Toyota Will Unveil New Off-Road Tundra at 2014 Chicago Auto Show

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It is looking incredibly likely that we are going to see a new Tundra off-road prototype vehicle at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. This new commercial shows what the truck will probably look like AND Toyota motorsports is going to make a special announcement at 2:00 pm on Thursday, February 6. Click here or visit to see the commercial.

Toyota Will Unveil New Off-Road Tundra at 2014 Chicago Auto Show

This maybe the new “Rock Warrior.”

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  1. Breathing Borla says:

    hopefully more than wheels and stickers.

    I may go this year and see what’s up.

  2. DJ says:

    Exciting stuff, been waiting to see what replaces the Rock Warrior. The “Toyota” on the grill is cool, something different.

    It will not be excisting however if it turns out like Breathing Borla said, stickers and wheels.

    I can confirm however that “TRD PRO” is stamped in the bedside where the TRD sticker normally is, kind of cool to match the stamped tailgate.

    Here’s to hoping it’s got some remote-resi coilovers and a lift!

  3. toyrulz says:

    Anybody else watch this video imagine this slotting into the void left by no new 2015 Raptor and is there a new Ram Power Wagon yet?

    I was thinking about custom grill with “TOYOTA” spelled out…

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      The grill does seem to borrow from Ford.

      Hell, all of these trucks are starting to look the same anymore. You could probably debadge a truck in a few years and you won’t really know who makes it.


  4. toyrulz says:

    …at closer look I see there is also Tacoma in commercial and it says prototype shown in fine print. My bet is it will be better than the teaser as Toyota likes to under promise and over deliver – but will probably be parts bin dressed, be it with TRD parts bin though.

  5. toyotadave says:

    Still need to fill the hole the Rock Warrior left in the line-up, right fellas?! Freakin’ thing looks awesome!!

  6. toyrulz says:

    I think all I would want in such a Tundra is:

    Driver grab handle to come back plus…

    Levelled from factory with wheel offset to widen stance, clearance for standard 65 series sidewalls on TRD 20″ rims, TRD dual exhaust and CAI, and maybe integrated bumper step.

  7. mk says:

    I’m not asking for much: in a DC tundra how about having the option of a power sliding rear window in the SR5 package which is NO longer available from factory as a stand alone option for say 350 bucks or so. Or, my 2nd thing I want is a CM with 6 1/2′ bed which is something that should’ve been a no brainer revamp in 2014 to compete with the big 3 now offering that bed/cab config.

  8. […] commercial teaser was aired on January 18 during a motocross event. Click here to watch […]

  9. Larry says:

    Yikes, does anyone use a truck to haul dirt, lumber, bricks or move feed out through the mud to feed livestock any more? Are they any contractors left who need trucks to build houses?

    Electric sliding rear windows? My truck doesn’t even have a manual sliding rear window.

    Limited slip differentials for driving around the highway in LA, what are trucks good for these days?

    Wonder how many Ford Raptors ever see a dirt road? After all who would want to get mud on such a cool looking truck. The big letters on the grill are the best part for sure.

  10. mk says:

    I want electric push button sliding rear DC window for 350 option or so because I will USE it daily. It is very nice driving down the hwy. and opening up a few more windows a few inches and with the DC window open, it allows a huge volume of air coming in thus saving on using the A/C I rarely use. I like the airflow and thus is a comfort feature for me. Without that button, I am unable to safely reach back that far while driving to open the sliding rear window manually.

    I see all these fancy gadgets 1,000 and 1,000’s in price added on that NO ONE will use hardly ever and not really needed. I say for 350 bucks as an option if going to use it, get it plain and simple.

  11. Ken says: is getting to be very anti-Toyota and anti-Tundra and anti-freedom of speech. Do not support that website with your comments and views.

  12. toyotadave says:

    Thanks Ken for reporting that. Did you hear that people, do not log on to At least if you are a Toyota fan. That website is histwaah to me! Thanks again!!

    • Ken says:

      The people who run this site log onto that forum. I hear the forum is also going anti-Ford now too. I’ve also heard they are promoting the inferior Ram coil springs in every other post because of Ram ad dollars. Site is also being overrun by hacks from that know nothing about trucks and are car guys. I’ve had it with that site!

      • Ken says:

        Not forum. I mean It is really disgusting now and the knowledge the people have is ridiculous. They are young car people just out of college and they do not even like trucks!

        • Ken says:

          PUTC is completely out of control. Mark Williams ia car guy trying to sound like a truck guy. It worked for a while but now every other post is written by car guys from that know nothing about trucks.

      • Tim Esterdahl says:


        We check out PUTC. However, it is just one of many sources we check on a daily basis.


  13. AKD says:

    This is cool and the video is even cooler. I wonder if this is making reference to a supercharger? Also, it shows the 4Runner and Tacoma and all three are passing a Tundra sitting at a gas station…Just speculating.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Good catch on the 4Runner. I missed it when I saw the video for the first time. This leads me more and more to believe that it is simply a package upgrade.


  14. GoBig says:

    I watched the video, pausing it several times to see what could be spotted. The answer is; not much.

    I saw a new grille, and some new badges on the tailgate. I too noticed the three side by side at the end. (Tundra, Taco, and 4runner)

    That leads me to believe it’s more or less a trim level upgrade. I guess we will see for sure in two days.

  15. […] commercial teaser was aired on January 18 during a motocross event. Click here to watch […]

  16. Jerry Overcash says:

    I don’t understand your backward commercials, and my friends that I have talked to do not get it either. i don’t understand how your current commercial is a good way to represent you truck. as i take your commercial to mean you can not do the things it is meant to do the things you show it could do. I will never be able to buy your product because i am on disability. but hope this review helps you to understand the comsumers and find a better way to represent your product and sell much more of your product. I wish you the very best.
    Jerry Overcash of Little River, South Carolina

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