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Cool Find 1978 Toyota FJ45 Land Cruiser Pickup

It seems like old muscle car restorations or Model A/T’s get all the attention. What about other non-popular restorations like this 1978 Toyota FJ45 Land Cruiser Pickup? We’ll give it some love right here. Check this one out.


This beautiful 1978 Toyota Fj45 Land Cruiser Long Bed pickup is a wonderful restoration.

Project Big Black 2008 Tundra Double Cab – Featured Truck

This week’s featured truck is all about color matching. It is black, black and more black color on this “Project Big Black” Tundra. And we think it is sweet, sweet and more sweet. Take a look!

Project Big Black DC Tundra - Profile

The all-black Tundra is a cool build project that you can follow along with on Facebook.

2011 Spruce Mica Toyota Tundra – Featured Truck

This week’s featured isn’t just modified, it is done in a color we don’t see that often on modified trucks – Spruce Mica. After seeing how well this truck came out, we don’t know why more people don’t have that color!

2011 Spruce Mica Toyota Tundra - Featured Truck

This truck sure looks great!

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Custom Mini-Monster Toyota Tundra Platinum Crew Max – Featured Truck

The things people do to customize their Toyota Tundra trucks simply amaze us sometimes. Count this one as one that simply amazes us.

YouTube Preview Image

While it may be tough to hear what he is saying, it is easy to see the results. The guys at the Hawaiian tuner Intense Motorsports Maui have built what they claim is “the most expensive and elaborate build ever completed in the region,” according to We can’t disagree.

Besides the elaborate lift with custom suspension, it has a TRD supercharger to go with the “Lexus” like interior. The retractable running boards are a nice touch too.

This truck is probably one of the most polarizing ones we have seen in a while. It seems you are either think it is really sweet or a complete waste of money. Which side are you on?

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Toyota Tundra 1SICTOY – Featured Truck

This truck is exactly like the license plate tells us – 1SICTOY. It is a stunner with a smooth finish and a great collection of accessories.

Toyota Tundra 1SICTOY - Featured Truck

This “1SICTOY” Toyota Tundra is a really cool ride.