Toyota Tundra Backup Camera Diagnostic Guide

Tundra back-up Camera

Does your Tundra have a backup camera in it? If it does then I’m sure that it didn’t take you long to start taking it for granted. Unfortunately if a problem does happen to occur with it you can’t help but feel a little lost without it. These problems can become more frustrating when you take the truck to the dealer and they can’t find or replicate the fault, or even worse, they find it and tell you how much it will be to fix. We’re going to run though a few things that you should check before you do finally take your truck to be repaired. Read more…

How-To: Clean Your Tundra Throttle Body

throttle body

Every now and again it’s good to give the inner workings of you engine a good cleaning. Not only can it help with the idle speed of the engine and can help improve its performance, but it can also prolong the life of the throttle body motor. The following step by step guild will show you the easiest way to give your throttle body a clean and have it running as good as new.
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Toyota Tundra Getting Poor Fuel Economy? Blame the Tires

If you have a new or used Toyota Tundra and you are trying to find ways to improve the fuel economy, check the tires. And no, we aren’t talking about air pressure.

Toyota Tundra Getting Poor Fuel Economy? Blame the Tires

These tires sure look great, but you won’t like them so much at the pump.

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Toyota’s Greatest Truck Threat is NOT the F-150, it is the next-gen Nissan Titan

An outlandish headline for this story, but stay with me for a minute. With all the buzz about the new F-150 and its fuel economy, there is actually a bigger threat to the Toyota Tundra sales and that is the Nissan Titan. Why? Follow along.

Toyota's Greatest Truck Threat is NOT the F-150, it is the next-gen Nissan Titan

The next-generation Nissan Titan is getting ready to be unveiled. Who is the top competitor for this truck? It isn’t Ford.

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2014 Tundra TSB – Is The Driver’s Seat Binding When It’s All The Way Back?

Tundra Double Cab

Some 2014 CrewMax and double cab Tundra owners may be experiencing a particular issue with their driver-side seat and its tendency to bind up when adjusted to its rearmost position. The cause of this issue is the rear seat track cover getting caught by the seat side shield, which results in the seat track cover bending backwards. Read more…