2014 Toyota Tundra Regular Cab Rendering – Close?

What will the new 2014 Toyota Tundra regular cab look like? Here is a rending done by The Ophilus Chin. How close do you think this is?

2014 Toyota Tundra Regular Cab Rendering

Could this rendering be what the 2014 Toyota Tundra Regular Cab will look like?

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The Trouble With Weight-Saving Technologies

While Ram, Ford, and GM truck enthusiasts are falling all over themselves about turbochargers, baby diesels, and active grille shutters, there are much bigger technological advances being developed by truck manufacturers.

Specifically, I’m talking about weight loss – the single-best way to improve truck fuel economy without resorting to complicated fuel-saving technologies or powertrains that don’t quite deliver the power or fuel economy promised. Read more…

Volant Snorkel Air Intake Review – Buyer Beware

We love it when an aftermarket accessory caresses the lines and increases the power of our Tundras. The Volant Snorkel stepped up to the challenge and then launched like a flailing space monkey into the annals as the one of the worst designs ever. Watch Rob mod the mod and earn his title of  “zen master” in Tundra Headquarters presents:

Installs Gone Horribly Wrong: The Volant Snorkel

Volant Snorkel Install DIY Guide

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Would $4.50 A Gallon Gas Keep You From Buying A Truck? Probably Not

According to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report website, the average gallon of regular gas costs about $3.59 today. According to a recent study by Experian Automotive, a $1 increase in the cost of a gallon of gas would have minimal impact on consumer buying behavior.

if gas prices increased by $1, in an average month with 1 million unit sales, the Small-Car Economy segment volume would increase by 7,000 units. Conversely, the same price increase would cause the Full-Size Pickup Truck segment to lose [5000 sales]

That’s right – according to Experian, $4.60 per gallon gas would barely effect new truck sales. Does that sound right to you? Read more…

Toyota 2013 Chicago Auto Show Recap

A few thoughts about Toyota and the 2013 Chicago Auto Show.

Toyota 2013 Chicago Auto Show Recap

A quick recap of impressions from the Toyota reveal and 2013 Chicago Auto Show.

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