News Briefs: Toyota Profits Top GM, Ford+GM Production Changes

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According to reports, Toyota is set to announce its fiscal year results soon and it is expected to be a $10 billion net income. While Toyota posts a big increase, Ford, sales growth, and GM, new models, are making changes to their plant production. All of this news is good for the economy.

News Briefs: Toyota Profits Top GM, Ford+GM Production

Toyota's Profits will top GM soon in an earnings report. Ford and GM will change up their production this summer for different reasons.

Toyota’s Profit
The expected earnings report amounts to a 12 sales growth versus last year. This number is proof that Toyota has regained its market share after some challenging times including recalls and natural disasters. The $10 billion in net income would put Toyota ahead of General Motors, the disputed #1 automaker in the world.

2011 Car Sales Statistics via Olathe Toyota Parts Center

Ford Cuts Downtime
In response to a high demand for its products, Ford plans on cutting back its annual downtime from two weeks to one. This will result in about 40,000 more vehicles being built. This is good news for everyone since more production means more jobs and more people spending.

GM Temporarily Closes Plants
As we have been reporting, GM is working on the next-generation Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. This preparation now includes rolling closures at several plants that will add more than 20 weeks of total idle time. This has caused some dealers to increase inventory.

The redesign of GM’s full size trucks is long over due since they are the oldest design of Ford, Chrysler and Toyota.

The plan is for the new trucks to arrive in dealerships in spring 2013 as 2014 models.

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    1. mk says:

      didn’t know nissan/renault were that big of a car mfg.
      Don’t really care much for most of Nissan’s lineup so never considered them. Hyundai sure is coming up the ranks right behind the big 3 and toyota. Where is Honda in all of this, don’t see them in the ranks?

    2. Mickey says:

      9th mk. Right next to the bottom there on the graph. Very intresting.

    3. Rosada Hall says:

      We bought a RAV 4 three months ago. It now has 4031 miles on it. We took it back because the smell was so bad, it smells like mold. They put a charcoal filter in it. Still stinks so they came down and got it last Monday and left us with a loner. They called and brought it back the next day said they couldn’t fine the problem and said that’s all they could so for us. Well it still smell like mold coming from the fresh air vents. We have been very nice about the whole thing but I must take our health into this, why do we have to smell this and pay for a brand new RAV 4 and it stinks like mold? Anyone have a problem like this?

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