Toyota has Fewest Reported Problems – 2012 Total Quality Index Survey

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Strategic Vision just released their 2012 Total Quality Index Survey that finds Toyota has the best Problem Impact Measure or lowest reported problems among owners. In a word, Toyota builds quality vehicles.

Toyota Fewest Reported Problems

Survey finds that chances are if you own a Toyota vehicle, you’re not complaining.

The 2012 survey found that 17 percent of Toyota owners reported problems with their vehicles. According to Strategic Vision, “the survey is based on interviews with 45,390 people who purchased new vehicles between September and December 2011.”

The Problem Impact Measure is just one part of the overall Total Quality Index survey. This metric measures how severe the problem is, how the dealer worked on the problem and customer expectations when buying a new vehicle. This score is measured by several factors, below is how Strategic Vision determines the score.

Calculation of the Problem Impact Measure (PIM)

The PIM equation includes the following questions:

  • The report of a problem
  • The nature of the problem(s) reported – serious, moderate, not much of a problem
  • Nature of problem(s) unresolved by dealer – serious, moderate, not much of a problem

Weights are applied at various junctures in the equation that reflect the impact of the situation on the Total Quality score and overall satisfaction. To facilitate understanding and usefulness of the measure, the score is stated in terms of the average impact that the problem has on the perception of Total Quality for the segment. Previously, the relative impact was reported in terms of % of customers experiencing significant problems, but the impact on Total Quality tells you directly how much positive change you can have if you resolve your problems. A PIM of 10 means that if you resolved your problems, you would increase your customers’ perceptions of Quality by 10 points – a significant boost. If you had no problems at all, you could increase the boost in Total Quality by 10x the PIM score.

Interestingly, even though Toyota had the fewest reported problems, none of its models scored as the top segment leader. Also interesting is that Strategic Vision’s press release on its results started with Toyota’s PMI results and then the segment leaders.

Strategic Vision determines Total Quality by:

  • Satisfaction with the complete ownership experience
  • Perception of quality
  • Owner reported delight
  • Future purchase intent
  • Emotional attachment to vehicle

What do you think, is the Total Quality Index useful or just another survey? 

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  1. LJC says:

    I see their point with “perceived quality”, but I think they are weighing it too heavily in their final score. Here’s why: wait till the warranty runs out and work has to be done on the vehicle. The perceived quality be meaningless at this point.

    “Strategic Vision research has proven that those who recognize and acknowledge innovation (most new car buyers) will purchase, and not just be driven by counting problems.” This is short sighted. Ignoring problems early on is absolutely foolish. If a vehicle is having problems at the start of ownership, how does this buyer of it feel at this point? Survey them again at 2, 3, or better yet 4 years out.

    Overall, this survey is flawed and does not accurately reflect a vehicle’s true quality. I think this survey has more to do with advertising and imagine, both of which influence the perception they weigh so heavily.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Anytime you read “even though Toyota had the fewest reported problems, none of its models scored as the top segment leader” you know there’s a problem. If a survey measures quality, the fewest reported problems would indicate top quality, no?

      I agree with you – this analysis is suspect.

  2. Gerry says:

    I bought a new Toyota Tundra and I have had many different vehicles this by far! Is better made and reliable

  3. mk says:

    Agree, Toyota has issues, but not nearly as many flaws in quality and design and reliability as GM has. That is my take and I have had dozens of GM products in my day and about 5 Toyotas.

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