Toyota Tundra CrewMax/Double Cab Get So-So IIHS Crash Test Ratings

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has released updated crash test ratings for all full-size trucks. For the Toyota Tundra, the results are a bit mixed and there was an interesting finding on the roof strength difference between the two models.

Toyota Tundra CrewMax/Double Cab Get So-So IIHS Crash Test Ratings

Action shot taken during the small overlap frontal crash test.

During its testing of both cabs (a first for IIHS), they say the CrewMax and Double Cab returned widely different results. For example, the Double Cab returned an acceptable rating for occupant protection in a small overlap test, while the CrewMax only got a marginal rating in the same test.

Toyota Tundra CrewMax/Double Cab Get So-So IIHS Crash Test Ratings

The dummy’s position in relation to the door frame, steering wheel, and instrument panel after the crash test indicates that the driver’s survival space was maintained reasonably well.

Also, Double Cab earned a good rating for occupant protection during a rollover crash while the CrewMax was only rated as acceptable. (figure that one out). The IIHS says this is particularly important since 44 percent of occupant deaths are due to rollover accidents. Plus, this roof strength helps greatly for those occupants who don’t buckle up which the IIHS says pickup truck occupants do more than any other vehicle owner.

Toyota Tundra CrewMax/Double Cab Get So-So IIHS Crash Test Ratings

The frontal and side curtain airbags worked well together to keep the head from coming close to any stiff structure or outside objects that could cause injury. (Low-resolution still from digital video)

All trucks except the F-150 had “moderate to severe intrusion into the driver footwell area” during the small overlap test according to the IIHS.

Interestingly, the Ford F-150 was the top awarded truck by the IIHS and achieved a good rating on all tests. I say interestingly, because Ford caused this whole testing both cabs hubbub when the IIHS found their SuperCab model was discovered to have lacked the “structural countermeasures” which helped the SuperCrew get the top rating in the front small overlap test. Coming back and finishing higher than anyone else is a shot in the arm for the Ford team.

Toyota Tundra CrewMax/Double Cab Get So-So IIHS Crash Test Ratings

Intrusion of the footrest and toepan contributed to a high risk of injury to the left lower leg, a significant risk to the right lower leg, and a moderate risk to the left foot.

Ram’s 1500 Quad and Crew Cab models performed the worst out of all trucks tested. The IIHS says their dummy’s head, during the small overlap test, would contact the front airbag, but roll around the left side of it as the steering column moved to the right, “allowing the head to approach the intruding windshield pillar.” Uh… Ouch?

The GM trucks fared OK and the IIHS says it plans to test the 2016 Nissan Titan and Honda Ridgeline later this year.

pickup ratings

pickup ratings

The IIHS small overlap test is not without controversy though. Many automakers have privately and some publicly complained about the test. Automakers contend as they work to meet ever increasing standards, the IIHS moves the bar by creating new tests and/or testing vehicles in different ways. They contend this is unfair and they should get additional warning on the timing of new tests to better comply. The IIHS contends they notified automakers years before the small overlap test became part of their evaluation process.

Ultimately, these tests are a BIG deal. Not only do consumers take them into consideration, but publications like Consumer Reports use them to rank vehicles. Consumers Reports has already said on Twitter they will be adjusting their ratings and we can probably expect others like J.D. Power to follow suit.

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  1. hemi lol says:

    Seein as how the Tundra frame is from 2007 (other than crossmember for the large fuel tank) I bet if they tested everyones trucks for their 2007 models they would fair MUCH worse than the Toyota…….. HOWEVER, this means Toyota NEEDS to react. they have always been a Pillar in safety and will be the first manufacturer to have PCS on every vehicle 3 years ahead of mandates as usual.

    this whole thing is comical to me and no one has mentioned that if you have a 2015 Ford Supercab you may just die in a crash just like this…… and furthermore they are the reason all this happened to start with! cracks me up all the Ford koolaid drinkers who would by their products that ford knowingly built far inferior and will sell that garbage to you………… Unless of course someone catches them gaming the system…… AND PEOPLE STILL BUY THEM!!!! I just don’t understand how you could be so blind to purchase a ford product when that’s job #1 over at ford…… if no one catches us who cares. WOW that speaks volumes about everything they do as a company and some people who were around when the Pinto gas tank issue happened want to believe they have changed…… Clearly they have not.

  2. Randy says:

    Additionally, IIHS is starting to lose a good deal of their credibility with dubious testing.

    We all have seen the results of more than one Tundra crash at highway speeds where the occupants came out with just some bumps and bruises. Such has not been the case with the Fords at half the speed. Dubious testing indeed.

  3. Rick says:

    I don’t recall exactly what the Tundra’s ratings were in my 2012 CrewMax (last gen), but I thought it fared pretty well in that offset test. I’m tall and stay back from the wheel plus I always wear my seatbelt.

    I expected the F-150 to do well as it was touted to have crush zones integrated under its aluminum skin. I remember people predicting the F-150 would not do well in sales and in safety. If this is an indication of success, Toyota could venture out by offering similar engineering as Ford without that financial risk of being the first to bring something to market.

    The Tundra’s lower leg results have me concerned.

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