2014 Tundra TSB – Is The Driver’s Seat Binding When It’s All The Way Back?

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Tundra Double Cab

Some 2014 CrewMax and double cab Tundra owners may be experiencing a particular issue with their driver-side seat and its tendency to bind up when adjusted to its rearmost position. The cause of this issue is the rear seat track cover getting caught by the seat side shield, which results in the seat track cover bending backwards.

A recent Toyota Service Bulletin, T-SB-0062-14, has been released regarding this condition in 2014 CrewMax and double cab Tundras.

The bulletin applies to Tundras produced before the production change effective VIN numbers listed below.

VIN Numbers


VIN Numbers

What’s Next? 

There are two options available:

  • Option 1: Take your Tundra to a Toyota dealer. This repair is covered under warranty, and all licensed Toyota dealers will be aware of this Toyota Service Bulletin. They will maintain stock of the required parts for the repair.
  • Option 2: Obtain the required parts for the repair, and complete the repair yourself. The required parts are listed below.

Repair Parts


Repair Procedure 

Once you have obtained the required parts from your Toyota dealer, follow this simple step-by-step repair procedure to get rid of this pesky issue.

  • Step 1: Remove the driver seat.
  • Step 2: Replace the original front seat cushion shield (zip tie type) with the new front seat cushion shield (screw type) and front seat cushion shield wire.

Cushion Shield

    • A: Remove the side shield
    • B: Remove the front seat cushion shield wire from frame by removing the two attachment screws.      NOTE: Attachment screws may be reused to attach new wire.
    • C: Attach the new front seat cushion shield wire.
    • D: Attach the new side shield screw.

Side Shield

  • Step 3: Replace the original outer rear seat track bracket cover with the new track bracket cover. NOTE: The rib on the new cover (colored orange in image) is 15mm longer than the original.

Rear Seat Track Bracket Cover

  • Step 4: Put the driver seat back in.
  • Step 5: Adjust cushion height to its lowest position, and slide the cushion backwards to its furthest position. Verify that there’s no interference between the front seat cushion shield and the outer seat track bracket cover. If for some reason some interference occurs, go back through the steps to ensure everything is in the correct place.

You’re all done! If for some reason interference occurs again, go back through the steps to ensure everything is in the correct place. If it the issue still occurs, consult with a certified Toyota dealer. It is not recommended to rely on non-certified Toyota repair shops as they may not have the exact parts and required tools readily available, and the attempted repairs could do more harm than good.


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