62k mile 2003 Toyota Tundra Shows Frame Rust

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UPDATE: As of May 2010, Toyota has extended the warranty on 2000-2003 Tundra frames. Please see Toyota Tundra Frame Replacement Program for more details.

UPDATE (10/7/09) – NHTSA has begun investigating 2000-2001 Tundras for frame rust issues.

Last week the owner of a 2003 Toyota Tundra contacted us about significant rust on the frame of his 2003 Toyota Tundra. If the pictures aren’t shocking enough, the owner says the vehicle only has 62k miles:

Have 2003 Tundra with rusted out frame and 62,000 miles. I can’t adjust alignment because the frame has fused with those parts. So much for my new tires. Cross members are also shot as well as rear bumper attachments. I love the truck, it’s just that it is now worthless and dangerous in this condition. Two years ago the gas filler pipe rusted out – what gives?

This 2003 Tundra has 62k miles and significant frame rust.

This 2003 Tundra has 62k miles and significant frame rust.

The stark contrast between the rust on the frame and the nearly rust-free underside of the body panels is quite telling. Clearly, there is something wrong when two pieces of metal in nearly the same space rust at vastly different rates. More pictures follow…

The rust has eaten through the frame in multiple=

Accusations of frame rust on the Tundra, unfortunately, aren’t new. However, this is the first time that a 2003 Tundra has been found with significant rust (at least that we’re aware of). We covered a story about frame rust issues on 2000 and 2001 Tundras a few weeks back, and at that time the evidence was limited to these older trucks.

2003 Toyota Tundra

Frame rust visible from inside the rear fender.

Frame rust visible from inside the rear fender.

The fact that only 2000 and 2001 Tundras have had signs of frame rust is significant. In a press release, Toyota acknowledged the possibility of a frame rust problem on the Tundra that corresponds with a frame rust issue on Tacomas of the same model years. Our assertion from Toyota’s press release is that 2000-2001 Tundra and Tacoma frames had the same defect/issue that led to this rust problem. If 2003 Tundras also show this problem, it’s possible that all Tundras through 2003 could have frame rust issues.

Heavy rust on this Tundras rear leaf spring.

Heavy rust on this Tundra's rear leaf spring.

See higher resolution frame rust photos on our Flickr stream.

Obviously, this is alarming news for many 1st-gen Tundra owners. If you own a 2000-2003 Tundra, you are advised to take the following steps:

  1. Park your Tundra on a flat surface. Make sure the ignition is off, the vehicle is in gear, and that the parking brake is set.
  2. With a flashlight, crawl under the rear end of your Tundra and look for any signs of rust. Do not touch any surfaces that appear to have rust (trust us, your eyes and rust don’t mix).
  3. If you see any evidence of flaking, or if you see any frame connections that show heavy signs of rust, you are advised to take your Tundra to your local Toyota dealer.
  4. When you visit your dealer, request a documented frame rust inspection. This should be a standard service ticket with information about the frame inspection. Preferably, this service ticket will include notes from the technician. Many dealers will charge for this service – if you aren’t interested in paying for this inspection, you can call Toyota customer service and lodge a complaint (800-331-4331). Bear in mind that having your vehicle inspected by a Toyota dealer is best, but it’s not essential. Any ASE certified mechanic can make an inspection.
  5. If your inspection shows that your Tundra has significant frame damage from rust, you should file an official safety complaint with NHTSA. You can file online or call the NHTSA hotline at 888-327-4236.
  6. If the damage to the frame is substantial enough, you may be advised to stop driving the vehicle. At this time, pending an alternative, we would suggest parking the vehicle for your safety and the safety of others on the road.

Check those 1st-gen Tundras! If your Tundra’s frame has rust, take the time to file complaints with Toyota and NHTSA – they can’t deal with this issue if they don’t know how big it is.

UPDATE: The vehicle owner has sent us some more info:

First and foremost, I have always washed under the truck since new with a garden hose spray during the winter months as well as warm weather. I park next to my wife’s car, a 2000 Saab with 120,000 miles. WE drive the same roads and her car has almost no rust. I wash under it as well…The longer Toyota delays helping out on these defects, the more devalued my truck and others become.

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  1. TXTee says:

    That is terrible damage and I would love to hear a follow up on what becomes of this person’s claim. I would definitely be an upset customer just to have that happen to a vehicle under 10 yrs old. What has been the outcome for 2000 – 2001 claims?

  2. mk says:

    I can believe that the 2007 tundras will be in the same boat as well in 5 years from now. Within 1 year of driving and 12-15K, both my bumpers were rusted and lug nuts (all chrome pieces) along with surface rust already pretty bad though on the rear 2″ receiver hitch area along with underneath the entire truck a lot of surface rust already in 1 winter of driving in WI salty roads. Besides that, I had my entire outside tailgate repainted under warranty due to a dime sized raised rusted bubble coming thru the paint already at 22K. Face it, mfgs. are making the sheet metal much thinner now than a few years ago and not prepping/rust proofing the sheet metal before assembly to save money. But, the mfgs. seem to think that raising the price of tundras, etc. every year 500-600 bucks is justified. Pretty soon, a 30K tundra will be 35K and out of my price range.

  3. TXTee says:

    I can even understand living in certain areas and that happens but I’d be upset if I weren’t in a snowy or salty coastal region. Either way it’s horrible and hopefully something Toyota will find a way to remedy.

  4. Mickey says:

    Jason we have on Tundratalk.net a tech who states these inspections are free and not to accept nothing less. Maybe I’m a little paranoid but a little bit of prevention goes along way. Since the story doesn’t state where this truck is to me it looks as if it was up north through the salt belt. If you don’t take the initiative and undercoat your truck then you will be asking for trouble later like we see here. Especially when you’re in the salt belt area. Toyota has been taking strives at this. Take my truck for example which Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC made sure the trucks had Toyoguard Plus Protection Group which provides Vehicle VIN etch protection, Exterior paint sealant, Undercoating on frame and Sound Seal Sealant, along with interior protector a fabric guard. I took the liberty, since they undercoated the frame, undercoating the rest of the truck. I have an 07 Crewmax Limited I bought in July 07. I have now over 65,000. The only surface rust I have is where the universals connect to the rear end. That circular metal piece. It’s the same scratches of rust that been there since I noticed them in August 07 when I undercoated tyhe rest of the truck. Like I said an ounce of prevention goes along way if you’re planning on keeping the vehicle. If you’re not then there is no worry.

  5. This person has filed a complaint with both Toyota and NHTSA. They live in the Northeast.

  6. Steven says:

    I live in Florida.. and take my boat out regularly to the coast and do a ton of salt water fishing. So my ’08 Tundra DC had been constantly near saltwaterfor the last 1 1/2 years, and I have no rust whatsoever. Not to mention, living in florida, tons of salt in the air due to coastal breezes and such. Guys, its not hard to get the salt off the bottom of your trucks. Drive thru car wash, with the undercarriage wash, or just pop underneath your truck with a hose and your good to go.

  7. Mickey and Steven – Good tips. I think you could argue that washing this truck’s undercarriage might have helped, but I don’t know if that’s really relevant. I’m pretty confident that there are hundreds of thousands of owners in the same area that don’t bother to wash their vehicle’s undercarriage and don’t have this issue. Regardless of preventative maintenance, this seems abnormal to me and I think it deserves Toyota’s attention.

  8. thanx4d says:

    Ok I do not understand the rationalization of contacting Toyota and NTHSA. The corrosion perforation (rust as you call it) warranty of sheetmetal is for defects WITHIN the specified time period. 60 months (5 years)/unlimited miles, has it been five years? It is NOT intended to be abused, by this I’m saying its intended for flaws in sheetmetal as a area did not receive the proper protection. Certain warranties do not cover salt damage, this may include Toyota. The frames are made by DANA in Ky. This is the same company that made the propeller shafts that where recalled, coincidence? So if you received the 5 years of service out of the vehicle, than Toyota has meet their end of the deal, right. What’s the problem. Stop abusing the warranties; You are just raising the cost for everyone else! Mikey with that undercoating and paint protection you still have corrosion appearing around the lights on the chrome, that was really worth it!

  9. thanx4d – I don’t think I understand your point. The frame has incredible rust – so much so that the vehicle is no longer safe to drive despite being only 6 years old. While I agree this isn’t a “warranty” issue (the rust warranty is long gone), I disagree with the idea that Toyota has no responsibility. Clearly there is something wrong when Toyota issues a press release acknowledging a frame rust issue on 2000 and 2001 Tundras, not to mention their buy-back program for Tacomas with the same issue. I agree that not everything is the manufacturer’s fault, but if Toyota isn’t responsible for this problem with frame rust, I would be shocked.

  10. mainehunter says:

    I have a 2001 Tundra with a very rusted frame. I wash my frame at least once a week in the winter to remove the salt. I have also painted the frame with Rust Bullet paint. The rust just shows up thru the paint. I dont want Toyota to buy me a new truck, I feel there should be some kind of action. To say the 5yr is up “sorry” is crap.

    There are people out there who have had there spare tire fall off going down the highway. Some trucks cant have the steering racks replaced do to the frame being so rusted. At this time there are over 590 complaints filed with the NHTSA for the 2000 Tundra most of these are rust issues. There are over 200 involving the 2001 Tundra. I have been told by Toyota that they are looking into the issue….we will see.

  11. Brian says:

    Is this problem limited only to trucks in the rust belt? I had a 96 Tacoma (alleged frame rust problems with this model year, I believe) that I sold in 2006 with no frame rust at all. Of course it was driven primarily in TX where there is no snow.

  12. Mickey says:

    Thanx4d I have a limited and the front bumper is the color of the truck. So I won’t have that issue with the fog lights.

  13. mainehunter – I agree. Your story supports my assertion that maintenance is only part of the problem – Toyota has a problem.

  14. Brian – According to the Boston TV station that originally broke the story, the VAST majority of problems are in the northeast where sea salt, road salt, and moisture are always present.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I was searching about this issue and ran across Tundratalk.net, if you think this is bad you should see the 07 or 08 with the corroded rear axle. There are many more people talking about this issue there along with the bumper rust, thin paint and other issues. Check it out! If this is the truck that changing everything, I hope the others will not follow. How’s that annual earning report working out, 8.6 mill lose, didn’t someone post a quarterly earning. I think it was Ford, oh by the way they didn’t take the bailout.

  16. thanx4d says:

    The point was that Toyota does not have to do anything. NHTSA should reply That it is unsafe and you need to park it end of story, but Toyota will probably get pressured into buying it back or hopefully tell the customer sorry its yours. instead we the consumers will pay for it. 2 of the big 3 needed bailout and ya make it known, BUT when has a domestic truck 6 years old rusted in half?

  17. mainehunter says:

    After I am done with this Tundra I will never own another Toyota. I have replaced the trans 90k miles, left lower control arm (rusted in half), steering rack, front rotors 3 or 4 times, and the entire rear brake system (rusted). I know there is more. This is just the stuff in the last year.

  18. thanx4d – I disagree. If a truck has major rust issues and is unsafe to drive after only 62k miles and 6 years, and IF it can be shown that this was due to a design flaw or manufacturing mistake, then Toyota should bear responsibility.

  19. Mickey says:

    Anonymous you thought you had something but again it’s moot. What you forgot to mention Ford took out a loan so keep digging yourself a hole you’re just not quite deep enough.

  20. thanx4d says:

    Another satisfied customer!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Mickey in order for Ford to take out a loan they had to show that they had the ability to repay. Hints why GM and Dodge could not have financial assistance without a bailout. So you just reinforce my statement, and even being further in debt after the loan (that I was unaware of thanks) and posting a positive earning is impressive don’t you agree. What bank in these times will take a chance unless its a sure thing? How’s that for MOOT? So what’s Toyota’s reason for being in the red, maybe the corrosion issue? Toyota should have asked for a bailout, they are gonna need it with the buybacks they are going to have to do!

  22. Justin says:

    This is bad. 1st the Tacoma and now the Tundra. And what is to stop them at the ’01 model? Here is an ’03 and this Gen 1 model went through ’06. So in a couple years, we could see ’06 Tundras falling apart due to rust. I agree with others that this is outside the warranty. But if Toyota does nothing, how hard do you think this issue will hit their reputation? And don’t be a foolish die hard Yota fan thinking there will not be negative impact. You think they want that, or do you think they want people to think of Toyota as the domestics have been thought of for the last 20yrs? Knowing there are problems with their vehicles, but not doing anything about them.
    Clearly there is an issue. There are ealy 80’s domestic trucks from the same region, that have been through many more winters and don’t look as bad as this ’03 does. Sure their sheet metal may show signs, but their frames are still in better order than this. Whether the guy washed it or not, only 6 years for that damage compared to some vehicles going through 20-30yrs of these winters.
    Mickey: As you know me, I must side with Anonymous here. They have not taken one cent from the US government. But hey, didn’t the financing/loans dept of Toyota take some money from the Japanese government? That’s right they did. Ford worked with banks and took a loan out against their assests. Which companies usually need some form of assests or credit rating to take out a loan, that’s how business is conducted. You can not lump Ford in with GM/Chrysler, who could not afford nor would any bank loan them money. GM/Chrysler went to BK and shed much of their debt this way. Ford did not take any taxpayer money to try to stay alive like GM/Chrsyler. Heck, even Toyota took taxpayer money, even if it was the Japanese taxpayers. And you may not like this article, but it’s showing signs of Ford improving while Toyota is trying to figure out their next step.


  23. Justin – All good points, except your argument that Ford didn’t accept any money from the government. First, you have to admit that Ford asked for a line of credit in January. Second, you have to admit that Ford accepted a portion of $25 billion in government backed low-interest loans to help pay for factory changeover for “green” cars.
    http://money.cnn.com/2009/01/2.....tm?cnn=yes “Ford had asked for a $9 billion line of credit from Congress at the same time GM and Chrysler were appealing for help last month”
    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31503488/ “Ford had been seeking about $5 billion in loans by 2011 and a total of $11 billion from the program…Ford expects to begin repaying the loans in 2012, with an interest rate based on the current U.S. Treasury rate hovering between 3 and 4 percent, said Ford spokesman Mike Moran. The company would have faced much higher interest rates from private lenders.”
    I’m not saying that Ford needed “bailout” money, but they’ve taken advantage of government backed low interest loans just like Toyota has.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Oh wait a minute Toyota taking money from Japanese Government. Mickey where you at on this? Must be trying to find something MOOT. Quality dropping fast, taking goverment funding sounds a lot like GM. But at least GM is on the rebound!

  25. Mickey says:

    Anonymous apparently you don’t read before you post. Just look up and see.

  26. mk says:

    GM has to be on the rebound since they have no where to go but up since they and Dodge hit rock bottom. If both Dodge and GM do not make it out by themselves now, I say no more handouts from the govt. Taking out govt. backed low interest loans like Ford and Toyota did is by far better and cannot be compared to a full blown out bankruptcy filing. To get back on the rust issue, I sure hope Toyota steps up to the plate and admits like I think they should and will that these older Tacomas and Tundras have a design flaw from their mfg. and compensates their owners fairly. The way my old frame and rust issues were apparent on my traded in 2007 tundra with only 2 years of driving and 25K, Toyota will be in a world of hurt in 5 years from now having the 2007 on up tundras in the same rust boat problem as the older Tacomas.
    My .02 worth.

  27. Justin says:

    Jason: Wow, way to try and spin that first article (link) and it is quite old, 1/29/09 – “but the company reiterated it still does not need the federal bailout already received by its two U.S. rivals.” and “The company said it will burn through cash again this year, but added that it does not anticipate needing to receive federal help “barring a significantly deeper economic downturn or a significant industry event”. Old news. The facts about the $9B was Ford was asking the Gov. to put this amount to the side in case they needed assistance, they have never officially asked to receive these funds. Like you and I going to buy a new car, and applying for a loan. We get approved for XYZ amount, but if we never use it, it’s not taking a hand out just seeing what’s available in the worst case scenerio. Here’s an article directly stating these funds were for “stand-by”, not give it to us.


    This second link wasn’t Ford asking for a hand out. It was an agreement with the Gov and multiple auto manufacturers to help build cars to meet the new EPA requirements. Ford didn’t take the money cause they couldn’t keep their doors open, big difference. Here’s a more accurate blurb “The loans were designed to help auto manufacturers meet new fuel-efficiency standards of at least 35 mpg by 2020, a 40 percent increase over current standards.”. Ford didn’t go to the Gov asking for help, this was assistance being offered by the Gov to multiple manufacturers.

    I truly love your ability to try and spin these articles Jason. The facts and what you’re trying to twist them into are not the same. Anyway you can try to make Ford look bad I guess is your attempt.
    mk: Agree 100%

  28. Justin – You said “They have not taken one cent from the US government. But hey, didn

  29. Dennis says:

    I am the owner of a 2000 Tundra that I have had since new. I have all my service done by Toyota service center and have the vehicle washed ofter at Simonize car was, that includes an under-carrage wash and rust inhibiter – yet I too am a victum of the rust. I have gone to the dealer and have been told the frame is rusted through in places. I have filed a complaint with Toyota USA and have a case number, but the only thing the person there tells me is ” This is being investigated – there is nothing that Toyota is doing at this time” . When I ask when they might know if something will be done, the person says they don’t know.
    I was hoping to drive this truck for at least another five years, but that is not going to happen.
    I am a very fustrated Toyota owner!
    If I could only drive the vehicke without a frame !

  30. Dennis – Did you file a complaint with NHTSA? It can’t hurt.

  31. Mickey says:

    Why is Ford seeking concessions now from the Union? Are they running on empty? If they don’t get the concessions from the Union will Ford be able to operate or will they now need a bailout? I didn’t get the whole story on ABC world News last week.

  32. They’re working on getting money anywhere they can find it. I can’t blame them – now is the time to get a cost break, because you KNOW the union will be asking for a raise in 3 years when the auto market is hot again.

  33. Mickey says:

    Thanks jason. I didn’t think they needed a bailout. It wasn’t mentioned before.

  34. Tanksley says:

    Help! I recently purchased a 2000 Tundra and am having the same rust issues. The truck looks great as far as body and interior and such but the frame is badly rusted. I already had to replace a brake line (rusted). I wish I would have checked this closer before purchasing. I called the Toyota customer experiance hotline today and they built a case number. I should be recieving a call from a case manager by tomorrow. Does anyone know of any cases where Toyota has made this right with ppl with these issues. Perhaps like they did with the Tacomas, maybe as buy back or repair if possible. I dont want to have to pay a penny for any of this!

  35. Tanksley – As far as I know, Toyota has yet to act on any rust claims on older Tundras.

  36. Mike Farmer says:

    I also have an ’03 Tundra. In June 2008, with 62,000 miles on the truck, I have my 60,000 service done, including brakes, at a Toyota dealership and no rust was ever mentioned. My truck has been serviced at the same dealership since it was new. In August 2008, while backing out of my driveway, the driver’s side lower control arm rusted through and I could no longer steer. After having the truck towed to the dealership, I was informed that both lower control arms needed replacing. Toyota USA paid for half but will not consider any further action on the rust issue because they “do not have a program in place to address this issue.” The body on my truck look great but the frame is in bad shape. I guess someone needs to get seriously hurt or killed before anything gets done. By the way, the local dealership accepts no responsibility, even though someone had to be looking under the truck for 5 years. Amazingly, the rust warranty ran out 1.5 months before the lower control arm rusted through. What a coincidence that the mechanic did not notice it in June when the warranty was still in place.

  37. Marc says:

    Another 2000 Tundra owner here. Frame is rusted through. I’m still driving it, but not for long. Can only shake my head at a ten year old truck that’s going to need to be thrown away very shortly if Toyota refuses to address the issue. So much for Toyota quality… This will be my last Toyota vehicle (and I’ve bought my last three vehicles all new off the lot and all from Toyota) if they get on this situation and make it right very quickly. This truck is my winter driver and with a NH winter scheduled to arrive virtually any day now, I am going to be facing a difficult decision in short order. If I am forced to go out and get another winter driver then no amount of Toyota action will salvage my future loyalty to the brand…

  38. sylvain christie says:

    when i look your truck it look just like mine , the body look new but the frame is very bad rusted,imagine in a couple years the frame will let go .toyota have very good reputation but if they dont do some think soon they will loose a lot of client because me i wont buy another toyota

  39. David Sheldon says:

    I have a 2003 tundra bought in 2004 with 6000 miles. I am a master auto technitian at a GM dealership. I take some grief about driving a toyota but my reasoning is that I work on junk all week long and I dont need to spend my weekends fixing my own. This has been a fantastic truck to this point except for the rust issue with the undercairrage. I have been fighting a very rusty rear axle housing for a couple of years. I live in upstate NY and we measure snow in feet. Today while changing the oil I noticed gear oil leaking through the rust in the axle housing. I understand that a recall for frame rust near the spare tire is coming. I can only hope the same for the axle. Anyone else have this problem? I will be changing the housing soon.

  40. Mickey says:

    David just in case keep all receipts if Toyota doesn’t take care of it. If they do down the line you can get your money back.

  41. Toyota has lost a lot of owners with this problem. This recall isn’t enough – they need to buy back these rusted old trucks.

  42. jim says:

    I have a rust problem as well and wanted to see if anyone else has this one. 2007 toyota 4runner. the frame around the sunroof is rusted. no other rust on vehicle since it has only 35,000 miles on it. seems premature that this would happen. warranty ran out last month and toyota is saying the rust needs to have been corrosion perforation in order for it to be covered under the 5 year plan. as we all know rust left unattended will eventually perforate the metal. why would they want someone to have to wait for this to happen for it to be covered by warranty. if anyone has had this experience how have they handled it? thank you.

  43. jim – That’s amazingly odd. Never have I seen that much rust on such a new vehicle. As for Toyota’s lack of warranty action, I don’t know what to tell you. Their rust warranty is comparable to every other manufacturer’s warranty. I have two suggestions: 1) Take it to a body shop and ask them to take a look at it. If you can figure out why this is happening, that will go a long way towards getting it repaired for free. I would guess that pulling the headliner would be sufficient for preparing a good estimate, but I don’t know for sure. 2) Send me some pics – admin[at]tundraheadquarters.com

  44. jim says:

    Thank you for the reply. I was able to bring it to a local dealership and surprise, contrary to what the person at Toyota Motor North America was saying they decided to replace the sunroof with no questions. very easy and on Monday I hope to have the new sunroof minus the rust.

  45. Mickey says:

    Wow! That sounds great. Very good info Jim…. Keep us informed on what exactly they replaced/fixed.

  46. Jim – That’s great news. I didn’t realize a dealer had not looked at it yet. That’s always the first place to start – the 1-800 number is a last resort. In fact, I recommend that people DON’T call the 1-800 number because it can hurt the dealership…which reduces the dealership’s incentive to help. But, I’m happy to hear it worked out just fine this time. Thanks for the update! 🙂

  47. mainehunter says:

    Has anyone recieved there racall letter yet from Toyota? I was told that it would be the first week of Dec…have not seen it yet.

  48. mainehunter says:

    Has anyone recieved there recall letter yet from Toyota? I was told that it would be the first week of Dec…have not seen it yet.

  49. W says:

    Jason; Here is an update on my 03 tundra with rusted frame. I had another frame inspection last week. The dealer said it failed and was unsafe to drive. They have given me a rental truck at no charge, pending a factory rep’s inspection. The list of ruined components is Rust perforation of frame, steering rack, rear differential, brake backing plates spring shackels and crossmembers. However the underside of the body is in perfect shape. Odometer is at 65,000 now. I will keep you posted. Please keep my name annomymous.
    Thank You.

  50. W – Glad to hear they gave you a loaner. Sounds like they’re going to fix the bad parts on the truck’s frame.

  51. Thom says:

    my 2003 tundra is at the dealer. The rear differential is rusted through,the daeler told my the only thing they could do is replace the rear axel assy at 1500 dollars.I never recived a recall on my tundra the frame is all rusted and I dont know how they will even get the parts off.

  52. Jason says:

    Thom – Things have changed very recently – have you called Toyota customer service? You need to tell the dealer that the recall has expanded and that they need to contact the regional rep.

  53. Winslow Grullemans W says:

    Jason Here’s an update on my 03 Tundra. I’ve put 5,000 miles on the rental truck. Toyota has returned my calls with no solution. They have suspended any buy backs or fixes for the time being. Resale values for tundras continue to plummet. I would love to get an idea of the number of trucks pulled off the road. Might be our strength lies in our numbers, ie class action suit. How do we get a count of these trucks? Please remember that these are rusted out NEW trucks not old, if any of Toyota’s longevity claims are true.
    Thank You W

  54. […] frame rusting problem more widespread than admitted? some pretty scarely pictures here http://www.tundraheadquarters.com/bl…ra-frame-rust/ __________________ Toyota:- You can't stop us […]

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