Toyota Expands Airbag Sensor Recall to include 2003-04 Vehicles

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Toyota is expanding their recall of faulty airbag sensors to include 2003-04 trucks as well. This recall also states they will replace them instead of conducting an inspection on a case by case instance as they other recall dictated. This is good news for consumers and cuts the red tape out of this issue.

Toyota Expands 2003-04 Airbag Sensor Recall

Toyota has expanded their airbag sensor recall to include 2003-04 models and made it easier for the customer.

The recall affects 2003-04 Toyota Tundra trucks manufactured from late May 2001 and early July 2004. Those trucks have a faulty airbag sensor that needs to be replaced.

A prior recall covered 2001-03 models. The presumption is this recall covers all 2003 models and now 2004 models. The prior recall cut left some 2003 models out with the presumption the faulty part had been switched out during the assembly process.

On the previous recall, Toyota was looking at each truck on a case by case basis. Now, Toyota is saying if your truck is one of the ones affected, they will swap the parts without inspection. In other words, they have improved this recall and cut the red tape.

If you think your vehicle is affected, call Toyota at 800-331-4331.

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