Toyota Marketing Asks You, “Why Not?”

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For the last few years Toyota has worked hard to promote its brand as friendly to the environment and community. In fact, their well-evolved marketing campaign, titled “Why Not?”, boasts about everything Toyota does to make the world a better place (see it for yourself).

Now, Toyota is asking you to participate in a contest to improve their products so that is in more in line with the needs of the world — both in terms of a good, reliable vehicles and in terms of sound environmental responsibility.

The contest is called the “Why Not? Innovation Experience” and you are invited to share your brilliant ideas in safety, water, land, air, community, and energy.

To participate, log on between now and March 31st, sign up for an account, and then leave your ideas in any of those six categories.

Here’s a screen shot of the interactive world on the Toyota Why Not? web site.

Only one person’s idea will be selected as the winning idea. The winner will take a trip to Kentucky to tour the Toyota plant and then it’s off to New York City to meet with other innovators to share ideas.

Whether you are in it to win or in to just be heard, we hope you participate.

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  1. Mickey says:

    It’s worth a try to be heard, maybe not listen to but heard.

  2. Winghunter says:

    Economy friendly is truly a great thing to keep in mind but, everyone needs to understand that the scare tactics being employed on all of us by the Tickle-up-my-leg media activists ( TV reporters ), Al AH Gore and our current Comrade in Chief is outrageous BS…but, don’t take my word for it, take theirs as I certainly did;

  3. Winghunter – I too have a healthy skepticism for anything that Hollywood and Al Gore can’t stop crying about. HAVING SAID THAT, I’m at a loss as to why our society shouldn’t look to limit pollution some how. I’m not a “global warming” fanatic (either way), but I don’t think it would hurt to find ways to cap C02 emissions. I’m 100% in agreement that scare tactics shouldn’t be used to make public policy. Unfortunately, that’s sort of the way things are in the USA. One side is trying to scare us with illegal immigrants and gay marriage, the other side is trying to scare us with environmental Armageddon and “the world hates us.” Thanks for commenting.

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