2014 NAIAS – Morning Preview

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Good Morning from Michigan! I awoke at 4 am to make the trek to Detroit to be among the first of an estimated 5,000+ reporters covering the North American International Auto Show. It is a balmy 37 degrees out and the area I am in is experiencing the worst winter in recent memory. Slick roads and lots of snowy driving are on tap for the morning.

Follow along on Facebook today as I attend several press conferences. My schedule is:

8:10 – Ford
8:50 – Toyota
9:25 – Chrysler Group
10:00 – Chevrolet
2:40 – Honda
3:50 – Nissan

Tomorrow, I’m getting up early to see the Lexus press conference and their new performance coupe.

Stay Warm!


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  1. Randy says:


    Are you able to get the CBS video interview from this morning with Alan Mulally? Charlie Rose asks him: “Can Ford make other vehicles on the truck line in addition to the F150”? From the answer given Mulally must be running for Congress now? He did not tell the truth.

    Anyway the “alleged” MPG gains for the new F150 are to be a stunning “6%”. Are you serious? All that money spent and higher prices for only a 6 to 7 % gain in MPGs?

    Spoiler alert: Several of the new F150’s were in the video this morning. Now Ford has copied the Tundra’s new grill across the line up. The chrome end caps and black center of the Tundra Limited is now on their top tier models.


    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I’m just starting to work on the story now.

      Spoiler Alert for my story: I spoke to Mike Sweers less than 30 minutes after the unveiling in person to get his thoughts. Ah-ha! 🙂


  2. Mickey says:

    Have fun Tim. Eventually it will all come out.

  3. TRDSmokedU says:

    Thanks Tim.

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