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Benjamin Hunting is a freelance automotive writer who has been involved in racing, restoring and writing about cars and trucks for more than a decade. In his spare time he enjoys keeping the shiny side up on track days. You can find out more about Benjamin’s writing at his website,

Electric Toyota Tundra To Debut At SEMA

It’s here, it’s bold and it runs on…batteries? That’s right – an all-electric Toyota Tundra is going to debut at this year’s SEMA show, and we here at Tundra Headquarters have managed to snag an exclusive preview of the truck that is sure to have everyone in the industry talking.

Electric Toyota Tundra

This electric Tundra is trail ready AND environmentally friendly!

Why Install After Market Shocks on your Toyota Tundra?

Why change the stock shocks on your Toyota Tundra for a set of aftermarket units? There are actually several reasons why so many truck owners elect not to return to factory components when it comes time to replace their damping system. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why aftermarket shock replacements are so common.

Ask Unichip: Black Boxes and Cracking Codes

We have recently been privileged to discuss the world of aftermarket ECU tuning in depth with Jack from Unichip, one of the pioneering companies when it comes to engine tuning software. This post wraps up our Q & A series with Jack, and we finish things off by posing some questions about the dark and mysterious details of the computer coding required to achieve the outstanding results offered by Unichip’s tuning products.

Toyota Tundra Aftermarket Shock Options

The Toyota Tundra, like most trucks, has a fairly large number of after market replacement shock absorber options. In addition to the standard KYB shocks that are available on almost every vehicle ever built, the primary after market shock brands that cater to the Tundra are Rancho, Skyjacker, Tuff Country, Fabtech, and Pro-Comp. We’ve put together a quick roundup of the shock products offered by these five companies.

Ask Unichip: Towing, Racing and Gas Mileage

In our last Q & A post with Jack from Unichip, the ECU tuning specialists, he offered us some very interesting opinions on how engine modifications interact with air intakes and exhaust systems.  In this post, Jack blows open some of the myths that have accumulated around the idea that chip tuning can save money at the gas pump, as well as how the ECU’s engine management affects specific driving activities like towing or drag racing.