Toyota Tundra Tested on West Texas Ranch

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In what could possibly be the coolest video ever, Toyota gave an independent cattle rancher in West Texas a Toyota Tundra to use as a 3/4 truck for 100,000 miles THEN tears it down to have engineers inspect every part to see how it did. How’d it do? As the rancher says, “It is just a better built truck. It’s that simple.”

YouTube Preview ImageThis video instantly makes you more of a Toyota Tundra fan, period. From the way the ranchers talk about how other trucks break down driving over the washboards at 30-40k miles to the engineers giddiness over how well the truck parts lasted. It is amazing to hear them talk about how much longer the parts could have lasted and that the truck was still using the original brakes. This truck took a beating and still looks good and performs.

Of course, the comments were full of “domestic” truck owners coming to the defense of their products. This video isn’t saying one truck is better than the other. Rather it is saying once you give the American-built Toyota Tundra a try, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. Mickey says:

    I know this happened sometime ago. Do we know what the results were on the whole truck? I changed brake pads at 130k and plugs at 136k. The iridium plugs shown a little worn but since changing the plugs my mpg’s are up 1 mpg. My grandson also stated that I need to replace my right rear shock. He works and goes to school to be a Toyota tech.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I didn’t see any breakdown of all the results.


    • Jason (Admin) says:

      I think this is the “after” story, only I heard that the truck the rancher used was now on tour, showing up a car shows…

    • santiago says:

      hat is sh@#$ i dit my brake pads on my 2010 tundra at 20k and that was 2 years after in 2012 tundra sucks. and it baunce too much.

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