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Toyota Tundra in High Demand

Two months ago we posted an article about Toyota’s plan to manage the inventory of the Tundra very closely. The theory is that Toyota wants dealers to have barely enough Tundras to get by.

Do Toyota dealers have enough Tundras?

Do Toyota dealers have enough Tundras?

The trouble with “barely enough” is that it means different things to different people. For some, finding out that their local Toyota dealer has just 5 Tundras is disappointing. They want to buy a specific Tundra, and they want to buy it now.

The good news: despite the risks, Toyota’s strategy seems to be working – JD Power says that the Tundra is hot right now – check it out. Here’s why:

2000 Tundra With 415k Miles On Original Motor

Here’s a good story about a 1st-gen Tundra that will get your motor going. Mark, who is from Northern Minnesota (the land of extreme conditions) has a 2000 Toyota Tundra with 415k miles on the original motor and transmission.

62k mile 2003 Toyota Tundra Shows Frame Rust

UPDATE: As of May 2010, Toyota has extended the warranty on 2000-2003 Tundra frames. Please see Toyota Tundra Frame Replacement Program for more details.

UPDATE (10/7/09) – NHTSA has begun investigating 2000-2001 Tundras for frame rust issues.

Last week the owner of a 2003 Toyota Tundra contacted us about significant rust on the frame of his 2003 Toyota Tundra. If the pictures aren’t shocking enough, the owner says the vehicle only has 62k miles:

Have 2003 Tundra with rusted out frame and 62,000 miles. I can’t adjust alignment because the frame has fused with those parts. So much for my new tires. Cross members are also shot as well as rear bumper attachments. I love the truck, it’s just that it is now worthless and dangerous in this condition. Two years ago the gas filler pipe rusted out – what gives?

This 2003 Tundra has 62k miles and significant frame rust.

This 2003 Tundra has 62k miles and significant frame rust.

The stark contrast between the rust on the frame and the nearly rust-free underside of the body panels is quite telling.

Search terms people used to find this page:

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  • https://tundraheadquarters com/2003-toyota-tundra-frame-rust/

WTF NHTSA? Toyota Tundra Crash Test Results Shenanigans

When the 2nd generation Toyota Tundra debuted in 2007, Toyota was quite confident that the Tundra would be the safest pickup in it’s class. With standard ESC, side airbags, and Toyota’s latest and greatest crash test technology, Toyota had every reason to be confident.

Then NHTSA’s results (that’s National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration) came out. 4 stars. Toyota was devastated.

Time passed and the IIHS (that’s Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) issued their first ever Top-Pick rating to a pickup when they declared the 2007 Tundra to be the safest truck in it’s class.

IIHS crash test of 2007 Toyota Tundra

IIHS crash test of 2007 Toyota Tundra

NHTSA said 4 stars, IIHS said top pick – and anyone shopping for a Tundra was (understandably) confused.

However, yesterday NHTSA released the results of a “re-test” of the 2010 Tundra and guess what – it got 5 stars. Great news right? Except the structure of the 2010 TUNDRA DIDN’T CHANGE!

25 Vehicles Less American Than The Toyota Tundra has found that 4 of the top 10 “most America” vehicles are made by Toyota (the Tundra, Camry, Sienna, and Venza all made the top 10). In light of Toyota’s dominance of the list, has named Toyota The Most “American” Manufacturer.

Instead of posting the fact that the Tundra is rated to be more “American” than both the Ram and the Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra (just like the Tundra was last year and the year before), we thought it would be fun to list off all of the vehicles with less domestic content than the Tundra.

Here’s a list of 25 vehicles with fewer domestic parts than the Tundra: