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Toyota Hilux Visit South Pole

We’re all about the Tundra, yes. But sometimes Toyota has too much going on to ignore.

Four of Toyota’s Hilux trucks (the Hilux, sold internationally, is similar to a Tacoma) recently made a trek across Antarctica to the South Pole. Each of the trucks carried researchers and 2.5 tons of supplies. The trip was part of the Omega3 South Pole Race, which commemorates Ronald Amundsen and Robert Scott who explored Antarctica in the early 19th century.


These aren”t your normal Hilux Toyotas. Does anyone else think that looks cold?

Toyota 3.5L Lexus V6 Best Engine Award

Ward’s, a popular automotive industry publication, recently announced the top 10 engines for 2008. The Honda 3.5L SOHC V-6 and GM’s 3.6L DOHC V-6 made the list, but the 3.5L Lexus V6 was voted the number one engine of 2008.


Red IS350”s are known to go about 3% faster than all other colors. Photo courtesy of

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  • https://tundraheadquarters com/lexus-is-350-v6-engine-award/

The Toyota Tundra, Randy Moss Motorsports, and Fender Guitars

It’s not just in the driveways and streets of us ordinary truck owners that the Tundra lives and makes an impact. The Toyota Tundra also has its place in the media and within pop culture.

Randy Moss Announces Partnership with Toyota

In January, Randy Moss Motorsports, Inc. announced that the official racing truck is the Toyota Tundra for the 2009 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) season.

Just in case you were not aware, the REAL Randy Moss is behind Randy Moss Motorsports…just so we”re clear.

Did you know that Randy Moss sponsors a Nascar Truck Series racing team? Did you know they now drive the Toyota Tundra?

Toyota Marketing Asks You, “Why Not?”

For the last few years Toyota has worked hard to promote its brand as friendly to the environment and community. In fact, their well-evolved marketing campaign, titled “Why Not?”, boasts about everything Toyota does to make the world a better place (see it for yourself).

Now, Toyota is asking you to participate in a contest to improve their products so that is in more in line with the needs of the world — both in terms of a good, reliable vehicles and in terms of sound environmental responsibility.

The contest is called the “Why Not? Innovation Experience” and you are invited to share your brilliant ideas in safety, water, land, air, community, and energy.

Toyota Motor Corp. is the Winner!

For the first time in 77 years General Motors is not the world’s largest seller of cars and trucks.

Guess who is?

Toyota Motor Corp., that’s who. In 2008 Toyota sold 8.972 million vehicles, which is about 616,000 more than GM.

Toyota may have sold 10% fewer vehicles in 2008 than they have in each of the 10 years prior, but they still sold more than all other automakers. That’s gotta be worth something.