I would like to notify Toyota about there AIP failures. What is the best way to do that so they will include in recall in the future.

    Thanks. Sean

  52. LM says:

    I have a 2005 Toyota Sequoia with 100,000 miles on it as well. I am going through the same issues with the air injection system. Is there any information on a lawsuit or other information regarding getting this recalled. The cost has been estimated at over 3,000 because of the pump blades breaking off and blocking the valves.
    This is a nightmare!!

  53. Paul (pxsp) says:

    The module can be found here:

  54. Blake says:

    Anyone had this happen on a Lexus? My “check engine” “VSC TRAC” and “VSC OFF” lights went on this AM – took it to the dealer (couldn’t get to my usual guy) – by the time I got to the dealer the lights were off. Left it . . . the service rep just called and said the code indicated the air injector pump was failing. Told me $1600-$3000 to fix, but wouldn’t know b/c they basically have to take the whole thing apart to see exactly what needs to be replaced. Well, I called my guy and he told me this is a known and addressed issue in Toyota vehicles, but that they were just starting to see them on the Lexus models – but they were seeing it. Anyone have any suggestions on how to see if Toyota/Lexus will cover this under the same 10 yr/150,000 as the Toyota makes/models? Help please . . . my guy can do it cheaper, but it’s still a lot of $$$$ . . .

    • SkinnyBuffalo says:

      Hello this situation just happened to me with my otherwise great 2005 Lexus GX470 with 142,000 miles on it. Wondering how yours was resolved. They want $4200 to work on it…the Lexus dealership that is. How can they know all those parts failed when they have to take the engine apart to really know? They just figure they’ll replace everything is the easiest and most $$$.

  55. MT says:

    Ugh! We have a 2005 Tundra with about 105,000 miles on it and are going through the same thing. Estimate for the parts alone is around $2,200. There is obviously a problem with these vehicles. Going to call Toyota to see what they say, but by prior posts it looks like we are totally out of luck because it’s a 2005 and not a later model. Maybe if enough people call they will do something about this? We too have owned Toyotas for years – have 3 right now. I can’t say that we will ever purchase another Toyota after this and replacing a transmission on our 2002 Toyota with less than 130,000 miles on it. Apparently they aren’t made the way they used to be made…

    • MT,

      We have also had some people say that Toyota has taken care of them. Might just have to wait and see. Remember to check out customer service tips article before you call. (


      • GCB says:

        Hi Tim,

        I have a 2005 Tundra that just started to have this issue. Dealer is now waiting for pricing on the thing but from reading the forums I think it’s not going to be cheap. I am wondering what the people (with the 05 and 06) did to get their repair under warranty or refunded.

        Now is this a problem that just happens with a few 05 and 06 Tundra’s or is this something that will per definition happen with all of them?

        I read that the difference with the 05 and 06 models with the 07 onwards is that the manufacturer is different. Is that true? If it’s the same pump then there is in my opinion no reason why the older trucks shouldn’t get a warranty extension. Likely many of the the older trucks are past the mileage threshold but some, like mine, are still within the 150k miles.

        • GCB,

          From what we have heard, the issues are really around the 2007 model. Most people who have earlier models have either A. talked with the dealer/regional and then national office looking for assistance. I would say mixed results though. Or B. just paid it.

          Here is a link for some Toyota customer service tips.

          I’m not sure about a change in manufacture, however, that would make sense for Toyota to only warrant through 2007. You can have the dealer pull up the TSB and double check the part numbers. If they match, you will probably have a better case calling for reimbursement on the repair.

          Let us know how it goes.


          • GCB says:

            Thank you for the prompt reply. Good advice. Will ask for part no and then compare. Also need to see what dealer will say but for a couple of reasons I do not expect much help from them (not a regular, not purchased from there and last but likely most negative: I imported truck from US to Canada as my used 05 was back then 7k cheaper there). The import will likely cause some issues too with regional -although Toyota should honor/apply the same warranty as a Canadian truck.

            So I expect to have to pay (or buy the module someone made). If I see a case in it and find more guys that have/had the same issue I might start a petition similar what the guy did with the paint issue. And if there are a lot of us then approach Toyota to extend the extension of the waranty also to the 05/06 models.

            Ridiculous that something that will apparently break down frequently should cost between 2k and 3k. Should make the repair cost then more in line with a radiator or something similar. Lots of us buy Toyota’s to drive them for 10 or more years. Is not good for image if they drop their long term customers.

          • GCB,

            Agreed. Although, the other side is that 90%+ of the truck is really solid. Toyota has tried to address this issue and just needs to expand it a bit. I fault them for not expanding it to all trucks personally, but not for creating a long-term issue for customers. Yet, I don’t have the problem you do, so I probably see it differently. LOL.


  56. Rebecca Remington says:

    OK friends, where do I go to encourage Toyota to do the right thing? Although newer models are under a 150,000 warranty, my 2005 Sequoia with 106,250 is out of luck! I have a case number with Toyota Customer Experience. What is my next step. I would be driving a GM model if I wanted major repairs every 100K miles!!

    • smfl says:

      Get the module. I installed mine last month and no fault codes anymore. I am also waiting for the block off plates to be made. It was easy to install and if this solves the problem for long term thats saving me $4000. Thanks Paul.

  57. Todd T says:

    Does anyone know who i can call to have my 2006 toyota tundra repaired. My air injection pump failed and toyota will not help me.

  58. Dave says:

    My 2008 Tundra Aip failed with 113K miles. The dealer where I bought it repaired it. There was no charge to me. The warranty was extended to 10 yrs 150K miles. If you guys are having problems with your dealership you may want to find a new one next time.

  59. John says:

    So how about this i just bought a 2012 Tundra Limited 2 months ago. on my way to work yesterday 6am check engine light comes on and truck backs itself down to 40mph. i have 3992 miles on the truck and at first the dealer tells me it seems the transmission needs to be replaced. calls me 2hrs later telling be the truck went into limp mode because of our favorite topic air injection pump. They later tell me they are out of loaner to lend me for the week and the part will being coming in the next day. The following day they called me back and tell me part wont be in until mid February, to come pick up the truck and drive it as is until then. WTF TOYOTA??? Atleast i know its under warrenty right?

  60. nettaj says:

    Only 3K miles on our 2013 and we’re already having to get the air induction system replaced

  61. Amy Smith says:

    My name is Amy and I have a V8 5.7 2012 Toyota Tundra. Yesterday my 2012 Tundra with 9,000 miles on it began de-accelerating, shifting oddly and I had no power (limp mode I have heard a few say). Immediately I noticed the 4lo was blinking but I was in 2wd, the check engine light was on and also the trac off light was on. Now I have babied my truck since day 1 when it only have 4 miles on it, so I was pretty pissed! I had it towed to my local dealer. The service guys were gone for the day and the sales people had really no clue. I saw in some posts this AIP issue seems to be a common issue in later models. What I dont see is what Toyota dealers are planning on doing for 2011, 2012 and 2013 Tundras having the same problem. I see a lot of posts out there for newer models. If anyone has any good information on this, please respond. Thanks.

    • Amy,

      We have been hearing the same thing for a few months. Currently, we are working on getting a response from Toyota’s PR department. When we know, we’ll let you know.


      • Todd says:

        Appears I have fallen prey to this poorly designed system. Has there been any update as to vehicles newer than 2010. In searching the interweb I have not seen any reference to 2011 Sequoias.


        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          I haven’t seen anything related to specifically the Sequoia. Pretty interesting as there should be somewhere – maybe we need to start a Sequoia site. 🙂

          The problem isn’t the parts, it is the computer needing a reflash to blow the humidity out of the pumps prior to turning off. Without it, the humidity will sit in the pump and cause them to fail. There has been a many a Tundra owner who has stopped by their dealer for an update. This update should make the pump blow out properly and will sound like a whining noise after you turn the engine off.

          I would make my first stop to my local dealer. This has been a headache for Toyota and they are well aware of how to address it.

          Best of luck!

          • todd says:

            Tim. Appreciate your response. Just had the Sequoia fixed today. Bad pump. Stealer stated that only one pump was bad not due to water intrusion. Electrical failure. No mention of ECM reflash. Will ask them when I pick it up. Just find it odd my failure was unrelated to all I have read. Certainly possible but might have better odds winning the lottery. I’ve owned Toyotas for the past 20 years no major problems until this one. Again appreciate your wisdom

          • Tim Esterdahl says:


            That is strange for only one pump to go bad. It could have been just bad luck with a part. Let us know about the reflash.


    • Roy says:

      My 2012 threw a 0418 code with less than 1000 miles. Parts are on backorder. I contacted Toyota through their website asking if my warranty would be extended because this happened right from the start. They said a case manager would call me…nothing yet…we’ll see what they have to say.

    • Roy says:

      The parts came in for my 2012 not long after I posted. Would have been a $1500. job, but done free under warranty. Service manager said I should buy the extended warranty for $1000+(8 yr./75k miles) and then DUMP IT! Sounds like good advice.
      I just got a recall notice for a software update that they say is causing the AIP failure, we’ll see. I bought the Toyota for it’s long term reliability, Oh well… On a positive note, it is smooth, quiet, comfortable, and powerful. I have a love/hate relationship with this truck and would keep it forever if it didn’t have this issue.

  62. DaveH says:

    I had 3 pumps fail on my new 2012 Tundra that I bought in May. Dealer has it now and I have a new Tacoma to use. Truck has less than 9,000 miles on it. Initial pump failed and dealer installed another that worked for a couple of months and failed. I waited almost 1 month for air pump to come from factory, that pump failed in less than 1 week. I am told by dealer that they have a “fix” that it is a computer problem and that EPA and government have to approve.. I am very frustrated and need a resolution. I feel they are holding my truck hostage.

  63. KevinE says:

    2005 Tundra w/ 86k miles. Bank 1 & Bank 2 AIP valves stuck open. After finding this thread and learning that it not covered by the recall, I’m so furious, I hope the truck catches on fire and I can roast marshmallows on it! Have owned numerous Toyota’s, but this will be the last…

  64. WOJSAJ says:


    • Bob says:

      I also live in Canada a bought the truck in the US until I moved to Canada that is but as long as you have the letter stating that Toyota will pay for the parts you should not have one problem in getting it fixed in Canada.. I have always had my truck which is a 2009 Tundra and bought it brand new in the US and they have always done all of the warranty work in Canada, along with the foot pedal problem and what not even the tire problem that they had. I lived in Ontario for a spell and now am living in Newfoundland and the warranty is the same in both countries..

      • Wojsas says:

        I just got it done today called different dealer they had all the parts and took them 5 hours to do it all good for now thanks Bob for replying I hope that new pumps will not break I know it happens a lot after these repairs

        • Bob says:

          Your very welcome and am glad that you got it done too, what I had to do while waiting for the parts was to disconnect my battery and it would reset the computor and it would be alright for a few days but then it would go right back to not having any power and all the lights would come on but since I had the letter on the recall I had no problems in getting it fixed here in Newfoundland. I also had problems in getting my truck registered here in Canada because of the recalls but I got tell you that the manager who took care of me helped me get it registered here with no problems at all and they checked to make sure that all the warranty had been performed and it was paid by Toyota. Glad I could help and yes it is a good thing about having able to talk to other people here about all the Tundra problems.

    • Dan says:

      I have a 2007 tundra with 75,335 my pump just went & Toyota tells me that the extension doesn’t cover my truck , not all trucks are covered . Don’t know what to do, very expensive for me

  65. Wojsas says:

    Actually I got it done today i went to a different dealer They had all the parts and took them five hours to fix it Thank you BOB for replying I hope new pump will last Thanks to that website I saved about $3200 thank you Again !!!!!

  66. Bryan Lynch says:

    My 2007 Tundra Limited 4X4 just died today. All the darn lights come on, i had no power and i crawled it back to my local Toyota dealer. Thank goodness they just called and said my air injection pump and Toyota is covering all expenses. All is Good.

  67. Tim says:

    I have a 2012 Crewmax with 17,500 miles. Check engine light came on, no issues with performance. Brought it to the dealer and it was changed in a few days (they gave me loaner tin can tacoma). Very good experience thus far.

  68. D says:

    Just brought the truck into the dealer for secondary air pump. They just called to tell me that it has been replaced once already and now I would have to pay for it out of my pocket. $4500! So the local dealer says Toyota will only pay for it once… What a bunch of bs..

    • Dez says:

      Jebus D! That absolutely sucks!

      Bypass the pumps!

    • Bob says:

      Hate to say this but if you have your letter it states that they will replace them free of charge for up to 10 yrs or 150,000 miles, which ever comes first. When I received my letter this is what it states and the dealership has to replace it for free as long as you have that letter with you..

      • D says:

        They knew about the extended warranty on the air pump , they just said that Toyota would only pay for it once. Even though the pump failed again in only a year.

        • Bob says:

          Now that realy sucks because I do not think that Toyota would so suh a thing. I am going to check with my local toyota garage and find out the truth about that one because the pump should not have failed after one year and if this is the case then I am sure there are going to be a lot of people pissed off about that one for sure.

  69. joey says:

    I had the code P2442 come up on my 2009 Tundra Crewmax 5.7l with 104,000 miles. Called the TCEC listed in this article and they verified that my local dealer will cover all costto replace. I brought my truck in this morning and it will be repaired on Monday. Local dealer placed me in a new 2013 Tundra until repairs are made. I believe in Toyota and I am pleased with the response thus far.

  70. Tom Trudeau says:

    At only 75,000 I’ve had to have AIP replaced, also have the wheel bearing issue being repaired 75,000 miles, waiting to hear from local repair shop estimated repair cost to be $400$-1200. Did not want to risk further issues by driving 75 miles to nearest Toyota dealer. Now I know why there are so few Toyota Tundras on the road here in east Texas.
    Never again will I purchase a Toyota.

    • Bob says:

      Just got to say this all Tundra & Tacoma’s are buit in Texas so I wonder if this could be the problem!! As for me I have always been a Toyota fan but now with this problem and other peoples problems about Toyota I may never buy another one ever again, I may stick with the older trucks because they are so much easier to fix than all the new ones with all of these problems. If you buy a Ford you will get problems, if you buy a Chev the same thing but thier warranties also suck so where can you go. Most dealerships can’t even repair their own cars or trucks for that matter and when it comes to a battery vehicle no one can repair them as far as I am concerned…

    • Dan says:

      I have a 2007 with 75,335, my aip just went out, 335 miles out of luck! They are telling me the extended warranty doesn’t include my Tundra

  71. […]'s the secondary air pump issue.. they replaced the pump and valves free of charge. Toyota Warranties Air Pump System – Reimbursement Available | Tundra Headquarters Blog i have 71000 miles on the truck for everyones reference. __________________ 2010 Tundra Sr5 […]

  72. clint trncak says:

    my 06 tundra has air injection pump problems and is not covered under the warranty reimbursement plan. i have been a true toyota fan for years but this will be my last toyota since toyota is not standing behind their products like they used to do.

  73. Adam says:

    attn; DAN go to a different dealer tell them what’s wrong Witt the truck and ask them to process that ” extended warranty ” don’t ask them if they can do it tell them to go it. .half if the time they don’t know what to do , before that call Touota and get the details of tha t coverage. Good luck !

  74. c trncak says:

    i cant seem to get toyota to stand behind a faulty air injection system on my 2006 tundra this will be a determining factor as to whether i continue to buy toyota in the future.

  75. Phil says:

    How can I find out if my tundra is one of the ones covered without going through the hassle of taking it all the way to the dealership? I’m having the same P2440/p2442 issues on my 2007 5.7 liter. I don’t recall receiving a letter for this specific issue, but I could have easily missed it, or misplaced it as it would not have been on my radar at the time. Sounds like some 2007’s are covered and some are not. If it’s not going to be covered, I’m just going to go with the module, but if they’ll fix it under warranty, I’ll carry up to the Fred Anderson dealership in Raleigh where I bought it.

    • Phil says:

      Took it to the dealer and they were very aware of the issue and extended warranty. They replaced the pumps and valves. Didn’t charge me a dime. Very satisfied!

  76. Pete says:

    2007 Tundra 5.7 V8, 107,500 miles. This morning I got a the Check Engine, VSC Off, Traction Control light combo along with a truck in limp mode.

    Googled the condition first and learned about the AIP issue from here. Went to the local stealership expecting a battle, but they are warrantying my AIP repair without a fuss. Service writer even mentioned the 10/150K extended warranty.

    Also having a leaking water pump replaced (ouch.)

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Glad we can help. And also happy the “stealership” is fixing it for FREE!


  77. Shannon says:

    Thanks for this info! I have an 07 with 103,500 miles and have this problem. First I called the customer service hotline to verify then I took it to my local dealer and they are going to fix it! They gave me no hassle and even have me in a rental until mine is fixed!

  78. Bphill says:

    I knew nothing about this until mine went out on my 07′ Tundra.
    The problem is it waited until 184K miles..

    I cannot understand why this was not a recall situation..

    I cant help but feel a little cheated.

    I emailed customer service and got a case number, and a “we’re sorry”

  79. Otto says:

    My 2005 tundra, less than 50k, is having the same problem and Toyota told me to take a hike.

  80. Greg says:

    My extra cab 08 w/ 4.7 with 70K started this morning with the Christmas tree of lights on the dash & ran all the way to the dealer in limp mode. They haven’t gotten back to me with the final diagnosis yet, but they did tell me they “think” its the AIP and acknowledged the extended warranty from Toyota on this.
    I’ve driven nothing but Toy’s since 1992. If they don’t take care of this properly, this will be my last.

  81. Greg says:

    Good news from the dealer, 100% warranty for me. Zero out of pocket & they are fixing the window power switch recall at the same time.

  82. SkinnyBuffalo says:

    As a result of this website, I did more research and found that the AIP is the EXACT SAME part on my 2005 Lexus GX470 with 142,000 miles. Went to Lexus Customer Service and asked they help me out with this $4200 repair because of the extended warranty on the AIP in their Toyotas. Their response after 2 days of deliberation? “No, you are past your 4 year/50,000 mile warranty.” Uh, duh. I had even purchased an extended warranty and never made a claim on it that expired 4 months ago. LAST LEXUS FOR ME!

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Thanks for the comment. You bring up an interesting point in that with the automotive world heading toward more globalization of product lines and universal parts, when we see a part break on one type of vehicle, we could see it impacting different vehicles as well.


  83. sean says:

    Has anyone heard when the block off plates are being available. I got the kit to bypass error codes and it works awesome but it was advised to put in the block off plates. Thanks. Sean

  84. NormB says:

    I had to have 1 of my AIP’s on my 2008 Tundra with 62K miles replaced today. Went to my regular service shop ( not Toyota) to check the codes and they determined that it was one of these Air injection pumps. They got the pump from the local Toyota dealer. Figuring I had nothing to lose, i called the Toyota customer service. Long story short, Toyota will reimburse to me the entire cost of the part n labor. Toyota customer satisfaction is alive n well.

  85. Steve in GA says:

    same symptoms here; 4lo flashing, CEL, VSC flashing, limp mode, went to Advance Auto where they pulled a P2440 code. Calling the dealer tomorrow to see if they are aware of the issue.
    Truck is an ’08 CrewMax, 5.7l, 66,000 miles, sometimes tow a 22′ RV, never really abused. Bought it new.
    I will follow up with results, Dealer and location.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Odds are high that the dealer knows about it. Let us know how it goes.


  86. Hayes says:

    I have a 2005 Toyota Sequoia with over 100,000 miles on it. I am going through the same issues with the air injection system. Is there any information on a recall for 2005? It is very costly to repair because of the pump blades breaking off and blocking the valves.
    This should have been part of the lawsuit too. The part alone is approximately $1200.00 excluding labor. With so many complaints, why isn’t this a part of the recall for the 2005 model?

  87. Jennifer says:

    Also having the AIP problem as of two months ago. Luckily covered by the warranty, but according to the dealership, the part they need is on backorder and cannot give any estimate of when it will be here.

    Toyota Customer Service is paying for a rental car after I called and complained, but also no estimate of when the part will be here.

    This has been the most frustrating process. Because of this, Toyota has lost a good customer.

  88. Mike says:

    Toyota Certified Warranty is covering it plus rental car. Seems this is happening with Fords too? Bad manufacturer of parts?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Haven’t heard this from Ford guys. Do you have any links to info??


  89. Mike says:

    Sorry, my issue just happened today and I havent had timeto research.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      No problem. I’m just curious about the Ford comment. I hadn’t heard that before.


  90. Mike says:

    Quick Google revealed references to air injector pump issues in Ford autos ( Fusion, Focuw, etc.)and a site about simila4 issues in Trailblazer and VWs. I remeber the old “smog pumps” on vehicles in the 70s and 80s. Seems like the new version is also more trouble than its worth.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I looked over those results and it seems a bit sporadic, not the BIG issue like it is for Toyota. I do agree though that it most likely a supplier issue. I’m trying to setup a video interview with some Toyota engineers to really get to the bottom of the issue.


  91. Bob says:

    Good luck with that one Tim because most engineers will not tell you is there mistake infact they will just say stuff happens and there isn’t much they can do about and they say go see a tech for the explanation.
    I used to be a technician in the automation field and the engineers that I had working above me never had a clue about anything, they would just turn around and tell the customer to talk to me about the problem that they were having.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I hear what you are saying and I can see your point. However, in my past interviews, when I ask about a specific issue with a TSB attached, I seem to get a better response.

      It seems if there isn’t a TSB associated with the issue, the engineers are clueless, like you said.


  92. fred bishop says:

    I had my AIPs replaced in Mazatlan, Mexico in March. Before I had the work done I contacted Toyota Customer Service and received an authorization for them to do the repair. I submitted all the bills, proof of ownership and further explanation to Toyota on April 20, 2013. I have called Toyota Customer Care every week for the past 5 weeks. After speaking with them again today Toyota tells me they will now need a new copy of ownership(?), a statement of cause, condition and remedy.
    To me the cause is simple – bad AIPS (otherwise there would be no recall), condition – faulty as declared by an authorized Toyota dealership, remedy – AIPs replaced by an authorized Toyota dealership.
    My Tundra is a 2008 SR5 and I like it very much but I am not about to endorse Toyota’s customer satisfaction!!
    By the way Toyota has never contacted me – I always had to call them to ascertain the status of my claim.

  93. Bearattack79 says:

    Thunder Bay Ontario Canada.

    My 08 is in the shop as we speak. I got the dashboard lights and the limp mode. Reset it by dissconnectiong the neg terminal on the battery.

    I did this three times in a week just to get home from work, when it did it the last time (Tuesday July 9/13)I got it towed to “Wayne Toyota” When I called to explain that my truck was being towed to them for dashboard lights and limp mode she immediatle said “probably air pump” and no cost to me. What a relief…. But they had to order the valves and No rentals were available for me. So its been almost a week and they are “hoping” to have it done monday or tuesday…..

    My fear now is that the pumps will fail again one day and leave me stranded in the bush???

    • bearatttack79 says:

      OK so I got the truck back (Aug3) it was at the shop for three weeks. The valves went on back order. Toyota Canada finally gave in on the rental after the second week. The repairs were paid in full by toyota. My truck is also in Canada from the UsA

      Thunder Bay Ontario

  94. D says:

    Well the “secondary pump and valve system” failed on our truck a a little after a year Toyota supposedly replaced it. Tried to take it back even called Toyota they said that could only be replaced once under the warranty. So I took it home pulled the pump apart and the pump looked new but the switch valves looked like they never been touched. Anyways I ordered the by pass kit and also by passed the switching valves. Truck runs good now.

    • Anonymous says:


      I think they tried that on mine as well. They said the parts were in and installed and it should be ready soon.

      I called back and now they have the valves on critical order. Hopfully tuesday 🙁

  95. Casey says:

    can anyone tell me if this makes sense? This is what I got from the dealer when I took my truck in to have the AIP fixed.

    Mr. Hines,

    The TSB-0160-11 – Secondary Air Valve: Causes the CEL to come on. Per TSB, it replaces 2 secondary air valves, 1 secondary air pump, & redesign the inlet to keep water from getting into the system. These parts are located on right side, front of the vehicle.

    The issue that you are now having with your vehicle concerns the air injection control driver (which is located on the top left side of the engine compartment), which is full of water and the plug terminals have rotted. To get this corrected, the control driver will need to be replaced and the wires repaired. The total price for this repair (parts/labor) is $489.24.

    If you would like to continue forward with the repairs to your vehicle, please call me @ 281-316-4814 or email me.

    Thank You

    • Din says:

      Hey Casey, I had the same issue with my truck. I bought 2 brand new drivers which I never ended up using. I bypassed the whole system. I could not return the modules if you are interested in buying them I can sell them to you at a cheaper price. I still have the receipt as well showing when I bought them. I am in Houston.

      • Casey says:


        I will probably end up bypassing the system as well. I just find it odd that water got into the air injection pumps and valves which the warrenty replaced, but then also got into the air injection control driver as well, which is not covered. I feel like the dealer is jerking me around. I am going to make a suprise visit to the dealer and inspect for myself. Will let you know what I find out.

  96. Tyler says:

    I have a 2007 toyota tundra 4.7L. with 90,000 miles. Check engine light came on as well as 4lo flashing, traction control, and another light. i’ve run a code reader and it’s the same problem as all of you have had. The AIP system. Here’s my problem, it’s not covered because the truck is originally from the US and I live in canada. The customer service experience person says that i would have to “LIMP” it to the states and have it registered in order to get it fixed. There’s is nothing that can be done in Canada. Does anyone know of a way around this. Local dealer doesn’t know of any customer service calls related to this. HELP!!!!

    -One very pissed of CANADIAN

    • Phil says:

      If you have access to a code reader, you can reset the code and it will get it out of limp mode for awhile. You can also disconnect the battery and it will reset it as well, but it will also reset your radio, mileage presets and other stuff. The code reader makes things a lot easier because all you have to do is pull over and do the reset vs. get out and pop the hood to disconnect and reconnect the battery. When it first started happening on mine, the reset would last usually 1 to 3 day, but after a few weeks it would only last for a few miles. Not sure how far it is for you to get down here, but it’s an expensive fix if you have to come out of pocket. I was fortunate enough to get everything covered under the warranty.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha Ha same here dude. I picked up my 08 tundra in the UsA and imported it to Canada. They hate me here at the local dealership. But I finally got my truck back yesterday (3 weeks later) my Valves went on back order and they refused a rental. Toyota Canada hooked me up after the second week.

  97. Tyler says:

    After calming down i called Toyota Canada thinking why i’m i going to listen to some guy in the states telling me there’s nothing they could do. The girl on the phone was amazing. She understood my problem and told me it was ridiculous what the guy from the states had said and she would help get the problem solved. After finding the customer service extension warranty she gave me the service managers number of a very reputable dealership in the city. I contacted him and within an hour he had the parts on order and said everything is covered for my american truck! I’m supposed to bring my truck in next week. Fingers crossed that everything goes the way it’s supposed to. I’ll update again when/if my truck gets fixed.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      AWESOME! Sometimes the best way to handle an issue is first to calm down and second make a phone call. My fingers are crossed with you that everything is smooth!


  98. Bob says:

    I also bought my truck in the states and it is a 2009 Tundra, I live in Windsor ON for awhile for work and I never had one bit of a problem with Toyota. When I moved back to Newfoundland for work I did not have a problem with toyota fixing anything with my truck at all under warranty even with the problems on the AIP system and they told me everything was fully warrantied, with in 1 week everything was fixed. As long as it is registered in Canada they have to fix what ever is wrong with the truck especialy if there is a recall and it does not matter if the truck came from the US or Canada. All Tundra’s are made in the US, so if you bought your truck in the US or in Canada the same warranties apply to both countries.

  99. Reggie says:

    I recently had this repaired after my check engine light came on. The dealer in Des Moines did not mention that this was a known issue that was being covered by Toyota, but led me to believe that the no cost repair was because I bought an extended warranty which I am still protected by. It only matters in that I thought I had a deductible, so I was surprised when they said I did not have to pay anything for the repair. So, maybe I do have a deductible and their deceit might have led to further issues later on if I had a legitimate warranty issue. Either way, I’m just happy that Toyota is standing behind their products and not sticking it to their customers.

  100. Jon says:

    2005 GX470, Dealer wants about $4K to replace the AIP. Lexus dealer wont budge on price, they’re salivating for easy-money. No way to know if it is a faulty sensor emitting false-positives, until you simply replace the entire unit. I guess Lexus is really just a Toyota, dressed up to rip off the unwary. Please man-up Toyota, and fix your faulty designed crap!

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Not sure about the “salivating for easy-money” part. The air injection parts are pretty expensive. Have you seen our bypass post?


      • Jon says:


        half the cost is in labor, and it seems to me that a dealer’s inflated hourly rate is a gratuitous gimme.

        I believe on the GX, the AIP is buried under the manifold, requiring more work to get at and replace, not sure if the mod would work. Clearly, the engineers felt this part could ‘never fail’, else they would have made it serviceable.

        Doing such a mod is sketchy, as it’s generally not a good idea to modify emissions as it could mean an expensive fine for violating the clean-air act, and also make it somewhat more difficult to sell the auto:

        • Tim Esterdahl says:

          Oh yeah, I definitely agree on a dealer’s rate being inflated. I do my own brakes, oil, etc…

          And yes doing a mod can have a big impact on resale. I was just offering that other option and it is the only other one I know of.

          Replacing these stupid things is definitely a PITA and it is the one downside I have found on the current crop of Toyota vehicles. Somebody screwed up and passed this problem throughout the product line that’s for sure.

          Best of luck,

  101. Pat says:

    I had the P2443 code on my ’07 Tundra with 92,xxx miles on it for a stuck air injection pump valve. I took the truck in to my local dealer, they had it for 1 day and replaced both valves, 1 pump, and installed an air inlet tube all under this 10yr/150,000mi warranty with no fuss. This site has been very informative and helpful, thanks for sharing the useful information!

    • owen says:

      Great for you (really), but everyone else who’s outside the 2007-2010 perimeters, we’re just screwed by Toyota, after paying over $40,000 for a vehicle with a well-known by Toyota faulty air pump system. And still using the same faulty air pump system unbeknownst to potential customers.

  102. I have a 2006 with 141k and my AIP just started squealing. Has there been an update to the warranty to cover earlier models?

  103. mcoscio says:

    Have the exact same problem with a 2005 Toyota 4Runner SR5 with 119,028 miles. Check engine light, VSC Trac Control, and other lights on. Car runs fine other than reving up extremely loud during starting. The issue in my case is that in Texas you cannot pass state inspection with the check engine light on and you can’t just merely reset the code as the reader for inspection will just pick it up. Called Toyota setup a case #1310172106 and they said there was nothing they can do to help me and thank you for calling. Now I can’t get my car inspected after getting a ticket for an expired inspection due to delaying the repair without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money to make a repair on a faulty Toyota part for the air pump system. Going to get a lawyer involved and write a letter. We’ll see if we get a response after that. Don’t have any other ideas.

  104. Kyle says:

    I just purchased a new 2013 4Runner SR5 yesterday. After turning off the ignition multiple times today I noticed a loud, quick vacuum noise. What is this noise and is it normal?

  105. J Bown says:

    just a note to those who continue to have these problems and are still having trouble having this repair covered. When I called Toyota USA, I was very clear that I was a member of this forum, and that I would post the results of their remedy here on the forum. I’m not sure how the administrator or moderators feel about my using the forum for leverage, but in my case, it appears to have worked. With the blessing of the administrator, you might try the same if you continue to have trouble making this claim.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      J Brown,

      It helps you and others to mention this site, then go for it!


    • owen says:

      I’m going to write a letter and mention the use of this forum. If it weren’t for this forum, I wouldn’t know any better. No thanks to Toyota.

  106. JP says:

    Has anyone had this issue with a 2011 Tundra? Mine is a 2011 4.6L with 87,000 miles on it.

  107. CBW says:

    My 2011 tundra had the same problem at less than 3 years old. Cost $2500 and a week to fix. Dealer mechanic said it was the same problem as with earlier models and suggested I contact Toyota for potential reimbursement. I have been trying for 4 weeks to get some resolution with Toyota headquarters. Customer service response has been completely horrible. They have succeeded in turning a long time Toyota fan Into a hater. I’m shocked at how they admit the defective part remains in use but have decided not to do the right thing for anyone after 2010 model.

    • owen says:

      CBW, ditto. Yes Toyota has succeeded in turning me in to a hater; I am also shocked how they admit the defective and continues to use it, and not include 2005 models; and not inform potential buyers before hand. Is that fraud. I own a 2005 Sequoia experiencing the same nightmare with the air pump system malfunction and the response of Toyota C/S Dept. The rep had the audacity to ask me if I was considering getting in to another Toyota. Ummmm, not another Toyota!

  108. Wes says:

    Thanks a lot for this. Just got everything taken care of. 2007 5.7 with 113,000 miles. Happy it was covered by Toyota

    • owen says:

      2005 Sequoia owners would be happy too if our vehicles were included in the Extended 10 year / 150,000 mile Warranty. We have the same problem, what!

  109. Jack M says:

    Hello all. I have a 2011 Tundra with 72,000 that was due for an oil change. I took it to the local Toyota dealer on Friday afternoon for the oil change before a long weekend trip. When I go to start my truck on Saturday morning, I experience the dreaded P2440 alarm (Secondary Air injection: Water Intrusion). The truck immediately lost 50% power and I had to limp back to the dealership, just like many people here have described. The dealer initially told me that the extensive valve work was covered by Toyota on a TSB service bulletin. Well my to my surprise, I just got a call from the service department saying that indeed the work is NOT covered by Toyota for the 2011 model and I would have to pay $2,300 to fix. The same manufacturing defect within the Secondary Air Injection System found on the 2010 Tundra is completely covered by Toyota, but not the 2011 model. I cannot afford this unexpected $2,300 bill! Can anyone knowledgeable about this issue please give me some advice?

    • CBW says:

      Let Toyota hear about it. Loudly and often! Maybe if enough us do, they will do the right thing!

      • owen says:

        Yes, I’m going to go look in to how, where and with whom to file a complaint regarding Toyota and this issue.

    • owen says:

      I have a 2005 and am experiencing this very same issue. Not covered, why not it’s the same exact problem as the 2007-2010 models. What the heck is wrong with Toyota. Toyota C/S rep told me that Toyota based its decided on their survey.

    • Penny M. says:

      I have a 2006 4Runner with 90,000 miles, with the same problem. I had just gotten an oil change too. The dealership wants over $3000 to fix the problem. I can’t afford to fix it either. We need a petition, class action suit, or something!

  110. RICHARD OGDEN says:






    • owen says:


  111. Chris says:

    And to add insult to injury, not only am I inconvenienced and put in an unsafe and hazardous driving condition trying to get on a freeway, or while towing, there are no after market alternatives to the 06’leaving me with no choice but to pay the 3k to repair the vehicle with a different most certainly defective OEM secondary air pump. Wow! Legal action seems to be my only remedy. And worse than that for Toyota, a constant and growing discontention in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Really Toyota, was it worth it considering you will lose so many customers and easy repeating business?

  112. Chris says:

    Oh yeah, my 06 Tundra only has 79,000 miles and was purchased by me new as my first truck. I am in my mid 30’s and will surely purchase many more throughout my lifetime. I just can’t understand why Toyota will not stand behind their product. Why would I possibly buy another Toyota which I was determined to do until this ludicrous situation came to light?

  113. Din says:

    If anyone needs the set of air injection driver relays. I have a set brand new. email me

  114. Jason says:

    I have an extra injection pump if anyone may be interested. My truck was wrecked directly on the front end, and the body man had to pull the fenders off, and accidentally broke one of the pumps. I thought I was having this whole defect issue, until my insurance decided to cover it as a supplemental claim, and had it repaired at a dealer. They told me that the air tube had been epoxied back together, and it actually blocked shut. I also have the valves in anyone may be interested in those as well. You can email me at if interested.

  115. DICK OGDEN says:

    TOYOTA is very much aware of their air pump system for ALL trucks, forerunners, sequoias, tundras and as far back as 2005 model years and the fix for $2000 plus. AS a matter of fact, there are no after market fixes according to NAPA. You must buy through Toyota the entire air pump system. So, Toyota is much aware of these same problems year after year through 2012 models collecting excessive amounts for the repairs.

    Squeeky wheel gets the grease?

    What a deceptive and fraudulent company (TOYOTA) to knowingly have a problem with the Air Pump System year after year and not step up and RECALL each and every unit and fix the problem.
    No, they would prefer each customer cough up a minimum of $2-3K for the fix. Don’t bother to fix my 2005 Forerunner TOYOTA, and I will no longer BUY TOYOTA products.

    It’s that simple!

    Dick Ogden

    • Anonymous says:

      I say the same thing. Don’t bother Toyota. Even if you did come back and try to amend the situation with 05-06 owners you have already caused irreparable damage to my faith in you. How could I possibly purchase another Toyota when you did not do the right thing by standing behind your product and take care of your customers who were once so proud to be Tundra owners?

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh….This is Chris with 06 Tundra purchased brand new and now has only 79,000 tender miles. And,,, update… Installed the bypass module found on eBay myself in just a few hours and it worked! Thank God for the ingenuity of Tundra owners. God Bless America!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh yeah,, also check out the YouTube video. Search Tundra bypass module and it should come up. There was only one video as of a few days ago. It would have been pretty easy without it, but it did give a good visual to the process. This coming from a less than mechanically inclined truck owner.

  116. Maureen Wesling Garner says:

    My husband and I own two tundras. O5 4.7L and 07 5.7L Limited. We just had this issue fixed on the 05 about a month ago (to the tune of about 3K) and now my 07 is showing the same code. I found this forum and I’m not very happy with Toyota right now. Haven’t taken the 07 in yet,so I’m hoping it will be covered. I’m very disappointed that Toyota is not covering this issue in the 05 if it is a known defective part. I have owned Toyotas since 2001 and had always been happy with them, but my loyalty is starting to wane.

  117. Dain Thomas says:

    Talked to Toyota Customer Care this morning and they said my 08 Tundra with 105k falls under this warranty, and the dealer will be able to fix this issue at no charge. So glad I read this article, saved me 2k!

  118. Matt says:

    Has anyone had this happen to them twice? Injection pumps were replaced under extended warranty and now it has happened again. Dealer telling me that it is out of the 1 year warranty and will cost $2,600 to fix. I’m arguing with the dealership that this is a systematic failure that Toyota needs to address but not making any headway. Any suggestions for where to turn?

    • Rob says:

      My truck here in Canada happened twice, once at 56K, then it happened again at 72K, but Toyota here in Canada repaired everything at no cost to me because of the 150K or ten years which ever comes first free of charge, I own a 09 Tundra. The truck how ever can not be in an accident otherwise the warranty is null, they will not do anything for you!!

  119. Dennis says:

    In January 2011, my wife bought me a new 2011 Tundra at Fiore Toyota in Hollidaysburg, PA . This dealership claims to be the “home of the lifetime warranty”. At that time, we were encouraged to purchase an additional warranty to extend the coverage to electronics and other non-powertrain parts for $918. We took the bite and thought we had done our part to insure the vehicle for the next 72 months- 100,000 miles.
    40 months and 26,000 miles later, (just out of manufacturer warranty) the check engine light appeared with loss of power resulting in a tow to the dealership.
    It seems the air injection pump had failed and we would need to repair at out of pocket cost of $1745.
    The lifetime warranty did not cover this issue…..the extended warranty covered electronics but had a clause eliminating coverage of emissions (not disclosed at time of purchase).
    We researched the problem and discovered that Toyota Tundra has had a problem with air injection pumps since 2007! A recall and adjusted warranty was applied to all Tundras for the years 2007 through 2010…..and even though my Vehicle was built in 2010- it was considered a 2011 model and the warranty did NOT apply. My wife, son, and I have purchased 3 new Toyotas in the past 5 years and we are appalled at how the company denies responsibility for the problem they knew existed in their vehicles. Please warn all potential Tundra want-to-be owners to reconsider the purchase until Toyota fixes the problem with the AIP. Looking for an alternate way to fix my tundra.

  120. […] Thread(s) Quoted: 1 Post(s) This URL may help as it may provide links to more information: Toyota Warranties Air Pump System – Reimbursement Available | Tundra Headquarters Blog 2011TundraInMe is online now   […]

  121. Marie says:

    My husband now has this problem with his 2007 tundra. Actually he has had it for a while and the dealers were not aware of the issue. They told him how to reset the system. Well now we’re screwed because it put him over the 150,000 and Toyota won’t honor. Now we pay over $2,000. Of course we are 9 hours from home with no dealer within 90 miles.

    I encourage all with this problem to contact the attorney generals office within their state. We talked to three dealers and none of them were familiar with this problem until we told them that we found it on google. I’m sure Toyota owes a lot of people reimbursements.

    This should have been a letter to all customers with the vehicles if not a massive recall.

  122. DaveK says:

    Has anyone here considered just using a bypass kit – I sell one, as do others. While not designed for street use, since they block operation of the injection system, they do solve the issues with almost all of the codes associated with this system. One heck of a lot less $ than the dealer fix. Won’t work with 2012 mixed fuel, or 2013/2014 engines, as they ECM has updates that the bypass won’t handle. Same goes for any engines that have been taken in recently for this warranty work – the bypass pumps now run at shutdown, which these kits do not bypass. That said, it’s certainly worth considering.

  123. angrybear says:

    anyone noticed that since toyota came to america to be built they took a serious nose dive in quality? My 1987 4×4 still runs like a top, has no issues, and has 347k miles. My 08 tundra is in the shop constantly,,,and the so called extended warranty is a joke…nothing is honored.

  124. BLackhair says:

    I have a 2008 and the secondary air come up and my truck bogs down and have to reset it where do I go or how do I go about getting it fix and getting a I paid for\

  125. Rob says:

    Well everyone, guess what! I first had to have my AIP replaced at 50 K, I just went out to my truck to go buy a coffee and it was in limp mode at 78K miles which pissed me off and I was told by the dealer that it was fixed. Now I have to go back to the dealer and see if the warranty is good for the 150,000 or 10 years that Toyota said they would fix the problem. I read about disconnecting the plugs on the AIP but I also though that when I joined this forum that there was a chip that you could purchase in order to by pass these pumps?? I live in Canada in Newfoundland that is and I was planning on going back to the US but with this problem occurring I have to get the truck fixed first before I go back, any one got answers please let me know.. Rob

  126. joe says:

    Mine 2008 has been sitting at the dealership for 1 month. AIP is back ordered. How long is it taking for others to get the part? They have not estimated date on the part?

    • Anonymous says:

      Mine was estimated to be in one week but now it has been two so who knows for sure.

    • Rob says:

      My truck sat here in NL Canada for about 2 months before I called Toyota and made a formal complaint about that was the only way that I could get my parts for my 2009 Tundra and within about a week or two my truck as fixed. You may have to call Toyota USA in order to get the parts in right away to get it fixed but you also have to talk to your service advisor like I had too and he should be able to give you a phone number to call..

  127. Leticia leon says:

    I have a problem wiht air injection pump in my tundra.
    What I have to do? Because is not normal.

  128. Rodney says:

    My 2ndary air pump has gone of my 2006 Toyota tundra, Toyota reimburses 2007-2010 but when I called they said there hadn’t been enough complaints about the 2006. Can anyone help.

  129. […] parents truck fits that category then tell your dealer to shut the hell up and fix it for free. Toyota Warranties Air Pump System – Reimbursement Available | Tundra Headquarters Blog AZTC #1 | BRC #77 |SSC #3 Smittybilt M1 Front & Rear Bumpers, Smittybilt XRC10 […]

  130. Alvaro says:

    I have a Toyota Tundra 2010. Today 08/04/14 I experienced the problem described in this forum. I took the vehicle to the dealer. They run a diagnostic test. The results Codes P1605 & P2440. They say: “Need to replace the emission Air Pump assembly along with the valve set and the gasket set for the pump. Estimate for the repair after taxes is $ 2,152.84”. This is from a Toyota dealer located in West Kendall, Miami, Fl. I even had to pay for the diagnostic $ 105.93. They did not mention the warranty on this despite my truck has only 68,200 miles.
    Tomorrow I’m going back to the dealer to ask them to honor the Warranty of 150,000 miles or 10 years on these parts. I believe The dealer is not standing behind Toyota commitment. Do anyone believe I’m being reasonable to ask for it or this shouldn’t be honored by Toyota. Any Help or feedback will be appreciated. Thanks

  131. kerry says:

    I have 2011 land cruiser vehicle problems.
    4 lo blink, traction control and engine check light the flame nyala.kemudian I checked the vehicle to the garage, there code Mistake 1201 ENGINE CONTROL SYSTEM MALFUNCTION.they tell me it must replace the ECM, because another error code no. after I change, drawing on the instrument is still on, do not go away.
    I am confused what should i do ..
    I’ve tried off Batrei but, the error will not go away. The warning is still on back.I try to ask your friends and toyota but they also do not know what to d do. help for those who have experience, we help …. please.

  132. bookatee bennie says:

    i have a 2008 sr5 toyota tundra. the engine check light came on.ALARM CODE P2443.

    • stingkey1 says:

      I have a 2010 and it did the same thing low 4 wheel drive light flashing along with a bunch of other lights and when you gave it gas no power. My dealer ship Peace Arch Toyota paid to have it towed and fixed the problem no questions asked. I live in British Columbia and the Toyota Company gave all the 2007 and up extended warranty on this particular problem even if your warranty has expired. I would do a little phoning before I paid those bandits a cent!!!

  133. Tastesbad says:

    I have an 05 sequoia with the secondary air injection problem and it causes are SUV to run and drive very unsafe. It could get someone killed if you pulled out in a blind spot area with the loss of power it caused. Why does Toyota not cover these vehicles. This is the second Toyota I’ve bought and the first time I got treated like utter garbage from the dealer and now this. Thanks Toyota because of you not fixing the system your designed poorly I will never purchase a Toyota again for sure

    • Matt says:

      My wife just had the same problem today with both kids in the car. Could have been ugly but she limped it home. I pulled the codes and got both the P2440 and P1444. I will call around tomorrow for some estimates, but based on what I am reading, I am likely going to install the bypass kit.

      How did things work out for you?

  134. Al S. says:

    Have 06 Tundra DC 4.7, less than 61k code P2445. Replaced Air Pump Drive. Code cleared, came back next day. My Mechanic advised of a Federal EPA Emissions Fact sheet EPA 4120–09-048 PART B., Design and Defect warranty coverage 1995 and newer light duty trucks, 8years or 80k miles. My truck was manufactured 12/06.I have case file with Toyota as of yesterday. I didn’t have the EPA Ref #. What do you think. The Fed’s should rule…. Read so many horrible stories, thought I’d add mine. Thanks AJS

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