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Toyota FJ Cruiser DEAD – Special Ultimate Edition Farewell

Toyota announced today at the SEMA show that the FJ Cruiser’s time has come. In a grandiose gesture, they presented a special 2014 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Ultimate Edition. Will you miss it?

Toyota Builds Ultimate FJ Cruiser Edition - Rocks

The iconic FJ Cruiser is officially dead. This last tribute edition pays tribute to the iconic vehicle.

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DragQuoia – Toyota Sequoia Dragster – rolls into 2012 SEMA

UPDATE: another “flashback” post in anticipation of the 2013 SEMA event. 

Quite often the SEMA show is full of wild (and weird) custom “themed” vehicles. Keeping with tradition, the “DraqQuoia” – Toyota Sequoia Dragster – will turn some heads!

DragQuoia - Toyota Sequoia Dragster - Rolls into 2012 SEMA

The DraqQuoia, a Toyota Sequoia Dragster, is either a really cool concept or an overdone grocery go-getter.

Oil Quality Matters – Bulk Oil Locations Fail Standards More Often

There are many reasons why changing your own oil is a good thing to do including, apparently, ensuring you are using better quality oil. A recent study says that one in five bulk oil samples fails to meet quality standards.

Oil Quality Matters - Bulk Oil Fails

Are you changing your own oil? That’s good according to a recent testing survey which found bulk oil doesn’t meet standard as often as off-the-shelf containers.

About 70% of F150 Owners Uncertain About EcoBoost Reliability

Last week, I wrote a quick post about the EcoBoost’s quality perception problem with Ford owners titled “EcoBoost Losing Steam with Ford Loyalists.” I talked about some EcoBoost forum comments left by (presumably) Ford truck owners that were less than positive, and concluded that Ford might have a perception problem with their EcoBoost engine family among their loyal customers.

I was (rightly) called out by one of our frequent commenters for that article, as it wasn’t heavy on data. While it wasn’t as if the conclusion I offered was relying exclusively upon comments on some forum (it wasn’t), it certainly did seem that way. SO, I invested $100 in a Google Survey and asked 200 self-identified F150 owners the following question: Do You Think The Ford EcoBoost V6 Is A Reliable Engine?

In what may be surprising to some (but not me), 70% of Ford F150 owners answered either “No” or “Maybe, I’m Not Sure.”

Ford F150 EcoBoost reliability survey

We asked F150 owners if they believe the EcoBoost is a reliable engine. Here’s what they said (click the image for the full survey results).

Booming Full-Size Truck Sales Causing Quality Issues – Growth To Fast?

The recent surge in full-size trucks has been a huge part of the economic recovery and increased profitably of automakers. Yet, could the boom lead to long-term quality issues? Ford thinks so.

Booming Full-Size Truck Sales Causing Quality Issues - Growth To Fast?

A Ford executive recently said the auto sales boom is causing some concern about the quality of parts.