Toyota Tundra Larger Gas Tank – Coming Soon

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At the Toyota Tundra press preview, I asked point blank if they are going to respond to customer demand for a larger gas tank. The response, “it’s coming.”

Toyota Tundra Larger Gas Tank - Coming Soon

A new, larger gas tank for the Toyota Tundra is coming according to Toyota.

It seems a planned production shift of the Tacoma (to Mexico) to increase capacity for Tundra production is holding things up. If/when that happens, then many new variations of the Tundra will be released such as ones with larger gas tanks.

While many people are fine with the 26 gallon tank, there is a need for a larger tank in several parts of the country including the northern U.S. and Canada. These areas the distance between fueling stations is greater than other parts.

There have been many aftermarket options available, but a true factory option is sorely missing. In fact, the competition does offer larger 32 and 36 gallon tanks on certain light-duty trim package options (HDs mostly have the larger tank).

The need isn’t there for every Tundra owner, but offering an option makes a lot of sense.

No word currently if/when this will come to the market. I’ll keep everyone posted as I find out more information.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    […] fact, here is my story: Toyota Tundra Larger Gas Tank – Coming Soon | Tundra Headquarters Blog __________________ -Tim Esterdahl Automotive Journalist Spork Publishing […]

  2. Will says:

    well, nice to read ..
    Toyota Tundra larger Gas Tank- coming soon…..

  3. Joe says:

    It would be nice if Toyota is also working on improving the fuel economy of the Tundra, like 8 speed transmission, direct fuel injection and cylinder deactivation, to catch up with the big 3. Mr. Sweers said in his AutoNews interview article (August 14, 2013) that Toyota looked at these things and just couldn’t find the return on investment for the owner. He said both are expensive for Toyota and customers. However, I think Toyota should think of R&D spending on improving the fuel economy as an investment that would ultimately lure more customers to buy the Tundra and lower the costs, increase sales and profits. Tundra should establish itself as the cutting edge of technology to gain market share. May be Toyota is working on the hybrid truck that is even better than these fuel saving features. May be some day the hybrid Tundra will only need a 10 gallon gas tank. Anyone has updated news on the hybrid Tundra?

  4. mk says:

    In order to be a hyrbid tundra, it has to be cost effective for the potential buyer and as of now, it is not going to happen since would cost way too much for the normal truck buyer to purchase. These trucks are already becoming way over the top in terms of cost if you ask me. A hybrid would have to get 25 hwy mpg to make it even considered to purchase and don’t see it right now. Most hybrid cars do great in city traffic and not much better in hwy. driving thinking most truck buyers do not sit in traffic too much and prefer hwy. driving, but could be wrong?

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