Toyota Teases “World Premiere” Truck for 2016 Chicago Auto Show

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In just a few days, Toyota will unveil a new truck at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show. Always tight-lipped, they haven’t let it slip out publicly what they are going to reveal. Instead, they sent out this teaser image.


Time to place bets on what it is. Can’t wait to see the comments!

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  1. GoBig says:

    The grille looks similar to the Tundra TRD Pro, while the hood looks like a TRD Tacoma sport. Could it be a Tacoma TRD Pro? They seemed to have left the Tacoma Pro off the menu in 2016.

  2. tonyspin says:

    Next Gen TRD PRO Tacoma

  3. Rebelbuck48 says:

    Tundra dully I hope

  4. Mike says:

    tacoma diesel

  5. Breathing borla says:

    its a new tacoma special package,

    so we get stiffed on the tundra once again.

  6. Steve says:

    Might be the new 4Runner

  7. Breathing borla says:

    I am assuming they are not calling the 4runner a truck, it’s an SUV.

    if they aren’t calling it an SUV then it may be the 4 runner

    eitherway, looks like the tundra gets shafted

  8. Brian says:

    This will be interesting as Toyota just did a refresh for their trucks a couple years ago for the tundra and just recently for the Tacoma. I’m go with a Tacoma as the hood scoop wasn’t on the tundra before so why start now, or maybe it could maybe… be a Hilux???

  9. hemi lol says:

    wow its a TRD Pro Tacoma!

    but I must say I hope theres more! I was really hoping for new Tundra stuff……….

    I wonder if it will still be wearing Bilsteins underneath

  10. Breathing borla says:

    not sure why my comments don’t show but I said

    its a tacoma special edition likely the Pro and the tundra gets nothing

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I think the rapid response of comments took out our system. LOL. I just approved 11 of them. That’s quite a bit of volume for us.


      • Breathing borla says:

        ok, no problem, this site needs a new posting board badly. something that you can edit on and have more of a discussion with. as soon as the article drops off the front page the discussions end.

        anyway, TRD Pro tacoma, woo hoo…

        it’s too small and is short on cylinders.

        where’s the beef toyota?

        I thought for sure the tundra was at least getting the 8 speed out of the LX

        • Tim Esterdahl says:

          Yeah Jason has been promising a new site makeover for like 4 years now. LOL.


          • Breathing borla says:

            for example, I had to dig through the site to find your 2017 article where we bet our 6 pack.

            which BTW looks like I am going to win with no changes to the tundra for the 2017 chicago auto show. 🙂

            if would be nice for this board for members that are hear all the time not to have to wait for moderator to approve the message, it slows down the conversation when new things come out and probably a PITA for you to have to check back often to keep things moving.

            this site has enough regulars that can be trusted to post without mod approval, I think you know after years of this I am not going to post porn or something, lol.


            I look forward to my 6 pack of cold ones…thank you toyota, I knew you wouldn’t let me down

        • DJ says:

          Yup, all of this waiting just for a Tacoma TRD Pro with the weak V-6.

          No Tundra news, Sweers soldiers on with the decade old drivetrain…


  11. GoBig says:

    I’ve decided after the rather expensive Super Bowl ad campaign it’s a Toyota Prius Pickup with pursuit package.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Fun side note: the actor in that video followed me on Twitter this morning. Crazy!

      BTW, my Twitter is @testerdahl.


      • GoBig says:

        I’m behind the times. I did join Facebook, but I’m not on Twitter or Instagram. But that is funny.

  12. Captian Critical 101 says:

    Taco TRD Pro is my guess. So why a World Premiere for a truck only sold in the US?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Now that is a good question. I don’t know. Probably just the first time the world is going to see it.


      • Breathing borla says:

        lol, that’s easy

        its the world according to toyota, like having a remote start that turns off the truck when you open the door so you have to beat on the starter, lol.


        be sure to ask sweers why the hell can’t they change that and I don’t want to hear about “customer safety” ever other remote start doesn’t do that…

        yes, I am bitter, lol.. who cares about a TRD Pro tacoma with an anemic V6 🙁

        • GoBig says:

          My wife has a 2016 Honda CRV and the remote start works the same way. When you open the door, the engine quits.

          It’s not a huge deal since it doesn’t take a key, you just have to push the button to restart it. It just seems irritating. I assumed it’s because the remote starter is not OEM. Since it doesn’t recognize the smart key, it’s just trying to prevent the car from being stolen.

  13. DJ says:


    Saw the in the previous post you had posted your schedule for the day at the Chicago Auto Show.

    I know Toyota will be pimping this new TRD Pro Tacoma, but you have got to ask the reps

    “It’s been 10-years since you designed the current Tundra drivetrain, Nissan just updated the Titan’s plus added a diesel, Tundra sales are dropping and Toyota fans are wanting some Tundra updates, when can they expect those, if ever!?”

    Disappointed Toyota Fanboys Everywhere

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I’ve asked that question about 10 different ways and nope, they won’t say anything. My guess is next year. This past year has been the year of the Tacoma and now with that truck mostly all unveiled, I would think the focus would go back on the Tundra and/or 4Runner.


      • Breathing borla says:

        Double or nothing on the 6 pack for next years changes?

        Nothing of significance for tundra.

        Too bad you didn’t have more time here in chi-town, we could do a few beers and grub

        And maybe a little 350 hemi with a borla for you, lol

        Enjoy the show, give sweers a kiss err kick in the ass for me

        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          I wish I had more free time, sadly the majority of these trips are airport to hotel to airport kinds of things.

          I’ll go double or nothing FOR SURE!

          If I get out there again, I’ll send you an email.


      • DJ says:


        Considering model year 17′ will be a decade with the same drivetrain, I can only hope so!!!

        I continue losing hope though….

  14. Don says:

    Get ready…this could be the first diesel tacoma in the US. Holy crap..let the rumors fly.

  15. Scott says:

    Wow, a pro version of a truck I didn’t want…. Can’t say I am surprised. I think Toyota sees the potential of them loosing market-share after what I consider a disappointing Tacoma reveal last year. They seem to be pulling out all the stops to salvage it.

  16. Captain Critical 101 says:

    If Toyota is calling a Taco TRD Pro a new truck then their marketing department needs a swift kick in the nuts. That’s not a new truck, but an off road package for an existing truck.

    The last new truck Toyota released was the 2nd gen Tundra in ’07. Period.

    Now, I do remember filling out a survey for HD features for the Tundra about 1 3/4 years ago…

  17. ricqik says:

    Yeah, that’s definitely a tacoma. Just google 2016 tacoma in images and out pops a whole bunch of identical hood/grille pictures.

  18. Tundra23 says:

    They sure are being tight lipped about the Cummins diesel that they have been testing in the Tundra now for over a year? I’ll bet that is the new news for it later this or early next year!

    • DJ says:

      Would love it if you’re right but that has been a rumor for what 6-8 years now and we haven’t had one single actually confirmation or update.
      In fact the opposite, Sweers basically saying it probably wouldn’t happen? Did I miss something? Is there any confirmation of testing?

      • DJ says:

        Don’t see a diesel happening in Tundra or Tacoma…

        Mike Sweers recently “We build a lot of diesel trucks, just not in this country. If I develop a diesel system for our country and I spend a huge amount of money to do that, I won’t see a return on the investment. That’s what we’ve struggled with.”

        In short, Toyota is cheap, and will continue to be cheap so they can turn profits on dated trucks.

  19. Randy says:

    It’s the new triple AAA fuel cell flux capacitor Tacoma TRD Pro

  20. goldie says:

    Interesting…they went with Fox this time instead of Bilstein. Toyota has traditionally used Bilstein.

  21. GoBig says:

    Those sneaky rascals. They had the truck right in my back yard and I didn’t know it. They filmed that promo just a hop, skip, and a jump from me.

    Nissan pulled it off as well last year when they brought the Titan XD to Alaska for cold weather testing.

    The five minute version on YouTube shows a lot more of the truck.

  22. Jason says:

    Tim, did you get any hints about the Tundra? Any rumors? Throw me a bone here.

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