Toyota Tundra Backup Camera Diagnostic Guide

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Tundra back-up Camera

Does your Tundra have a backup camera in it? If it does then I’m sure that it didn’t take you long to start taking it for granted. Unfortunately if a problem does happen to occur with it you can’t help but feel a little lost without it. These problems can become more frustrating when you take the truck to the dealer and they can’t find or replicate the fault, or even worse, they find it and tell you how much it will be to fix. We’re going to run though a few things that you should check before you do finally take your truck to be repaired.

Check the Connections

The main issue that people report with this unit is the camera not switching over when they put the truck into reverse. The screen will just be displaying the GPS as it would do if you were in drive. If this is the case with your truck, then the first place you should check is the connections at the rear. If yourself, or anyone else has removed the tailgate or even moved the spare tire under the truck then this could have disconnected the camera.

Look under the truck between the spare tire and the fender and there should be a plug there for connecting the camera. This may have come loose or completely disconnected. If it isn’t plugged in, check the connections for any contaminants that may be in there and reconnect it. If it’s loose then unplug it, check the connections and plug it back in. This simple fix could be the source of all your problems.

Shorting Out?

Another problem that people have reported this is that they can occasionally lose the camera when they have washed their truck or when it’s raining, this is without a doubt due to the water causing a short circuit. The only problem with this is finding out where the issue it. If you start at the rear of the truck and work your way forward it’ll be easier for you to follow the wires and find any noticeable damage. Make sure that you check the connections in the tailgate as well, this is the most likely place for the problem to occur as there’s more of a  chance of water collecting here.

Back-up Camera Tundra

Reset the System

As with all electronics that start misbehaving, there is always the option of turning it off and on again. This by no means will guarantee you any results but it’s worth trying before you invest in repairs or a pricey new system.  Disconnect the battery and press on the horn for a few seconds to remove any charge that’s left in the capacitors. Leave the truck for five minutes or so then reconnect the battery. You may find that doing this will give you the results you are looking for.

Replacement Kits

If you’re not happy with the price that the dealer quoted you for repairing the problem there are replacement kits that you can buy. Depending on which system you buy they can involve drilling in to your truck so be warned. If you shop around you may be able to find a camera that will fit into the factory fitted mount, but if not there are plenty of videos such as this one that can show you how to fit the new systems without causing too much damage to your truck. Just remember that any modifications that you make may effect your warranty so make sure to check before committing to them.

Back-up Camera

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