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Fuel Doctor Initial Test Results

>> Be sure to check our official Fuel Doctor review post to see if it really works!

Guest Post By Toby of Tundra Fuel Economy blog.

March 15th, 2011 – Prior to installation of the Fuel Doctor I was averaging 14.5 Miles Per Gallon for each tank of fuel. These numbers were firmly established over a period of several months. At the time of the commencement of testing I was refueling at one-quarter of a tank of fuel driving the same route seven days a week with unvarying weather and traffic conditions. In order to maintain consistent test conditions I used cruise control to and from work.

Punching Numbers Fuel Doctor Testing

Punching Numbers - Fuel Doctor Testing

Immediately upon installation of the Fuel Doctor I recorded an increase of a little more than one and a half miles per gallon. The average per tank miles went from 14.5 MPG to 16.1 MPG – garnering an improvement of nearly ten percent. This improvement was phenomenal, but I viewed it with caution and reservation.

Fuel Doctor – Initial Impressions

>> Be sure to check our official Fuel Doctor review post to see if it really works!

Guest Post By Toby of Tundra Fuel Economy blog.

Fuel Doctor Test Unit

Our Fuel Doctor Test Unit

February 15th, 2011 – The Fuel Doctor arrived at my house securely packaged in bubble wrap. It is a compact device with no wires or connecting cables. Installing the Fuel Doctor was simple and straightforward – it plugs into the cigarette lighter. I was surprised by how small the Fuel Doctor is but it turns out that the small size is a good thing as it does not stick out far enough to get snagged on anything that I am constantly throwing in the little tray beneath the cigarette lighter.

Prior to the arrival of the Fuel Doctor I did some research on the internet – most of what I found disputed the efficacy of the product. I found You Tube videos in which self-proclaimed electrical engineers dissected the product and gave lengthy and involved technical explanations as to why the Fuel Doctor could not possibly work. A simple Google search on the Fuel Doctor returned a mountain of websites ranging from “does it work” and “how does it work” to “Fuel Doctor scams.”

Fuel Doctor Review – Does it Work?

This week we’ll be reviewing the Fuel Doctor, a fuel saving device that I encountered at the 2010 SEMA show last November.

Conducting this review will be Toby K, who runs his own Tundra Fuel Economy blog where he writes about fuel saving devices. Over each of the next five days, you’ll read a post from Toby describing his testing process. At the end, you’ll learn the following:

Fuel Doctor Review

A close-up of the Fuel Doctor, a "electrical system conditioner" that plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter.

The Fuel Doctor really worksor at least it did for this specific test.

The Fuel Doctor touts something called “electronic signal conditioning,” and according to their Chief Technical Officer Doug Hungerford, the Fuel Doctor can improve fuel economy in the right circumstances. According to our admittedly small test, it does. Here’s the whole story:

Fuel Doctor Review – Introduction and Test Procedure

>> Be sure to check our official Fuel Doctor review post to see if it really works!

Guest Post By Toby of Tundra Fuel Economy blog.

February 1, 2011 – From a very early age I can remember thinking and wondering about fuel economy. While yet still quite young I came to the conclusion that absent drastic change in fuel economy it would be rather likely that we would run out of petroleum in our lifetime. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve fuel economy and have tested many of my personal theories and inventions. I have also tested devices or products available for sale to the general public. Some of these devices have worked while others have only served to lighten my wallet. I take nothing for granted and have found in a few instances that the general consensus is off base or completely wrong. I am a hands-on kind of guy and most of what I write about is based on my personal observations and testing.


Toby the Fuel Doctor tester next to his 2004 Tundra

When Jason contacted me asking if I would be interested in testing the Fuel Doctor for and writing a review of the device, I was eager to get started. I must admit to a fair degree of skepticism after reading both how this device is purported operate and in the gains claimed. I know from personal experience that a 10% gain in fuel economy is an impressive improvement. Even so, I will test the Fuel Doctor in as scientific a manner as possible using a Scanguage II and the old reliable pen, paper, and calculator.

Install A New Tundra Exhaust System in 27 Minutes has a nice quick article that shows how installing an MBRP cat-back exhaust system takes just about 30 minutes (27, to be exact). While this install time assumes that:

  • you have all the tools you need
  • that you know how to use them
  • that you have access to a vehicle lift
  • that the underside of your Tundra is relatively rust and grime-free

it’s still a great illustration of just how easy it can be to install a cat-back after-market exhaust system on your Tundra. Most cat-back exhaust systems are designed to use factory exhaust hangers, which means that install can be really, really simple…especially on a newer truck where there isn’t any rust or grime to deal with.

Tundra cat-back exhaust system installation

Off-Road Magazine installs a MBRP cat-back system on a new Tundra. Click to read the full article.

If you’re thinking about adding a cat-back exhaust system to your Tundra, here are a few ideas to consider: