Toyota Tundra Will Get a 39-Gallon Fuel Tank – Sources Confirm

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The site TFL Truck is reporting that the Toyota Tundra will finally get a 39-Gallon fuel tank. They are saying sources confirmed the news with them.

Toyota Tundra Will Get a 39-Gallon Fuel Tank

TFL Truck is saying the Toyota Tundra will get a 39-gallon tank.

This information most likely came from the TRD Pro event they attended last weekend. Our guess is that the sources there confirmed they were working on it (similar to what the same sources told us at the Jackson, Wyoming eventΒ in August, 2013).

The truth is Toyota has needed to offer this size tank for a while especially for RV owners and tradesman living in areas where gas stations are sparse (like Canada or western U.S. states like Montana). These owners have lamented several times to us about the tiny gas tank.

No word on which model year it will be offered.

Here is the link to the TFL Truck story.

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  1. breathing borla says:

    larger tank will be nice. I like the larger one I got with mine.

    now let’s get that MPG up a bit to go with it.

    O, and as usual, ADD SOME STORAGE!!

  2. toyrulz says:

    Please let it be retrofittable to my 2011 that has me pulling in to often with 30 feet of trailer behind me.

    …and yes, North in Canada it can be scarey finding gas stations which leads to even more frequent stops as you gas when you can in unfamiliar areas – don’t know where next station will be. Yes I have smartphone and GPS and can find distance to gas stations, but have been stuck when this closed.

    I imagine beyond strapping it on, firmware will need flashing for milage computers etc…

  3. DJ says:

    Great to hear but Toyota really should have put the larger tank in the 2014 and the integrated brake controller that journalists love to point out the lack of.

    Really anxious to see what the 2016 model brings.

  4. hemi lol says:

    i wouldnt trust a thing those idiots published…… who actually does???

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Hemi LOL,

      You can trust me! I put the link to my story well before TFL Truck. πŸ™‚


      • hemi lol says:

        i know i can…. πŸ™‚ those guys are just ridiculous….. they have no clue and misinform people worse than any other site lol lol

        • Daredevil says:

          Your right 100%….for starters they don’t know how to compare trucks (ex. They run a brand new 2014 Toyota Tundra from 0-60 and get about 9.7 seconds or so, they are so stupid because the engine hasn’t even been broken into) me myself I got a new 2014 Toyota tundra and hit 60 in 6.6 sec, and that was after adding miles to it.

  5. Brian J says:

    Just thinking….

    A 39 gallon tank will probably need fuel around 35 gallons empty.

    35 gallons x $3.41/gallon = $119.35

    Most gas pumps shut off at $100. So before I had to get gas every 300 miles. Now I can go further, but I can’t get it all at one time. Frustrating.

    Too bad Toyota didn’t think of giving us better mileage in the Tundra instead of a bigger gas tank. They have the technology to do it. It’s tried and true in Toyora and Lexus cars and SUVs. Yet Toyota wants us to think they “aren’t messing with a good thing. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I call BS! There is something Mike Sweers isn’t telling us.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Brian J,

      I’ve had similar thoughts on how much of a pain it would be to fill up. You can fill up past $100, but normally that is two transactions. However, I don’t see the $100 limit staying around forever with higher gas prices.

      On the Mike Sweers comment, you are right. He has told me they could improve the Tundra fuel economy. You are right, they have the resources. He says though, it is a cost/benefit thing. They could put in Direct Injection and get around 1 mpg better, but the additional price for the consumer is fairly high. The return on investment just doesn’t make sense to them. If the technology became cheaper or if they were willing to cut their profits, they will do it.

      Now, it does remain to be seen if consumer demand will dictate Toyota HAS to offer better FE. Like I said in today’s story, changes like this will happen faster due to consumer demand. Once, Toyota’s sales start to slip, then they will offer more things like improved FE.


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