Toyota Customer Service Complaints – Make Your Voice Heard

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An unfortunate part of being a buyer of any company’s product is that sometimes you have to complain to get an issue resolved. While we expect our Toyota’s to work perfectly, this isn’t always the case. Here’s our recommended process for registering your customer service complaints with Toyota:

  1. Calm down – if you get emotional, you’re more likely to be viewed as a “crazy person” rather than a person with a legitimate problem.
  2. Make a plan – Decide what you want the dealer or Toyota to do to solve your problem.
  3. Call the local dealership and ask to speak to the General Manager FIRST – do NOT call Toyota’s national hotline right away. Instead, gradually escalate from the local dealership to the regional office to the national hotline.
  4. Certified mail is legal correspondence, so use it if all else fails*

Here’s a breakdown of all the steps, with explanations as to why we recommend this process.

Toyota Customer Service Complaints – Make Your Voice Heard

Always remember: the more you yell at someone, the less likely your problem will be resolved.

Step 1) Remove Your Emotions

This first step to getting anywhere with a complaint is to first remove all the emotion out of it. If your complaint consists of yelling, obscenities, or personal insults, you’re not helping yourself. Customer service representatives work with hundreds of people and are all too conditioned to this behavior for it to have any effect. What’s more, the more outrageous your behavior, the easier it is to discount your complaint. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to speak and act in a calm, professional manner.

So, before you talk to someone at the Toyota dealership be sure you’re calm. Take a deep breath, remember what your goal is (getting your problem solved), and then work towards that goal in a rational and collected manner.

Step 2) Make a Game Plan

Before making a complaint, sit back and ask yourself “What do I want?” If your desire is just to share your frustrations, calling Toyota customer service or speaking with someone at your local dealership is all you need to do.

If your desire is instead to get something fixed or replaced, you need to think about what that means in specific terms, and then make sure you can express it clearly. Something like “I am really frustrated with the way item A looks/feels/functions and I would really like item A replaced.” That tells the person what the issue is and how you would you like it resolved.

Step 3) Start Local, then Regional, and then National if All Else Fails

Start Local

While it is tempting to pick up the phone and call the national Toyota help line right away when you have a complaint, it’s in your best interests to start at your local dealer. The reason? Toyota expects your local dealer to fix your problem for you. When you call the national hotline, all Toyota does is take a message and then forward that message back to your dealer!

If you think about this process it makes sense – your local dealer is looking to make long-term customers. They know that if they help you directly, you’re more likely to return to the dealership for sales and service in the future. Therefore, Toyota’s national hotline wants your dealer to solve your problem, and they even go so far as to hold your local dealer accountable for complaints you register on the hotline.

Put another way, if your dealer doesn’t solve your problem, Toyota will penalize them.

Therefore, calling the Toyota national customer service number right out of the gate can be counter productive.  When you call and report your problem to Toyota, Toyota starts their official process. At this point, the dealer knows that Toyota is going to potentially review their behavior, and often times they respond by going 100% “by the book.” This limits what your dealer can do for you.

Instead, call the local dealership FIRST. Ask to speak to the General Manager (GM), explain your problem clearly and calmly, and then ask for your desired solution. If you keep Toyota’s national customer service team out of the process, you and the local dealership GM can work something out quickly and easily.

Besides, if you can’t work it out with the GM yourself, you can always call the national hotline later.

Escalate to Regional

If your local dealer isn’t able to help you to your satisfaction, it’s time to go regional (see below for phone numbers). Bringing in the regional office adds some more pressure to the problem while saving that last resort of calling the national number. Many times the regional office may have resources that local dealers don’t.

Go National Last

Lastly, if neither the local or regional office is able to help then it is time to call the national Toyota customer service number. By this time, hopefully, you have gone through the local and regional options and have a good understanding of your issue and Toyota’s issue with fixing it. All of this information will prove to be especially helpful as you layout the situation to the national customer service representative. Just understand at this point you’re hoping for a bit of a miracle, because the national hotline typically isn’t very helpful.

Step 4) Send A Letter via Certified Mail

If you ever decide to hire an attorney to represent you in your complaint, it’s likely that the first thing your attorney will do is send a certified letter to your local dealership asking them to resolve your issue. Since certified letters are considered legal correspondence in a court of law, they will immediately get your dealer’s undivided attention. Your dealer WILL respond to your certified letter, and they WILL view it as a prelude to legal action. It’s surprising just how much impact a certified letter can have actually, which is probably why so many attorneys start their process with one.

Therefore, before you give up on your problem, fire up the word processor and send out a certified letter to the dealership, the regional office, and Toyota’s national correspondence address.

*NOTE: If you’re contemplating hiring an attorney, don’t send out a certified letter. Things you say in the letter can undermine your case in the future. Think of the certified letter as a parting shot – a last ditch effort before you give up.



  • Boston Office (ME, NH, VT, MA, RI) 508-339-5701
  • New York (NY, NJ, CT) 973-575-7600
  • Central Atlantic (PA, VA, WV, MD, DE) 410-760-1500
  • Southeast Region (NC, SC, AL, GA, FL) 954-429-2000
  • Cincinnati Region (MI, OH, KY, TN) 513-745-7500
  • Chicago Region (MN, WI, IL, IN) 630-907-0150
  • Kansas City Region (ND, SD, NE, KS, IA, M0) 816-891-1000
  • Gulf States Region (OK, TX, MS, LA, AR) 713-580-3300
  • Portland Region (AK, WA, OR, ID, MT) 503-493-4900
  • Denver Region (WY, CO, UT, NM, AZ, NV) 303-799-6776
  • San Francisco Region (Northern CA) 925-830-8300
  • LA Region (Southern CA) 949-727-2700

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
19001 South Western Ave.
Dept. WC11
Torrance, CA 90501

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  1. Anonymous says:

    when i got the truck back in 07. one tire had a slow leak. it was on the side where they couldn’t fix it. waited a few week for a new tire to get in. then i email them told them if the tire not in soon guess i have to report it to the lemon law. that got things moving.

    • brad says:

      Your an idiot, they helped u because they wanted to, a slow leak in a tire has nothing to do with the lemon law. Your lucky they just wanted to help you cause if you ignorantly mentioned the lemon law over something like that with me, i would have told you to pound sand and call the tire company cause you must just be stupid and i would have let u waste your time and energy dealing with them

      • Lisa says:

        Try the toyota dealer and service dept. in Ridgecrest,CA I paid cash for my highlander I wanted a toe bar put on it they said & put it in writing the would put tow packe at thier expence when I took it in they didn’t know who I was so I gave them the “WE OWE YOU” paper they wanted to know what I was towing where I was towing whatever to why was I towing $1600. they wanted to charge me. the knob came off stereo driver window stablizer is broke he tells me the extra warreny I paid for won’t cover it a& the window will be $500. there’s nothing wrong with the window its a small part that keeps window at a certain angle when its being rolled down. The stereo $1,000. for a part for the knob? NO a whole new stereo they did replace my broken water pump warranty covered I could have had a rental if he had told me it was covered like I asked him to 5 days later I put out $125. all he did was change my oil and I had too ask him 4 times I took it in before for regular maintanence they didn’t do anything would rotate tires or change filters check anything they called for me to pick it up when I get there they said they just found my note that was in the truck driver seat so they change oil but charge me for everything on my list. I live in the middle of no where town is 30 miles one way so taking my highlander in for service is not that easy and I’m trying to keep it in near perfect condition but with that ” service” it will be worthless I have bought 4 trucks from them took one back bought one for someone else he picked the worst truck on the lot. When the dealer says My bank said to let her have any truck on the lot I would be helping her find the suv that was right and new paying cash this time I really expected something some gas to drive home with I have had a problem with this highlander since the nigt I bought it transmission disengages while I’m driving I’ve told them this 3 times they tell me “he test drove it and it didn’t do that to him” my truck hadn’t been moved now it getting bad now what the next nearest toyota place is 3 hours away I have know one that can go with me to drop it off I wouldn’t have a way to pick it up I’ve been treated like I’m just a dumb blond who knows nothing about cars/trucks I’ve worked on cars most my life harleys too it pisses me off to be lied to the owner always sides with his boys I live in the desert things need maintenance air filters I can do that but that is thier job I don’t want the highlander it’s not off road sturdy enough for where I go it’s very low to the ground. So what do you suggestBrad?

        • Lisa – Sorry but your comment is really hard to read. Can you boil it down to the main problems for me? Maybe bust out the spell checker too.

        • Ken says:

          @Lisa Oct 7 2012…Lisa, you must be illiterate because you do not know what punctuation marks are for. Essentially, you have just three sentences in your whole statement. No capital letters where you seem to start a new sentence. No periods, semi colons, no commas, no exclamation marks. It is tough to read. Getting your point across is lost in your letter because of the above mistakes. Read you post ( obviously you did not proof read this before you posted) again and try to improve on your stated problems.

      • Viaz says:

        Brad, you’re the idiot here for your attitude. negative, negative.
        the bottom line is that is got resolved!

      • Anonymous says:

        Why insult this person?

      • snapshot says:

        I think toyota has the worst customer service I ve seen in any car dearlerships…they dont check any of their notes & paper work…dosent matter if payments are on time or couple days late, one can count on endless phone calls …its sicking how they treat customers…Never again will we buy any further toyotas…

        • Manal says:

          You are absolutly right. My experience with Toyta customer service was really bad and frustrating.

        • Anonymous says:

          We also experienced the worst customer relations. It was so bad, we left without a vehicle before the process was complete. A poor sales manager and a general manager who made excuses for the sales manager caused the situation to go from bad to worse.

  2. Anonymous says:

    when truck is new and i been waiting to long i get mad. then threat them with lemon law jack a&&

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  4. mk says:

    I always give the dealers at least 2 attempts to fix by repairing or replacing. Usually dealers try to fix vs. replace at least 2 times before they will replace anything. If after 2 attempts, I escalate to service mgr. of dealer and see what he says. If he brushes me off, then I go national next and then things finally get rolling usually. I’m not there to make friends, but to have a vehicle worthy of driving.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had a problem with Cobb County Toyota in Kennesaw GA which they would not address at all. I purchased 4 new Michelin tires for my Tundra at this dealership and had them installed by them. When the tire pressure indicator lit up after tire installation, I took the Tundra back to dealership. I was told that the sensor in one of the brand new tires which they installed was faulty. They would not accept responsibility for the sensor despite them having replaced the tires themselves. After checking all 4 tires, they sent me on my way w/o a resolution to the problem. The next morning, my driver side front tire was completely flat. The Tundra had been parked in the garage all night, but the tire was flat. Toyota came to my home and put air in the tire. I took the Tundra back to Cobb County Toyota at their request, and they proceeded to tell me there was nothing wrong with the tire; however, they could not explain why it was flat. Again, they refused to even discuss replacing the sensor indicator. When I called 1-800-gotoyota, as instructed by the service advisor, I was told that all Toyota dealerships are independent and answer to nobody at Toyota. We customers are all at the mercy of the dealership we are working with. This is a pitiful situation for Toyota customers to be in.

      • Jason (Admin) says:

        Sounds fishy that the tire was flat without a hole in it – either they didnt’ seat the valve stem properly, or you’ve got a saboteur on your hands. Tires don’t just lose air on their own…any chance someone in the neighborhood was trying to send you a message?

        As for the faulty sensor, it should be replaced if it happened immediately after the repair took place (i.e. within a day or two). If it happened weeks or months later, that’s a different story. Sensors can go out for no reason, and the dealership can’t accept responsibility if/when a part fails on it’s own.

  5. LJC says:

    The hood protector that came with my Tundra has damaged my hood. The damage is from the S-shaped metal fasteners rubbing through the protective plastic adhesives and paint, down to the primer. Today, I have an appointment with the regional service manager. Let’s see if this amounts to anything.

  6. LJC says:

    Follow up: I meet with the Toyota service reps and Toyota is going to foot the bill for refinishing my hood! Being courteous and following the above steps and advice has paid off. I have to say this is the best service I have ever received for a vehicle (GMC, Volvo, Subaru, and Chevrolet). I’d also like to point out the dealer deserves credit too. They followed up with all communication and handled everything professionally and were/are a pleasure to deal with.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      That’s Great!


    • brad says:

      good for you, as u stated it pays to be corteous, im happy for you and your loyaty to not only the brand but also the individual franchise. Keep rollin man! 🙂

  7. LJC says:

    PS: The dealer is Charlies Toyota in Augusta Maine. My next vehicle will be another Toyota, likely a Venza, and I’ll purchase if from Charlies. Oh, they are 65 miles away–it’s worth the drive!

  8. mk says:

    Overall, I too have received better service with Toyota over my former GM dealerships. Haven’t found decent service yet for my Hyundai anywhere close by unfortunately.

  9. Mickey says:

    I do understand by not escalating with the service people. A time comes when an Area Representative accuses you for pulling down a headliner and he states it 3x. I don’t care what is suppose to be the proper way of handling a situation but after the third time of being accused the line was drawn. I really didn’t care who heard me or what beautiful words I stated to this area rep. When he refused to listen to what I had to say then accused me the 3rd time he wasn’t going to get anymore politeness from me. When he finally did what I asked him after he pushed up my headliner and open and closed the door 3x the headliner fell again. I don’t care how good GM had in a warranty. They just proved how much they don’t care/listen to a customer’s complaint. What the wrea rep did is just what the tech’s did, was pushed my headliner back up in position and never did replace the headliner. How much does a customer have to play this game? 11x so called replacing my headliner is a bit on the ludicrous side. This was done by 3 different dealerships. This shows a trend in how they so call try to fix things. What wasn’t mention to these dealerships is that I was a tech that worked in the trim dept at GM dealerships. Went through GM school in the later 70’s for this. Shoddy workmanship being done by 3 dealerships leave someone to wonder what else these dealerships do. As for the so called GM customer care why do they need to know how many GM vehicles I own? They couldn’t fix the one in front of them. What I can say I didn’t get this type of grief from the Toyota dealership. Even though I would have preferred a little assistance when my tranny failed at 96k miles this wasn’t the feeling the service people had with me. They can only do so much that Toyota allows. Needless to say I will never again buy GM even if I won one I would sell it right away. I can’t say I would rather walk than ride in another GM product because I was forced the last two weeks to drive an 2012 Impala since my 07 Tundra was in the body shop thanks to a very young girl following too close ram me by not paying attention. Cost over $3k. At least my scratches on the tailgate are all fix and looks new.

  10. tessa says:

    I too have had really bad experiences with customer service. I bought a new IQ and was sent a card which showed membership of club Toyota for three years. This is really breakdown insurance but as i wasnt expecting this i rang to check it was right. I was assured it was and so was relying on having breakdown cover. I also got 3 years servicing as part of the purchase price. At the end of the first year i got a letter asking me if i wanted to pay to continue in club Toyota. Well as you know i had another 2 years to go so took no notice. But not being able to locate the vouchers for servicing i rang to see if i could be sent some replacement vouchers. While i was on the phone i asked why i had been sent a letter asking me to continue with club toyota when i remained a member for another 2 years. I was told very bluntly I was not a member. I said i had a card clearly showing i was and that i had even checked this was correct when i recieved it. The customer service person implied i was trying to defraud the company, that i knew i was not entitled to it and that when they realised their mistake they had cancelled it. I said what would have happened if i had broken down and he said they would have refused to offer assistance as I did not deserve any.
    He was incredibly rude but did say he would send replacements for the servicing vouchers but never did. I made a complaint but got a reply that said yes they had told me i was entitled to the vouchers in the first part ot the letter but then accused me of making that up in the second half of the letter!
    Anyway i eventually found the servicing vouchers and had the first service. They said clearly on the front the service had to be done at one year or after 10,000 miles between services. As i had only done around 7000 miles at the end of the second year i didnt rush to get the next service done. At around 13 months after the last service i rang to arrange the service but was told the voucher was not valid. Apparently in very small print on the back of the voucher there was a rider that said it had to be at 1 year or 10,000 miles whichever was the sooner. Well as i had paid for the service as part of the price of the car i was not happy. The service station suggested i call customer services which i did. They said tough, if i had carefully read the small print i would have seen this rider and frankly they just didnt care. They added that if i did not pay to have a Toyota service (at £250 when i had already paid for the voucher), the warranty would not be valid.
    Frankly the customer service is rude unhelpful and very unpleasant.
    I will take great pleasure in never buying a Toyota ever again.

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  12. chi says:

    when i purchased a Toyota Yaris, it was a hot day, we have looked at the car but didn’t notice there are bad hail damage on both side until I looked at it again the next morning after brought it home and it like 3hr away from the dealer. there one thing that the sale rep. didn’t even mention anything about the hail damage. i called the sale manager the next day, they said they cant do anything about it.. what I suppose to do? I like the car a lot, just want them to fix it, I don’t like the fact that they were dishonest ( saying how good the the car is, there no problem at all… )

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      chi – That sounds majorly screwed up – the dealership should disclose the damage to you prior to completing your purchase. Since they didn’t, I would report them to your state’s dealer licensing board and/or consumer affairs office.

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  14. tony vo says:

    my car problem with engine check and vsc system.they fixed it my bill $753.52 for labor.until toyota specialist and technical did that,they make damage my instrument and rip dash board and missing one screw in base coffee hold and one plastics screw was broken,i asked service manager to repair them,he said could not fix them.he only repair panel face,he said that i did before,i said i did nothing with that,i got mad with him,because his people pull instrument panel off,they did make right there damage,i have two people witness.before i brought to toyota deadler,ihad brought to tt auto repair looks that,the gay said he could not do it,only toyota could do it and one gay sale men saw it,he did adjustment the light for me in march when he sold this car to me.please help way to resolve it.all the time i was own camry,corola,avalon,4runner and now sienna,but this manager turn around with me,you now can not beleave it.i did pay too high labor,but they did my car like that,so what do you thing?how do you feeling,i do know when i feed back with performance toyota deadler,at lavista ne.i had email too bbb camplaints

  15. toyota customer says:

    I took my car to Toyota east coast service center in Carlstadt New Jersey for an oil change. Mileage on car 39450. Had changed all 4 tires 4 months ago and did wheel balancing and alignment at pep boys. here the issue, when I went to Toyota east coast service center in New Jersey they told me that my wheel balance was off and would do it for $89.99 which I agreed too since it was almost 4 months ago, my total bill should have been $39 +89.99 + tax, but in the bill they even added $119 for wheel alignment which they did tell me about? They rip you off. Stay away from this car salesman called John at this center. And the worst part is they do not even offer any warranty on the work not even for a single day. Had they disclosed this to me I could have go this work done at some other place for much less price.

  16. The miles per gallon on the panel of the Prius is any where about 2 to 4 MPG higher that it is when figure
    Manually. Do you want me to take this to small claims

  17. The MPG on the Panel of my 2010 Prius is approximate
    2 to 4 MPG higher than it is when figured by the miles driven divided by the gallons put in it.

    I checked with another driver that has a 2010 Prius and they say the same thing.

  18. Brijesh,

    Sorry to hear about your problem. Unfortunately, we are not part of Toyota and have no way to help you. We wish you the best of luck with your problems.


    • Wally Botha says:

      Thanks< any suggestions on how i can make my problem clear to TOYOTA management??????

      • Tim Esterdahl says:


        In all likelihood, you have made your problem clear. I don’t see a lot else you can do.


  19. Corolla Owner says:

    Has anyone received any assistance through the Toyota Customer Assistance Center?
    I have a 2009 corolla and a problem with the service manager at Puente Hills Toyota. Long story short, the customer service is less than satisfactory. I paid $100 to have a 4 wheel alignment (even though my vehicle is front wheel drive) because it was “suggested” by the advisor. Then 2 days later, my vehicle pulls to the right so i take it back and the service manager has the nerve to ask me to return at a later time for a test drive because he is busy! look Kevin Cho, service manager, if you want to have customers return to your shop for regular maintenance, you better step your customer service game up! i strongly discourage customers from taking their vehicle to Puente Hills Toyota!! Oh and if you think you are going to get assistance from the Call center, think again! been 1 week and still waiting for a call back from Product Supervisor Nicole Redd or PH Toyota Customer Relations Manager Carol Rhoden!! Sorry to put your names out here like this, but if you want to keep customers (an i have purchased 5 toyotas within the last 5 years) you need to make sure we are your priority!
    I also own a Mazda (i like Japan built vehicles) and their customer assistance is outstanding! Maybe ill just get another Mazda!!

  20. BETTYE says:

    I am a proud owner 1994 Toyota Camry who has a question for you.
    The remote to make the front driver window go up can only be worked with massive pressure on the button.
    It is horrible, moreso because that window is used so often at driveup sites for parking lot ticket/payment access, ATMs, food carryouts, and more. I had it replaced and it is at it again. When I asked about this second failure I was told that that is what happens with these cars. Why? Right now I am using a dinner fork to force the control back to make the window go up. That’is slow and painful because it takes a while and so much force has to be used.
    There is no problem making that window go down.
    I am very interested in what you have to say. Was that ever a recall item? Do you have any assistance for people with this problem? I am 65 years old, single, retired and any help to resolve this would be appreciated since I have to keep this car a while longer.

    • Bettye – I feel your pain, but once a car is 19 years old, the book is closed on assistance.

      My advice? Before you buy another switch, find out what it takes to convert to an old-fashioned roll down window. It’s surprisingly inexpensive.

  21. Linda Rector says:

    I am so disappointed in my 2004 Toyota Highlander. It has 109,000 miles on it so I know there is no warranty help.Just need to get it off my chest. At 105,000 mile I had the timing belt changed per recommendation of mfg.My husband requested the old parts back, and they looked brand new, a thousand dollars later. Next, the struts on the front needed to be replaced,$600. for that.A new noise in the front drivers side wheel.Mechanic thinks it a broken rubber mount of some sort.Quoted price to repair, appx. $200.Next,the windows on the passenger side (both the front and back) will not roll up (sometimes).We were driving on the freeway and the back window decided to go down by itself.We got off the freeway,and little by little, with using my hands to pull the window up we got it to close.Since it is winter and we’ve (recently) spend so much money on the Highlander,we will wait until after the new year to have it all fixed. Driving the Highlander sounds like a bucket of bolts. We bought the Highlander new.We have had it serviced,oil changed all along. People are amazed that the car is as old as it is because I take such good care of it.If they only knew.We bought Toyota because of it’s reputation. We are disappointed that it hits the 100,000 mark and literally is falling apart.
    Thanks for letting me vent!

  22. Sandman says:

    I feel so Horrible for my sister. She’s turning 52 this year and is in the process of adopting my nephews 2 very young children, one of which has many issues and is in and out of doctors offices and therapy groups. Her son was driving her toyota camry to do errands and the car caught on fire. The car was bought used and she had it for a few years. It only had 60,000 miles on it. The fire was caused by one engine rod being thrown, which leaked oil and caused a fire. The mechanics said that only one rod went, that there was plenty of lubrication, and no one can figure out why this happened. Toyota refuses to fix the car, and the insurance company will not fix the car. My sister goes back and forth to doctors and day cares and to get all sorts of special needs shopping done, medications, etc., etc. etc. The Service Station where she brought it said that it’s nothing that she did to cause this, but that it’s the Big Corporations turning there back on the ever so weak and fragile. AGAIN!!!!

  23. Oddur Olasn says:

    Yaris Hybrid
    Big viper blades/brackets are not very practical in northern regions, if frosen to the windshield, they tend to break when owner tries to free them in order to clear frost and ice.
    Otherwise, the Hybrid is outstanding.
    best regards,
    Oddur and Sigga

  24. AU says:

    I bought my Camery in March of 2011; Car had a wheel allignment issue since the day one; it would pull towards one direction & at a certain speed the steering wheel would shake. My first visit back to the dealership was with the same complain & after that quite a few more. I am a working class person & cannot take time off frequently to go back over & over again. Everytime I went for the service, I notified of the issue to the dealership & they would accept the fact that there is a issue. They asked me to replace tires at about 18K – 20K miles & I paid & did it as well but the issue was not resolved. Eventually I contacted Toyota corporate & they would not do anything either, other than sending me back to the same dealer who has not been able to do any good for almost 2 years.

  25. Sorry to say you that i have took a fortuner car its light is not working proper plz contact me on 8002002916 or9431346978

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  27. deepak agarwal says:

    my compliant is against ” sunny motors pvt ltd. lucknow” reg no. my etios car is up 86 k 3656, job card no. gsj13-02000, i had submitted my car on 23-02-2013, but till today no one is even talking with us, and they are not responsing good and not telling us truth..i m very much annoyed by their behaviour and neither they r willing to say or talk about it…plz help me as soon as possible

  28. paul rice says:

    I have a 2004 toyota tacoma, and have loved toyota products for 30 years.the problem I have a my mpg ,it is about 9 mpg.have gotten a tune up etc, is a 6 cylinder,also with brakes.. please advise proud toyota owner thank you paul rice

  29. Shauna Baggett says:

    I purchased the best truck I could ever wish for, 2001 Toyota Tacoma; it’s an xtra cab with TRD with the SR5. Today at 113500 miles it still looks and runs showroom new. But it has the rust on the frame and bad too. Toyota refuses to help in any way. In 2012 the frame was perfect, now it is almost eaten through. I love this truck but it is unsafe to drive and I am very displeased with how they are handling the situation. At 113500 miles I opt to go with Toyota compared to Chevrolet because Toyota had a wonderful reputation on reliable vehicles and I was sold on that. When the recall was sent out, I was living in Virginia and battling cancer so I missed the recall. I believe Toyota should warrant their product or close down their plants if they won’t honor the issues at hand. I want a new frame or at least another truck with my engine and transmission, my baby is gorgeous. I am now on a fixed income with blood clots in my lungs due to the cancer I need my truck.
    Toyota what will you do to help?

  30. swati says:

    Dublin Toyota Dealer Fraud…. Dublin California

    I went to Toyota dealer in California to trade in my certified pre-owned 2010 Toyota corolla which had $6000 worth of damage on it. I went to them specifically as I had purchased that car from them and I was happy with the service that they provided. They offered me $3000 for it and sell me a new 2013 Toyota corolla. I agreed to it as KBB value showed that a good trade was $10000 on my damaged car.
    I went ahead and signed for the new car and released my old car to them. Financial team also sold me extra warranty around $4000. On the second day I noticed on the bill that trade in value was actually ‘$0’ as they had miss calculated the payoff amount I had on the old car as $8525 when actually it was $5525. I went to them to ask about it and they explained to me that they “adjusted” the cost to body shop bill for $6000. As per their calculation – trade-in value $3000, Body shop bill – $6000, so the actual pay off on my car was 5525(earlier car loan)+3000(auto body shop bill) = 8525. I felt a bit cheated as I was under the impression that I would receive $3000 on top of the damaged car. As per my calculation – the actual payoff amount on the car = $5525 – $3000(trade-in) = $2525. I reluctantly agreed to their calculation as I did not have time or patience to deal with them.
    However, the next day they changed their story and called me back saying that the auto body shop was asking for a price of $9000 for repair and they now considered the car totaled. Since they did not deal with totaled cars, the contract was void and I had to sign a new contract only for the new car and take back my old car. I was completely shocked as this was the auto body shop they dealt with internally I had taken my damaged car to their service center and they were the once who sent it to that body shop. They had even called the owner of this auto body shop the day I signed the contract to confirm the charges. Had he not informed them that the charges would be $9000 then? I felt that I was in a bad deal and wanted to cancel the whole deal and get my car back.
    The Toyota manager then started to harass me with legal consequences, they said I could not cancel the whole deal as I had driven the new car for 2-3 days and it was now used car. The contract was now void as I had traded in a totaled car which was a wrong thing to do and will be punished by “California law” ! I had only one option left and that was to sign a different contract for the new car and accept my old car which was still at the body shop. I felt cornered and since I had no idea what to do in this case, I signed to contract as he insisted to do it on spot, he could not wait for me to think about it and get back to them. Their lawyers would file a case and there would be legal consequences even for 1 day. Completely overwhelmed, I signed it. The next day I incurred the charges for keeping the damaged car at the body shop for 1 week, towing charges and got my damaged car back. The whole deal was an ordeal for me and my wife. We trusted them exclusively. My pre-owned Toyota corolla 2010 was purchased from them and when the damage happened, I went to them and they took it to the body shop which they dealt with internally. It is starting to feel like the whole deal was preplanned by them. I had clearly mentioned that I would go for a new car only if they gave me a good trade in price. Now, not only do I possess the car that was damaged with $9000 worth of repairs as per the body shop estimation, I also have a new Toyota corolla 2013 for the full price which I did not intend to own or purchase.
    The irony of it all is, we’d have gone with the new car on that day even if we were told the truth that our car would be totaled. We trusted Jojo, whom we’d dealt with before, and knew that he’d understand and offer us something we’d like. The manager “George” or whatever his name is, didnt have to do the “Bait and Switch” with us, especially with that drama of asking us take all our stuff out of the new car and hand over the keys because we didnt sign the new contract then and there at 9 pm in the night. On top of it, he told me that B&S would charge us nothing as they hadn’t performed any repairs.. They charged us $400 for keeping the car with them for 7 days! The feeling of being cheated on and lied to.. I guess one has to experiance it to know it.
    Is there any way to claim for compensation or file a case against them for pulling such a trick on me? I would appreciate any counsel that you can provide.

    • Swati,

      Sounds like a tough deal. We can’t though provide any legal advice since we aren’t lawyers and don’t want to lead you astray.

      Best of luck!


  31. Patrick Lewis says:

    I bought a toyota avalon limited edition 2 and a half years ago,which I’ve been mostly happy with. However after about 4months the ipod input quit working. having checked te ipod to make sue it worked ok, which it did at the first oil change I told them that it wasn’t working. But of course it hapened to work at that particular time. this happen again two or three times, They tol me I would have to bring it in when it wasn’t workig correctly. Well today I tried to bring it in because it had not been working for the last two weeks. Well they told me I had to makean appointment or possibly wait all to see if they could get to it.I felt like they really didnt care. By the way I also have the 5 year 70,000 mile extra warranty.
    I will probably never buy another toyota again. and I’ll probably put thi on facebook and twitter

    Thank you Pat

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      So… you are pissed that your iPod isn’t working and you needed to make an appointment to get it fixed for FREE? Due to this being patient and getting it fixed for free, you plan on never buying another Toyota?? Really?


  32. Wally Botha says:

    Hi there. i have purchased a 3.0 KZTE d/b bakkie on a private sell. Service history up to date with Toyota. on my 150 000km service, Barworld toyota Witbank serviced my bakkie- at the price of R 5 800-00 everything seemed well, after about 2 days and 1000 km- because i cover a lot od km in my daily work- i found that my bakkie is another suddenly leaking oil. With myself- and not a qualified mechanic, i found that after my 150 000 km service- the oil filter was screwed on schew. i took my vehicle back to Barlow Toyota- Witbank and quickly they repaired the scew oil filter. after a few more km done- i realised that there was a noise in my bakkies engin- i arranged another appointment, and they had my bakkie for the whole of the day. After asessing the “so called noise” that i have experienced, the feedback was that there was no problem at all- all critical componants was accessed- nothing wrong. i received my bakkie with the confidance of the ” AGENT” GIVES ME THE HEADS UP and my bakkie is fine. To find that only 2 weeks thereafter- the noise got louder, i booked a check-up once again, to find that the Technisian can not find anything wrong with my bakkie- on numorous occations i have explained that when the motor is under toque- i can hear a noise. Fot the second booking of the check-up for noise in the engine- i received the answer that they can not find anything wrong. I suggested taht my bakkie can stay overnight to have moer time to asess. The reply i got was for me to be present the next morning and have a drive with the Technitian and explain the noise i hear. Next morning i was there- before they can even start my bakkie. I called the technition closer to start my bakkie and with the cold start to let him hear- he then agnowledged the noise- me not being a mechanic and with no mechanical background….- Suddenly the ” No Problem”, became a estimated R 6 500 – R 7 000 problem. I gave the go ahead, and thereafter a conversation with the Main guy (Johan), discission was made that we can maybe exclude Labour costs. I agnouwledge> then that same aftenoon to receive another call to say that the damage on my bakkie is more severe- still waiting for the estamite and the go- ahead. My Question to the Top Management of Toyota- What can i do now!!!!! Kindly mail me- I am ready to go to court- due to the assumption of a bill of R 20 0000- R 30 000….

  33. […] way up (doesn't hurt to push for a fix in my opinion). All the contact info is in this link… Toyota Customer Service Complaints ? Make Your Voice Heard | Tundra Headquarters Blog __________________ —- 2010 CrewMax SR5 Slate Metallic 5.7L TRD Mods: TRD Supercharged, TRD […]

  34. […] dealership lacks the skill to make the warranty repair. Tips on how to be heard can be found here: Toyota Customer Service Complaints ? Make Your Voice Heard | Tundra Headquarters Blog If Toyota would give an owner 150% trade-in value for a rusted frame for a Tacoma, then it is […]

  35. Jerry says:

    I think toyota customer service sucks.

    I had problem with my 2011 sienna power rear lift gate.

    The problem started about a year ago when the latch won’t latch properly. It took Capitol toyota over 2 weeks to sort out the issue. The problem returned last Friday.

    I took the van in for repair. Fremont Toyota denied my repair by accusing me that the car was wrecked because there were over spray on the quarter panel.

    That is a complete lie. My car was scratched down to bare metal in feb 2013. It was about .5 inch scratch. I was in hurry to get it paint over so I can go to Tahoe skiing trip. I don’t want can to rust. So I had someone from Craigslist to paint the left quarter panel (mobile paint shop) because no body shop can take my car in short notice. Obvious with mobile paint shop the paint job was bad and over spray is normal since nothing was disassembled and interior untouched. So this was basis of Toyota not willing to fix the latch issue even though this occurred before and the car was never in a wreck.

    After three Camry and 4 sienna since 2005. I am done with Toyota. I am going to strip off all of tr paint on left rear quarter panel and park the car at my toyota dealership to show proof that my can was never hit not had anything removed. Screw toyota.

  36. Dan says:

    Anyone having a chemical smell coming out of the AC. A AC chemical smell is coming out of the AC and make us cough and weeze! Gets on our clothes as well! Dealer says they cannot duplicate! Most prominate when car is running in park stopped!

    • poisonous Prius owner says:

      I inherited an ’05 Prius with toxic fumes in the cabin coming from the HVAC batteries behind the back seat. Besides smelling a horrible chemical smell in the car and on clothes and everything that’s been in the car (including grocery bags after going to the market), driving in this car makes everyone dizzy, light headed, and nauseous. Original owner died of brain & lung cancer. Online research documents the cause is decomposing hybrid vent tubes on the batteries that emit a toxic “off gas” fume. I took the car to the Toyota dealership where it was bought in Irvine, CA and asked for the vent tubes to be removed so I could inspect them before being replaced. When I picked up the car, the service record documented a front end alignment! Huh??? Service tech said he “smelled the air vent.” The only way to inspect the vent tubes is to remove the back seats. I took my complaint to the general manager, who said he’d do the repair for free in a few days. Unfortunately, he didn’t warn me he’d be out of the office during that time. I took the car back, and got a call saying the car was fine, and it costs $710 for the tubes to be replaced. I said I was on my way to the dealership to see the vent tubes when they were off the battery, which was the exact instruction I’d given when I dropped the car off. Then the service guy said the car was already put back together. I asked him why then did he quote me the cost of repair if he’d already put the car back together. That’s like taking wheels off a car, calling a customer to say brakes pads & rotors need to be replaced, but putting the wheels back on before the customer responds. The general mgr didn’t responded to my phone call or email. He is supposedly returning to his office next week. Speak to him again, or go Regional? Your advice is appreciated.

      • Tim Esterdahl says:

        I would speak to the service manager again. Frankly, in these cases, you don’t want to “burn bridges” too quickly by jumping over one person. I say exhaust the service manager angle and then move on.


  37. Drew says:

    I have a Toyota Tundra 2007 which has the P2440 Error. They said they have to replace everything that is the “Air valve assembly”. I have been waiting almost 2 months now for some type of resolution but the part is on back order and it has no ETA. I have a case manager on it but it doesnt matter nothing is getting done all i get are calls saying “Still on back order.” I am Livid i dont what else to do or where else to go.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      That stinks. It really does. I wish I could give you some different advice, but I just don’t know. Good luck man!


  38. Richard says:

    I curious on Toyota’s Policy concerning a contract for a vehicle being signed, financing approval sign but the vehicle is at another dealer? reason for asking, I went to purchase a 2013 Tundra Crewmax on Friday evening, after getting my trade appraised and final price done, I signed the contract and finance on Friday night and was told that my truck will be delivered to dealer ship Monday (today). I called this morning and was informed that the vehicle I signed for was sold already by the other dealer. I have been a loyal Toyota owner for 15 years and have never had this happen before.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Yikes! Is the dealer compensating you at all?


      • Richard says:

        No, they don’t think they have done anything wrong..They are trying to find a comparable truck.

        • Tim Esterdahl says:

          Hmm… That doesn’t sound right at all. Sounds like another “questionable” dealership story to me. I bet they are going to try to sell you on service. Umm… no!


  39. Marie Julme says:

    I purchased a 2010 venza in Jan 2013, the tire pressure light is on and from the showroom they put a little air in it, of course the light went off, it came back on 3 days later, i called service and explained the problem and they said anytime i see the light to stop at a gas station and put air in it, by feb 6th i was tired and fed up and called them and i brought the car to be fixed, so one of the tires had something and 7 months later on Aug 8th, Benny Mak told me that i need 2 new tires of the amount of $508 plus tax. i dont have that money, they should replace them for free because the tires were not good to begin with so i need help, please manager do something, that’s not fair to me.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Hi Marie,

      First, I took your phone number off your post for your privacy. Second, that stinks about the tires. I would further your issue with Toyota using the steps listed in the article. Unfortunately, we are not Toyota and as such don’t have any power if you will. Let us know how it turns out.


  40. Sue says:

    I have a 2013 Toyota Avalon with a defective headliner. I have been waiting for over 10 weeks for Toyota to resolve the issue. I am now told it will be resolved “sooner than later”. At first I was led to believe it was a recall situation. Then, an isolated problem. Now a common problem awaiting a TSB for repair. They have continued to sell Avalons since the onset of my problem. So, what does this mean? Were/are they selling defective Avalons to unsuspecting customers? If not, why is mine not being repaired? It is covered by warranty that Toyota does not appear to be honoring. My problem was initially escalated from the 1st dealership I went to, the 1st day I brought the vehicle back. The dealership wanted nothing to do with repairing it. After I took time off from work to get there so a service technician would have time to look at it, they didn’t even have a service technician look at it, or write up the service visit. From there, I did most of the escalating because the only resolution I could get and am still getting is that “Toyota is working hard on a resolution to the problem”. I must say, though, there really isn’t much escalation. I don’t think I ever got beyond “customer service”. They just changed the name to “executive offices”. At one point I was offered some cash because of the situation. Later I was told I misunderstood, and I would be compensated after the issue was resolved. Trust me, I have excellent documentation, there was no misunderstanding. If they actually followed through sending the money, that they offered, not that I asked for, I might believe they were actually working on a resolution. Now I think it’s just one stall tactic after another with a goal to wear me out. I am usually pretty easy going. But, in this instance I will agree that I am so out of character it’s ridiculous. Mostly because of the total disrespect I received from the first service visit. It just went downhill from there because of Toyota’s continuous lack of honoring a warranty. This whole ordeal has taken all the joy I should be receiving from a vehicle I saved up for 8 years to purchase. So much for Toyota’s policy of customer satisfaction and/or a quality product.

  41. Lisa says:

    09 Avalon have a lot of issue on this car, recent visit for oil change Puenta Hill stated on the rpt that there are several failed part on the car, which there are 2 major issue rack pinion and arm control which both have to replace and I told them I have warranty on the car they stated that it won’t cover on the issue and that I have to go back to where I bought the car, so I did Longo agree that there was leak on the rack pinion but no need to replace control arm which no oil touch that section so I asked them why did Puenta Hill stated that it need to be replace which could be out of my pocket $1700 so Longo push me back to Puenta Hill and get there answer as why, so I drove. Back and asked Kevin and he told and show me that there is only a hair line on the control arm and suspension which warranty will not cover until it crack 50 percent, I said are you kidding me! He stated the car should be find, until it crack further. I just ok and drove home which I just give up on dealer reply, all they ever said is can’t find the problem or this example not enough crack to replace. I guess I will wait to have an accident due to not enough crack on the control arm and suspension. This is a worst car I ever own and dealer is pushing me like a yo yo! Can anyone help?

  42. Pamela says:

    I took my 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder to Legacy Toyota in Tallahassee on 8/28/13, for severe intermittent loss of throttle. On 08/30, they diagnosed the problem as a bad throttle body assembly that would cost $1,600+ to repair. They assured me this was the issue, so I authorized repair and they ordered the part. They told me that the part comes frm Canada and would take two weeks to arrive. I found out about the Customer Support program on my own and that the part was covered by warranty. I called the dealership with the claim number on 9/9/13. On 9/17, the dealership called me and said the part order was cancelled because Toyota needs computer readings to authorize part shipment. The dealership already destroyed the previous readings and now can’t reproduce the issue. They also wanted me to pay for $30 in gas (almost a full tank) since my car is now empty. It had a quarter tank when I dropped it off 3 weeks ago, which in my car equates to about 80 miles of driving. So apparently, they are using my car to run errands, pick up lunch, etc, under the guise of “recreating the problem”. When I agreed to pay for the repair, that was definitely the problem, but now that it is a warranty repair, they aren’t so sure that’s what’s wrong with it. Once (or if) they can get the computer readings it will take another 2 weeks to get the part in. I just want my car fixed and 5 weeks is ridiculous! I am extremely disappointed by their lack of professionalism and poor customer service.

    • THarris says:

      Thank you for this review. We just took our 06 Tundra in to Legacy for a estimate on the repair cost. They told us that they felt like the problem would be covered under a special extended warranty from Toyota. If it wasn’t covered we would have to pay $98 diagnostic fee. They called and said the warranty starts with 07 models and so our 06 would not be covered. They still charged us the diagnostic fee even though they would know that just by checking the warranty info. Total cost to repair it $2000. We across the street to Used Car Supermarket. Their cost to repair? $500! Legacy has certainly lost my business! Just seems a little shady to me!!!

  43. Danny says:

    Toyota will never learn. Do away with drum brakes all together.For example look at Hyundai from the smallest to the largest cars have Disc brakes, Better!. Turn signal mirrors all led lighting. That’s Better!!

  44. Thiru says:


    Dear all, Im Thiru here, car number AJA5551, my vibration problem are yet to be settle by you. You have changed the all four tyres but the problem is still there. Tmap came down and have a check on the car but its useless, tmap just go and sleep. my problem unsolved. japan complaint reference number is NCR-0051319-01-A the funny thing is the Japanese is also not responding to me hahaha good keep it up. You know the problem cant be solve and you don’t know how to solve? Go back to school. What are you all are doing there? You must be shame of your selves since a customer are complaining for months and his problem is unsolved, how if you was in my shoe??????? I would like to complain again again and again about our car. Our car registration number is AJA 5551.Now my main problem are the defects of the car. Our car has some vibration during the acceleration from 20kph to 40 kph and this can be felt throughout the car. At last after an inspection done by Technician from tmap, he has identified the problem and it was coming from the tyres. they changed all the four tyres after tmap came down from Thailand. but it is useless, the vibration is still there. I don’t want to accept a car like this. or you keep this car and replace me with new car. I would like to demand an explaination and solution but not runaway from me. Or the Toyota wanted to cheat the customer? the car is already 14 months but what are you all are pulling there? The Japanese know how to design a car or not? Better go and commit suicide . I bought the car using so much of money but now I feel that I have ended up getting rubbish. You have throw the rubbish on my head and trying to escape from me. I am going through and flow to Toyota to get is solve but its unsolve. Toyota cheated me, your a cheaters. I should have buy Honda cars. I will spread this issue to all my friends and spoil your name. I will make sure no of my friends buy Toyota cars to release my anger. Now what I want to know is whether the problem can be settled or not? Or else is Toyota going to say that this car will be continuously like this forever? Is this Toyota’s ethics of service to their customers? The words “it is like that” are quite common word for the problem which cannot be settled. If cannot be settled never mine, i need a official letter from Toyota that this problem cannot be solve and its easy for me for to take legal action against you. I spent from 8.30am until 5pm for this matter during sending this car for complaint, is a dilemma day for me. I want your answer now.

  45. JC says:

    I bought a 2014 Corolla on Sept 1. I paid to have leather put in the car. I was told it would take about three weeks until the leather came in. When I called back four weeks later, the salesperson who sold me the car was no longer there. I spoke with the sales manager who gave me the name of another salesperson who was taking over the customers of the person who left. I have had to call them over and over. They tell the leather is in then they tell me they think its in. They have told me several they would call to schedule the appt. They were suppose to call me last Thursday. It’s now Wednesday. I paid cash for this car and I feel like they got their money and they don’t care now.

  46. mtutu says:

    I have a 2010 1.3 toyota corolla. engine stripped 4 times, failed to start 2 times. Still under warranty. Problem – cold start rattling noise. Toyota says hydrolic lifters are the problem. the mechanics said the engine top was replaced but till encounter the same problem. problem started after the 45000km service. the matter is with the national office.

  47. kev says:

    I tried the local dealer, and they did give me some relief. However, I was not fully satisfied so I called the regional office. They had me call the national number immediately. They did not even take my name.

  48. Ms. seng says:

    I feel so disappointed and want to make a complaint with your toyota dealer which is Roda Indah Motors Sdn Bhd. I paid deposit $500 to order your new type vious 7/10/2013 for booking with stock 2014 year car. I have spoke to the salesman and he had guarantee that i can get the car in January 2014 and he also promise to buy me the vehicle no. However, at the end until now he not realized promise I still not get the car which I order in brown colour. He is so rude to me and I have asked to his line manager, but I also been serve like same no one care my feel , they waste my few month time I feel angry and disappointed how come they can allow this happen like nothing problem, is that all such thing can make some action to have a complaint or you are concern about it, please have a reply to me, thanks

  49. Rudi b says:

    My Toyota Tundra 5.7 from 2007 have a engine problem. When accelerate the engine smokes and leave a curtain off smoke behind. Does anybody have seen this problem before.

    I am driving the Tundra in Belgium

  50. […] would dig dipper right to the manufacturer stock or… to your formal complaint here: Toyota Customer Service Complaints ? Make Your Voice Heard | Tundra Headquarters Blog Do not be afraid to post their names here. I would personally like to know Lower Mainland Dealer […]

  51. THarris says:

    We have an 06 Tundra that the air pump has went out in. Dealership says it will cost $2000 to replace it. Apparently the extended warranty doesn’t cover this defect unless it is a 07 or newer. I called the Toyota Customer Service number and they said there is nothing they can do.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a refund for the repair cost? Am I just out of luck?

  52. I booked toyota etios cross on 18th apri l2014.The Dealer DSK toyota KOlhapur promised delivery of car up to end of the month of June 2014.So I prepared for car loan through SBI and also join Car driving school of one month which is going to end in next five days.But Dealer said we are not in a position to delivery of car in coming some days. I think they must assured me to the date of delivery.

  53. Sony Ho says:

    I recently bought a Sienna 2014. I was informed before the day I bought the car that I will be offered $500 because I was a Toyota customer (I bought a Toyota Corolla 2005 at Midtown).

    They did not inform me any document I need to ready for the offer. So on the day we bought the Sienna, I bring my Corrola 2005 Registration with hope to gain $500 offer. Unfortunately, the address on the paper is my old address. So it was not qualified for the offer because the same name with same address is one of the requirements of the $500 offers, and just effect on the day of buying new car!!! ???

    I asked them if I can change my address on this Registration and come back later. The SuperVisor at Midtown Toyota told me that IT NEEDS 6 WEEKS TO UPDATE THE ADDRESS ON SYSTEM AT SECRETARY OF STATE. I was surprised!!!, and I thought we c could not wait 6 weeks to come back to do document for Sienna. I told them go ahead to finish document for Sienna on that day.

    After that, I went to Secretary of State to change address for my Corolla 2005. I found out that the new address be effected right away after 1 min!

    I was very upset with dealer because they not informed me enough to help me get benefits as they offer. I felt like they cheat and push me to get the sale done by lying to me about the 6 weeks update new address.

    All my family is fan of Toyota, at least 5 cars were bought at Midtown. But today I really disappointed about them.

    I hope Toyota will have fair solution.

  54. Phil Burton says:

    My sister runs a non-profit wildlife rehab clinic in Klamath Falls, OR and she won a Toyota truck in one of their giveaways. Super cool. When it came time for a new company truck I bought a 3/4 ton Tundra extended cab. Great truck with a couple of exceptions. I wanted two additions- a Bluetooth Phone and an outside temp gauge since I’m in the wine business and monitor grape development. The salesman said that the truck would be retro’d with both these things. Well, the Bluetooth cost me $500 and is useless- sounds like I’m talking in a cave. Short of leaving the truck “for several days” at the dealer, I’m back to looking for cops when I answer a call.
    Turns out that the outside temp gauge isn’t even available as an option- the salesman either didn’t know or lied to me. I accepted the truck- it runs beautifully but the experience left me sour. Toyota- you have great products but your local dealers need help.

  55. Jamie says:

    Bought 2014 Tundra and the dash has a hump on right side. Toyota has told me it was made that way. Very upset to pay $50,000 for a truck with hump made in dash. Wish had saw it before bought a piece of junk. 🙁

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      What do you mean with the hump in the dash?


      • Anonymous says:

        From the windshield toward passenger seat there is a hump in the dash. Looks like a vent or something is pushing it up. All the 2014 Tundra’s have it. It really almost makes me sick to my stomach at times to thing what I have bought. $750.00 a month payment and have to see dash everytime drive truck.

        • Tim Esterdahl says:

          Let me understand this. You are calling the Tundra “junk” because you don’t like a design feature of the vehicle that you didn’t notice when you bought it? And it makes you “sick to your stomach” when you see it?

          I can understand your issue if say the engine was misfiring, you had to replace a part several times or if the truck didn’t meet your needs. Calling a product “junk” because you don’t like part of the design is a bit of a stretch.


          • Anonymous says:

            I gave $50,000 for a new truck that looks like the sun has warped the dash. Toyota is supposed to be great at what they do but I have proof they are not. You do not design a truck this way. Yes, it is my fault I didn’t see it before bought it. What do you call something you don’t want? JUNK

          • Tim Esterdahl says:

            Junk is something that doesn’t work. This is a design preference.


  56. Anonymous says:

    OK, maybe junk was bad choice of words but design preference? Will go with total design flaw on the Tundra dash. Just didn’t exspect this from Toyota.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Eh, it is a personal taste issue. Toyota is starting to do more “controversial” designs as of late. They are indeed polarizing – either you love it or hate it. The “hump” doesn’t bother me.


  57. Anonymous says:

    I purchased Tundra in 2011 exoecting reliability and dependability. After 119,000 miles I was informed of a ” secondary air intake system” needs to be replaced, the cost of repairs will be over $ 2,700.00. After attempting to seek assistsnce from Toyota they rrefused to offer assistance. I am not asking for the entire bill to be paid but an offer of some type of resonable assustance.

    Knowing they have assisted others owners as late as 2010, it is extremely aggravating that Toyota’s multi million dollar empire isn’t alot more supportive. I will not purchase another Toyota product and will register as many complaints as necessary to prevent Toyota from taking advantage of more owners!

  58. Dewan Tanvir says:

    This is Dewan Tanvir from Bangladesh. My one is Toyota Premio 2008 model car. Suddenly day before yesterday the car is not moving ahead but the back or return is okay. Checked with 1 local digital workshop and they are suggesting to replace the gear box which is very much costly in here Bangladesh.

    Pelase give me an honest advice. I am waiting for you answer and really feeling helpless.


    Dewan Tanvir

  59. Carolyn K says:

    For over 14 years I have been a loyal Toyota customer and have purchased 5 top of the line vehicles from them. I today am so upset to be a Toyota customer. Their corporate level customer service is the worst. My husband has been for months trying to get someone to help with his Toyota Tacoma that has one of the faulty frames that rusted and developed big holes in the frame which made the otherwise good truck unable to pass inspection and undrivable. On Top of that the corrosion from the frame cause a total brake line failure while he and our two small children were in the truck.

    The failure caused him to have to go through a red light and maneuver into the dealership without hitting anything until he crashed into a ditch in the back of the woods of the dealership. This was days before the limited service campaign was announced that would replace these faulty frames in 2005 and older Tacomas. My husband and children were traumatized and they just put them in a rental and got them out of the dealership. My husband had to stop as his legs were shaking so bad and that is how they sent him out. We then spent days on the line with corporate who said they would cover the rental etc. Then we got a call from the dealership if we did not pay for the brake line repair on the truck we would be charged storage fees and we had to pay for the rental.

    Since the repairs would be covered in the frame replacement we paid and paid for the rental as corporate assured us we would be reimbursed. We also found out that prior to the service campaign they have been replacing these frames to squeaky wheels and even paying for the rental cars for those customers. Tuesday night we were told that since the program was in phases even though our state was on the list we would have to wait months.

    The woman said to see if the dealership would cover a rental and if not call back. the dealership will not cover the rental and so I called back and I escalated things speaking to a Steve Gardner who took all of the information. He just called back and in the most callous way without one ounce of human compassion or kindness stated that, “Sorry there is nothing we can do for you. You will have to wait and you are responsible for a rental and all the fees incurred. When the phase goes through in your state we will review it and let you know if we will cover any of the cost.” When I asked how they helped other customers out prior to the campaign he sidestepped it and double spoke to try and lie his way out. I told him I was so sad, disgusted and ashamed that I have been a customer for 14 years and this is how I am treated. He was like a robot, not one ounce of sympathy or customer care. I asked to appeal to someone and he told me he was the highest and that corporate had authorized him to handle this.

    So we have a truck that is undrivable, a rental we need to pay hundreds of dollars for and find a vehicle for my husband to drive while we wait months for the campaign to begin in our state and we are not even given any help. I feel like taking my Sienna AWD Limited and driving it there and leaving it. I am so ashamed to own Toyotas. Shame on them for treating people like this and my family could have been killed and they have not one ounce of compassion. What an eye opener.

  60. David says:

    My 2003 Corolla has developed a fuel tank leak along the seam where the top half is connected to the bottom half. This leak makes the check engine light come on due to lack of pressure on the tank, a mechanic charged me $75 for a used computer which he said was reading the cause as a fuel vapor recovery in error, light came back on after 500+/- miles, another mechanic said tank seal was wet which led to finding the leak. Has anyone else had this happen and/or reported it with an acceptable conclusion, like Toyota fixes it for free?

  61. rachel greco says:

    I read all the above. I just bought a 2014 Prius, it has less than a 1,000 miles on it. The idiot lights came on for the brake and abs. I brought the car in, and they said there was a broken steel wire that goes to the abs brake system. They claim it broke from running over something or a squirrel chewed it. They won’t put it under warranty, and want $480 to repair this.

  62. April says:

    My 2012 Toyota Camry bought brand new, the engine has locked up on it!! I have done the required maintainence on it, and several month ago, my mechanic told me that I had a dent in the oil pan, but it was nothing to be concerned with. I have licensed mechanics only work on my car. 2 weeks ago, my car just quick working while I was on the Interstate, no warning noise or anything. I had the car towed to my house, and my mechanic said he thought maybe an alternator. He replaced that put a new battery in, and the car did nothing. He checked the oil, to be sure that was not the issue. He said it had oil in it, but the motor was locked up. I then had to car towed to Toyota, where I purchased the car. They told me because the oil pan had a dent, they would not replace the motor. Now, I have NEVER seen one drop of oil anywhere from my car, have NEVER been told by a licensed mechanic that I had an oil leak. I also have 80,000 miles on the car, BUT I have a platnium coverage warranty. This “says” that I am covered until 10/16 or 125,000 – I am very upset with the way Toyota has treated me, and yes I feel it is becuase I am a female. They told me to contact my insurance company to file an accident report????? I told them I had not been in an accident. I have had more response back from my insurance company than from Toyota – I will continue to press forward until some agreement is made.

  63. Manal says:

    I always buy new cars, but my worst experience was with the Toyota corporation customer service. It cant be worse than this. Never follow up on any complain, terrible customer service never smile. I personally don’t recommend buying Toyota to anyone. Thanks,

  64. CP says:

    On August 13, Toyota repossessed my 2010 Toyota Corolla. I was never late on a payment. There was an issue with my autopay account; no one contacted me, so as far as I know, the issue could have been on their end. I got a letter AFTER they took my vehicle saying a payment didn’t happen, but as far as I knew, the payment cleared. Toyota even blocked my account so I can’t check what happened. I’ve called the customer service, your reinstatement department, the financial department, and no one wants to talk to me, listen to me, or help me. I keep getting a runaround. I’m on the verge of losing everything because of this whole thing.

  65. Anessa says:

    do not buy a car from here. They are unprofessional and knowledgeable and flat out don’t care. They will tell you anything to make a paycheck and will send you off to different people if they think they can’t do it. I bought a vehicle from Francis. Francis turned out to be a crook and no longer works there. So coach had to deal with my situation. My situation was the car itself was a lemon. No one wanted to take my situation I would brush me off to others. Francis no longer work there so I got put on coaches desk coach couldn’t figure it out so he sent me David Canales. David took his sweet ass time, didn’t give two shits. Then tells me, “I’m just a salesperson I don’t have anything to do with the situation so I will send you to coach the manager.” Remind you, coach sent me to David. Coach himself took his sweet ass time doing absolutely nothing. The only time he ever thought about my situation, was when I was there in his face, he didn’t care, because I wasn’t a part of his paycheck. Coach then decides to continue to tell me that it wasn’t up to him that it was up to the general manager, the next day it wasn’t the general managers decision, it was the banks. He just continued to flip flop every day. Never had the same story. I went yesterday August 27th at 10 o’clock in the morningand once again he had nothing for me no answers know anything. He told me to give him an hour and he would have some type of answer. He then tells me he will call me and I never received a call. At 4:00pm. I called and was informedthat coach was busy with customers. I asked to speak to the general manager and like always there managers are quote on quote in meetings. I was the pushef off to the general managers assistant, Robin. she was a very sweet lady and very understanding. She took down all my information and told me she would look into it first thing this morning. Surprisingly she did call me at 11 00 in the morning and told me that everything was fixed with my car need to remind you I’m not there to get my car fixed, I’m there to get a new vehicle. She didn’t ask me what’s wrong with this one and I tell her. The car doesn’t go over 60 miles an hour and it chugs a lot. It burns oil at rapid speeds and I never traveled anywhere. she says she would personally take it for a spin and give me a call back we hung up at 11 30 in the morning it is now 530 in the afternoon and I have yet to get a call back from her. This place is a rip off they will not tell you anything its a bunch of smoke and mirrors I never get the truth.

  66. erica says:

    I have a friendly critique to offer to improve your product, but first your suggested steps to file a complaint, step one,specifically, is kind of offensive and is not constructive for your benefit. Usually, telling someone to “calm down” is going to have the opposite reaction. It implies that one is being irrational, unfounded, and has a condescending/patronizing implication. It made me feel like I didn’t want to help your company at all.

    Now, to the point…

    First, we own a Camry and have had it many years. That being said, we rented a Sienna for a trip (10 days). We loved it and were so impressed we considered buying one. Then, we synced our phone via Bluetooth. Every time we turn the ignition off, we have to go through a ridiculous menu of setup options to link the phone again. We find this to be painfully time consuming and redundant. The system should remember and automatically link itself when requested. My husband and I agreed that we would no longer be interested in purchasing a Toyota because of an archaic user interface.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      We are not affiliated with Toyota. These steps are our own advice when calling customer service. The advice follows many consumer guides.

      Best of luck when calling Toyota.


  67. Ray says:

    The dealer emailed me the price which is a less than the msrp now they don’t want to honor their price please let me know what step should I take. Because of this I lost two more deals. Can I sue the dealer for wasting my time and losing the deals?

  68. Stephen says:

    I have a question maybe you guys can help me with this.

    Ok so I began dealing with a dealership. We agreed on a price and finally arrived where I needed to be. I am signing all the paperwork and was approved for 0% financing. I signed the customer proposal sheet and the dealer signed that they accepted the offer. As I am finishing the sale the sales manager comes out and says they cannot do the deal because they were losing 5400. He came back with a new sheet with the same price with 4.99% financing for 7 years. I said not thank you.

    I asked for their business number and names of the supervisors within this dealership. They refused to give me any information. I was able to grab the sheet with their signature accepting their generated quote sheet saying it was accepted by dealer. Now they are telling me it was dealership error. Instead of saying they can add 1750 to the car price for 0% financing they said they could only do the deal if they charged the 4.99% rate. This would make the car cost an additional 3187 over the time of the loan.

    I went to speak with the general manager and he refused to see me. The sales manager accused me of trying to take advantage of them and asked me to leave. Mind you they were the ones that gave me the customer proposal sheet that both parties agreed. I asked the sales manager is this not a signature by a financial advisor or officer int he dealership due to the fact that it states the document is not valid if it is not signed by the dealership. He told me to get out.

    I am dumbfounded because I literally was walking to my trade in car to transfer my stuff when this all happened.

    Do I have something here?

  69. Lance says:

    Looking for advice !

    I have a 2005 Tundra that experienced an extreme failure of the front knuckle / ball joint causing the left front tire and hub to separate from the truck. The truck was seriously damaged but luckily I only received a few bruises.

    I have been trying to get help from Toyota but their customer care and service has ignored me. My most resent letter from Toyota’s Claims Administrator states that this is a wear item and implies this is normal. I’m having the truck repaired and requested the right side ball joint be replaced … the mechanic told me the right side showed no damage or serious wear.

    Can anyone explain why one side of the truck falls off while the other side shows no sign of wear or damage? Also, what further course of action can I take to receive help with these repairs?

    I have owned Toyota products for the last 30 years but never experienced such a disregard for customer service and support …

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Not sure why one side would wear more than the other. I would have the other side checked at the very least.

      Sounds like you have followed all the appropriate steps to have your issue addressed. Unfortunately, if Toyota corporate is denying your claim, you don’t have any other recourse that we can see.


  70. says:

    complaint: Air Force grandson has 5 day leave before returning to Afg. Fir his return to base in SA front tires needed replacement. Took Toyota to Community Toyota dealer,Roger, for replacement of 2 front tires. Took on Monday and did not have right tires. They ordered them out for Tuesday. Took car in—no tires had been delivered. Still at dealer in Baytown waiting for delivery of 2 tires.We arrived at @ 11:oo am it is now4:50 pm and still NO TIRES. No excuse for not having as been over 24 hours! So–a very big problem for our soldier!! Still waiting—-NOT HAPPY.We have owned 3 Toyotas and always will, however customer service needs to follow thru and keep their word. Dealership name is Community Toyota in Baytown, dealer Roger. [he also own KIA,Honda]…Next time will have to go to Pasadena Toyota. We are in the market for new Toyota so Pasadena will probably get out business. FYI about customer service dept. We are NOT happy. Worse yet, we had to make other car arrangement for him to follow his orders…NOT HAPPY with dealers’ customer service.

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