Tundra Hauls Ass: Now Hauling Grass Too

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UPDATE: Deborah Schlosser has been convicted of 2nd-degree felony possession and sentenced to community service. In light of her clean record, the judge gave Deborah the benefit of the doubt. Comment below if you think this sentence was fair, or if you think it was too lenient.

Here”s the original story for anyone who didn”t catch this last year…

We all know that the 381hp 5.7L Toyota Tundra hauls ass – it”s one of the fastest trucks on the road (one of the fastest cars on the road period, in fact). But who knew it could haul so much grass?

A 56-year-old Utah woman named Deborah Keyes Schlosser was arrested a few days back hauling 162 pounds of marijuana in the back of her Toyota Tundra. She was busted by the Utah Highway Patrol and a K-9 officer named “Tank” (see photo below).


Utah State Patrol K9 “Tank” poses with 162 lbs of marijuana in the back of Schlosser”s Toyota Tundra.

Here”s the really interesting part – the driver of the Tundra is married to someone who unsuccessfully ran for district attorney in California less than 2 years ago!

So, to recap, here”s what we have:

  • A Toyota Tundra at the police impound.
  • 162 lbs of marijuana – aka “premium Northern California bud” – officially off the market.
  • A K-9 officer named Tank who got his photo in the paper (and on a website or two).
  • A 56 year old Northern California woman facing a possible 15 year sentence for hauling drugs in Utah.
  • A guy that ran for district attorney in Mendocino County, California back in 2007 (Bert Schlosser) with a “cloudy” political future.

Here”s the kicker – this woman is one of many prominent Mendocino County Californians busted for hauling weed. According to The Santa Rosa Press Democrat, “it has become increasingly common in Mendocino County (California) for prominent residents to be arrested in connection with marijuana cultivation. They include a political activist, fire captain, teacher and a District Attorney’s Office employee.”

Things sure do work different in California.

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  1. Jeff II says:

    Wow… that thing hauls grass! Not the brightest bulb on the tree… at least she was driving in style.

  2. FRANK says:


  3. TXTee says:

    Damn! I missed spotting her on the roads out here. Now I’m going to be suspect on the roads.

  4. Mickey says:

    Amazing what people are doing just to survive now. They say it’s only going to get worse.

  5. TXTee – From what I read when writing this one, people from California should expect to be stopped while visiting Utah in the months of November through March…evidently the growing season ends and all the goods are shipped cross-country.
    Frank – You wouldn’t happen to be “Frank the Tank” would you? Good comment – good for a laugh.

  6. Deznutjob says:

    Wow a Tundra transporting “twig”!

    I’m sure if a chase pursued the Tundra would have given the law a run for their money!!!

    Great find Jason!

    Hey still in Costa Rica?

  7. TXTee says:

    It is an agriculture state as is so you get stopped at the CA border coming in. That’s interesting info to know though. I thought they would bug me about bringing hay from TX but I got in……

  8. Deznutjob – Yes sir still in CR. Should be back in the USA by late May. It’s nice to avoid the cold weather, but I have to say that I miss the comforts of the USA something fierce.
    TXTee – I got busted for bringing in an outside Orange once – no foolin’.

  9. Bro Man says:

    half that supply was supposed to be mine 😉

  10. Bro Man says:

    Inside those bags was Hippie Headband, Bluedream, Kush, Purple Urkle, and Green Urkle. Too bad 🙁

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