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New Coil-Over Tundra Lift Kit From ToyTec

ToyTec lift kits recently announced a brand-new coil-over lift kit for the Tundra. Here are the highlights:

Low Range Off-Road Updates Tundra 3″ Lift Kit

A few months ago we reviewed a Tundra lift kit offered by Low Range Off-Road, and we gave it very high marks. The Low Range kit is made using rust-proof, light weight CNC machined aluminum (far superior to powder-coated steel kits offered by many others), the instructions are excellent (the best we’ve ever seen), and the design is well conceived. Unlike many kit manufacturers, Low Range took the extra steps (using metric bolts just like Toyota does, maching a very slight 3.5 degree taper on the rear blocks, etc.) to make this kit stand out.

In fact, we recommend the Low Range kit right alongside the Tundra lift kit from ToyTec. The only difference between the two kits is their basic design – ToyTec favors an in-coil spacer lift design, and Low Range favors an above-coil lift design.

Low Range recently made a couple of updates to their lift kit for the 2007-and-up Tundra, further demonstrating their commitment to providing a top-notch kit. Here’s what they’ve done:

Cyber Monday Auto Accessories Deals

So we realize that we’re beating a dead horse now with all these posts about shopping for truck accessories for the holiday season, but we want to make sure all our readers get a good deal! Here’s one of our last posts on the subject.

“Cyber Monday” auto accessories deals from:

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Auto Parts Warehouse – Great prices on lots of OEM stuff. $10 off plus free shipping on orders over $199.

4 Wheel Parts

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Gift Ideas and Information For Truck Owners

Do you know someone that owns a truck?

Do you have any idea about what gift you want to give them for the holidays?

Do you need some help figuring it out?

Here’s a list of gift ideas for truck owners, each with a link to an article we’ve done that you can use to help you figure out exactly what to buy.

Truck owners need a cool exhaust system. Seriously. You can’t enjoy a big truck engine if you can’t hear it growl. Here’s some good after-market exhaust system information. FYI, a gift certificate goes a long way here.

Truck owners probably wouldn’t mind some cool lights for their rig – here’s some information about the most popular truck lighting accessories.

While you’re at it, why not get some sweet chrome truck accessories for your favorite truck owner?

People that own pickups could always use more power. Cold air intake kits and performance air filters provide extra power they NEED for towing.

If your truck owner drives a big truck, you NEED to be higher than everyone else. So why not get them a lift kit? Here’s a breakdown of lift-kit basics.

Do you know what a “bull bar” is? Your favorite truck owner knows, and he or she would probably love to have one. Check out our Bull Bar Buyer’s Guide for more information.

Tires. Everyone who owns a truck will need tires at some point. You can either buy them a set of tires (expensive and hard to buy), or you can get them a Tire Rack gift certificate and give them something to do one Saturday to get them out of the house.

Finally, if you’re on a budget, check out our list of 7 good truck gifts for less than $25.

Happy holidays and good luck.

5 Gifts Most Truck Owners Will Like and Why

In our effort to help our readers get ready for the holiday season, we decided to make a list of gifts every truck owner can appreciate. Since “appreciation” is a little different than hearing “AWESOME! I can’t wait to put this on the truck!,” we also included some notes about what type of truck owner would appreciate the gift and why.

1. Husky Liners. This one is sort of a no-brainer, especially now that we’re about to officially enter the winter months. Husky Liners are big, thick, rubber floor mats that hold a lot of dirt, muck, and gunk and keep it from getting on your vehicle’s carpet. They’re pretty inexpensive too – pricing starts at $50 per set.

Who will like them: Type-A neat and tidy truck owners, anyone that works out of their truck for a living, and outdoor types.

What they’ll like about them: They keep the truck clean, they hold lots of dirt and mud, and they say “Husky” on them. What more could you want?

Who won’t like them: We don’t know. We haven’t every met anyone that didn’t like them.

NOTE: There’s another brand of super-heavy duty floor mats made by WeatherTech that are just a little bit more money, but they hold more gunk. You might want to get these for the really dirty truck owner.

2. Tie-Down Ratchet Straps. This is another simple gift that truck owners almost universally appreciate. They can hold plenty of weight (some hold more than 10,000 lbs per strap), and they ratchet down tighter than any bungy cord. has a good selection and free shipping on orders over $25 – check em out. Just make sure to buy a set with at least 1,000 lbs breaking strength (more is better).

Ratchet straps

Who will like them: Anyone who might haul something with their truck.

What they’ll like about them: The fact that they can hold everything from a simple piece of furniture to a new motorcycle.

Who won’t like them: Someone that already has a good cargo management solution…but they’ll appreciate the thought for sure.