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Does the Toyota Tundra Need to Go on a Diet? Curb Weight Comparison

Putting together a comparison of curb weights for various trucks, one thing stood out. The Tundra is heavy, really heavy. Does the truck need to go on a serious diet? What kind of future does a “heavy” truck have with CAFE regulations and better fuel economy demands from consumers?

Does the Toyota Tundra Need to Go on a Diet?

The Tundra will be the heaviest truck in the half-ton market. Is that a big deal?

2014 Lexus IS 250 AWD – Truck Guy Review

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to drive the 2014 Lexus IS 250 AWD. While it certainly can’t compare to a full-size truck, it was quite the driving experience. Here is my review.

Lexus IS 250 AWD - Truck Guy Review

The Lexus IS 250 AWD is a really fun coupe with lots of appeal.

Toyota Will Unveil New Off-Road Tundra at 2014 Chicago Auto Show

It is looking incredibly likely that we are going to see a new Tundra off-road prototype vehicle at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. This new commercial shows what the truck will probably look like AND Toyota motorsports is going to make a special announcement at 2:00 pm on Thursday, February 6. Click here or visit to see the commercial.

Toyota Will Unveil New Off-Road Tundra at 2014 Chicago Auto Show

This maybe the new “Rock Warrior.”

2014 NAIAS Show Wrap Up

Car shows are funny things. You become super excited while everything is going on and you are bombarded with information. Then, you step away, let the excitement wear off and you can finally put things into perspective. Here’s is my perspective.

2014 NAIAS Show Wrap Up

2014 NAIAS – Morning Preview

Good Morning from Michigan! I awoke at 4 am to make the trek to Detroit to be among the first of an estimated 5,000+ reporters covering the North American International Auto Show. It is a balmy 37 degrees out and the area I am in is experiencing the worst winter in recent memory. Slick roads and lots of snowy driving are on tap for the morning.

Follow along on Facebook today as I attend several press conferences. My schedule is:

8:10 – Ford
8:50 – Toyota
9:25 – Chrysler Group
10:00 – Chevrolet
2:40 – Honda
3:50 – Nissan

Tomorrow, I’m getting up early to see the Lexus press conference and their new performance coupe.

Stay Warm!