July 2016 Truck Sales – Mid-Size Trucks Dominate

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The surprising resurgence in mid-size trucks has fueled another month of increased truck sales with those trucks dominating the results. While their full-size brethren tried to keep pace, the mid-size trucks were really the July sales stars.

July 2016 Truck Sales - Mid-Size Trucks Dominate

With the new 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro hitting dealer lots later this month, one should expect Tacoma sales to continue to grow.

Before we dive too deep into analyzing the month, here are the results.

RankModel YTD SalesYTD vs. 2015Year-Over-YearMonthly SalesMonthly Change vs. 2015
1 - Ford F-Series460,091+8.8%July 2016
July 2015
2 - Chevy Silverado327,768-1.3%July 2016
July 2015
3 - Ram Truck270,637+6.2%July 2016
July 2015
4 - GMC Sierra128,894+6.8%July 2016
July 2015
5 - Toyota Tacoma111,615+5.5%July 2016
July 2015
6 - Toyota Tundra65,440-8.5%July 2016
July 2015
7 - Chevrolet Colorado60,422+23.9%July 2016
July 2015
8 - Nissan Frontier52,255+34.0%July 2016
July 2015
9 - GMC Canyon20,894+18.2%July 2016
July 2015
10 - Nissan Titan7,242+0.9%July 2016
July 2015
11 - Honda Ridgeline5,992+1,077%July 2016
July 2015

While the Frontier sales growth (72.7%!) leads off the list of surprises, the Ridgeline faired pretty well in its inital sales and the Chevy Colorado continued to improve (likely thanks to GM increasing production by moving vans out of Wentzville).

Once again, we see the Tacoma leading the Tundra as the larger truck continues to tread water against prior year’s sales numbers. One can expect this trend to continue with the Tacoma TRD Pro expected to hit dealer lots later this month.

Ford and Chevy continue to battle over the top spot. Chevy is firing up its truck month incentive deals once again while Ford just rolled out the next generation of Super Duty trucks.

Ram seems to be content staying on the side for right now and not offering the huge incentives Chevy is putting out. There is a new Ram 1500 in the works and it looks like they are riding out the current generation in order to prepare for the next generation.

All in all, the mid-size sales results continue to surprise and fluster critics who wonder why anyone would pay for a smaller truck when their aren’t any real MPG differences. The smaller size with its easier to drive/park and better access to the bed is simply more appealing than most give them credit for.

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  1. NoQDRTundra says:

    I suspect the upswing in mid-size truck sales is mostly driven by their mostly lower price, when compared to 1/2 ton full size trucks. Over the past several years the price of full size trucks has increased quite a bit and now I think it’s hitting price threshold, as seen in the increase in mid-size truck sales.

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