2007 Toyota Tundra Reviews

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Looking to buy a 2007 Toyota Tundra? Check out this list of reviews to help decide.

Edmunds.com says, “A true full-size truck, the 2007 Toyota Tundra is as strong as anything in the class when it comes to acceleration, road manners and equipment availability. If you’re shopping for a pickup this year, this is one you won’t want to miss.”

Motortrend.com says, “The new V-8 is as smooth and powerful as the best of its competitors. The ride and handling is, for the most part, competitive. The interior falls short – perhaps the last thing over which you’d expect Toyota to stumble. It’s a relief to find that Toyota is human, that it didn’t perfectly pull off the threat of a serious, big truck for a segment that the Big Three still own. It will be an even greater relief to the Big Three.”

Trucktrend.com says, “Tundra has been engineered for “true truckers” and is versatile enough to be a highly capable truck for work or for personal use.”

Cars.com says, “From its high towing capacities and optional six-speed transmission to its safety and convenience features and roomy crew cab, the Tundra is a must-drive for anyone in the market for a full-size truck.”

Carconnection.com says, “After 72 years building straightforward, simply decorated, relatively unadorned and conservative trucks, Toyota is now in the stylish truck business.”

The Truth About Cars
Thetruthaboutcars.com says, “In strict accordance with its American competition, the Tundra’s cabin is cavernous– in the Carlsbad sense of the word. In fact, a [hands free] cell phone might come in handy for inter-passenger communication. And one of those top shelf grabbing gizmos could help with tuning the radio and adjusting the HVAC controls.”

Car and Driver
Car and Driver says, “After sneaking up on the full-size segment for some 14 years, it’s clear that Toyota has finally internalized the essence of the American full-size pickup market: nice guys finish last. … One look at the new Tundra is all it takes to get the message: “no more Mr. Nice Guy.”

U.S. News Rankings and Reviews
USnewsrankingsandreviews says, “Reviewers are impressed by the Tundra’s massive size and interior space, and by its optional 5.7-liter V8 engine, but feel that while Toyota is pulling even with American truckmakers, they have yet to outdo their top competitors.”

MSN Autos
MSNautos says, “Toyota finally succeeds with a large pickup the third time around.”

The New York Times
The New York Times says, “The new Tundra is vastly more competitive than the previous model, and its ride and handling are superior to the aging Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram. But without a back-to-back drive, the Tundra is not spectacular enough to be declared a victor over the impressive Silverado.”

AOL Autos
AOL Autos says, “This may not be the truck that vaults Toyota into big pickup sales numbers, but this is definitely not the end of the Tundra line. Toyota may take some bruising, but you can bet the company will learn from its experience. If I were GM, Ford or Dodge, I’d be making sure my own trucks were in order, the next Tundra will correct any mistakes made on this one, and this one is very good.”

Auto Trader
Autotrader.com says, “A bigger, brawnier Toyota Tundra debuted in 2007, making it a serious contender among the mostly Detroit-dominated full-size truck market.”

USA Today
USA Today says, “Overall: Winner, especially for buyers who need honest back-seat room or serious power.”

Consumer Guide Auto
Consumer Guide Auto says, “Tundra is redesigned for 2007, expanding in every dimension over the 2000-2006 models to equal or exceed comparable domestic-brand pickups in wheelbase and overall length. Among all pickups, only the 403-hp V8 in the Cadillac Escalade EXT tops Tundra’s available 381-hp V8.”

New Car Test Drive
Newcartestdrive.com says, “The towing specs are impressive. The new Tundra can be equipped to earn a tow rating in excess of 10,000 pounds.”

Autobytel says, “Mr. T’s here to play with the little Detroiters.”

Kelley Blue Book
KBB.com says, “If in need of a full-size pickup for loading, towing or commercial applications, Toyota’s new pickup won’t disappoint, especially for those customers accustomed to Toyota levels of reliability and refinement. If that’s the case, the new Tundra should be right up your (paved or dirt) alley.”

MyRide.com video review says, “Bigger, stronger, and made in America…the all new Tundra is making a full frontal assault on the domestic truck market.”

Roadfly.com says, “…this is just an incredible vehicle. There’s no reason a full-size truck should be able to do what this thing does. Sometimes we just had to laugh in disbelief – it’s that good.”

Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports video review says, “The redesigned Toyota Tundra bulks up but sacrifices some comfort and refinement.”

Car Gurus
Cargurus.com users give it 4.6 out of 5 stars.

NADA Guides
NADA Guides says, “Considered Toyota’s first full-size truck, this year’s Tundra features plenty of amenities, in addition to a new-for-2007 5.7-liter V8 with variable valve timing and a new 6-speed automatic.”

The Auto Channel
The Auto Channel says, “Let me tell you how much I loved the drivetrain. The power from the 5.7-liter (largest of three engines available), 381-hp/401-lb.ft., V8 gave me goose bumps.”

Motorweek says, “The all-new, second-generation Tundra beams with bigger dimensions, brood-force specs, and a built-in-Texas attitude. Looking ready and able to go for the center of the American pick-em-up-truck pie.”

Pickuptrucks.com says, “Tundra has been engineered for “true truckers” and can be configured to serve as a work truck, recreational truck or luxury family truck.”

Web2Carz says, “With the 2007 Tundra, Toyota has decided to get serious about the light-duty truck market. Gone is what some derisively called a 7/8s” pickup. In its place is an honest-to-goodness, full-size, half-ton pickup that raises the competitive bar.”

Cars and Tech
Cars and Tech says, “The Tundra seemed like a capable, comfortable truck. It has plenty of power and an intelligent, fast-reacting transmission.”

Splash Magazine
Splash Magazine says, “Step up into the Tundra’s cab and instantly you’ll be impressed. The cavernous space in the test Crew Max variant isn’t a shock after the RAM 3500, but the quality of the fittings and finish are immediately remarkable, like those on the LT, definitely higher end.”

Carreview.com says, “… plenty of room in the back, lots of leg room and an abundance of space …”

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  1. Mickey says:

    Good review is that I’m now over 137k miles and going strong.

  2. will says:

    Very well reviews from world’s famous sites.
    Toyota’s new pickup won’t disappoint you if you need any full truck pickup.

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