Towing Standards Adopted By GM, Ford, Ram and Nissan – Finally

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After waiting for years, Ford, GM, Ram and Nissan will stop playing games and adopt the J2807 standards. The days of “magical” towing dust are done on light-duty trucks.

Towing Standards Adopted By GM, Ford, Ram and Nissan

Finally, after years of waiting, it has been confirmed that all the other truck makers will use the J2807 standard.

In an Automotive News article and as we have stated, the adoption of the standard is a bit of a follow the leader. Ford says with the 2015 pickup, it will finally use the J2807 towing standard.

Automotive news posted this about each maker:

Mike Levine, a spokesman for Ford, told Automotive News that the 2015 F-150 will get a new towing rating to go with its new aluminum body.

“As a founding member of the SAE trailer towing committee, we will meet SAE trailer towing standards,” he said.

Tom Wilkinson, a GM spokesman, said that “when the other two major manufacturers move, we will move at that time.” Wilkinson said GM already knows how the standard will change the Silverado and Sierra’s stated towing capacities.

“We already validate the trucks to [the J2807 standard]. It’s just a matter of adjusting the numbers,” Wilkinson said.

A spokesman for Ram also said that it would list towing capabilities for its 2015-model pickups to comply with the standard.

In a written statement, a Toyota spokesman said the company is glad to have company in complying with the standard.

“This will be most beneficial for customers, as previous methodologies created by individual manufacturers made it difficult for customers to compare tow ratings on an apples-to-apples basis,” the statement said. “Toyota was always a firm believer in an industrywide standard, as evidenced by our adopting SAE J2807 back in 2011 and being the only manufacturer to adopt it until now.”

This is great news for truck buyers and fans. Having a consistent testing method and standard for towing will create a more apples to apples comparison as well as increase the safety of all towing (if the operator follows them).

What do you think? Is this long over due?

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  1. DJ says:

    This is long overdue as other manufacturers have not been on a level playing field with Toyota., one of the worst, most biased websites out there has an article on this and the first line is just amazing – “You have to give Ford credit: The automaker said it would comply with the Society of Automotive Engineers’ recommended towing standards (known as J2807) when its next new truck hit the market, and it looks like that means the 2015 Ford F-150”

    Now wait a minute, Toyota is the only full-size manufacturer to be using this standard and has since 2011 and you “have to give Ford credit”??????? Really? How much more biased can a supposed non-bias automotive site be, what a joke.

  2. ToyoB says:


    The article is correct. Ford is the first truck manufacturer to adopt J2807. They know Toyota doesn’t make a real truck.

    • Bob says:

      Actually Toyota has been manufacturing trucks since 1935 and is known for their quality and support of their product. Ford is just a bandwagon name anymore and really isn’t worth the tin there made with. Oh and we know that the Japenese bombed Pearl Harbor, That was over 50 years ago their now our ally. I hate this crap I’ve driven and fixed all kinds of vehicles and of them I prefer Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi you can’t argue with well made product. Now as for my experience with ford we’ll just say I didn’t get this body from working out at the gym. I really wish the joke was true about the heated tailgates.

    • DJ says:

      It’s not enough to troll message boards and but now we have trolls with nothing better to do on this website? Get a life dude

      • Tim Esterdahl says:


        Let me know if he crosses a line and causes a big issue, I’ll censor him from my end. So far, his comment doesn’t stand out for me just yet.


    • Breathing Borla says:



    • KMS says:


      You don’t get out of your mom’s basement much, do you?

    • Mickey says:

      Really ToyoB? The world needs ditch diggers so grab a shovel.

  3. mk says:

    For my needs and opinion, it doesn’t mean much to me. A few hundred lbs. or even 1,000 lbs. difference in towing maximum capacity will NOT sway me to buy a ford or toyota or dodge or chevy 1/2 ton truck. 95% of us do not tow over 8,000 lbs. anyways so not a big deal in buying a 1/2 ton truck. For those pulling over 5-6,000 lbs. on a regular basis say weekly, one would be smart and buy a 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck with a diesel.

    I think 1/2 ton trucks are made to tow 2000-6000 lbs. which is the majority of trailers/campers/boats made anyways so no big deal to me on J-towing number ratings.

    Flame suit on, let me have it!

    • Breathing Borla says:

      I actually fully agree.

      I have had my own tow standards forever,

      anything over 7500, buy a 3/4 ton, end of story.

      But that’s just me, I like A LOT of reserve…

  4. […] Other trucks finally to adopt SAE towing standard GM, Ford, Ram and Nissan finally adopting the SAE J2807 towing standard. Towing Standards Adopted By GM, Ford, Ram and Nissan – Finally | Tundra Headquarters Blog […]

  5. toyrulz says:

    In addition to PUTC’s “give Ford credit” for delaying adoption (by themselves and 2 competitors) of what is arguably a public safety issue… the mention of Toyota quickly leafs over adoption 2 years early (others 2 year late) but adds Tundra lost 400lbs without mention of designing that capability back in since then (2011).

  6. mendonsy says:

    I will believe it when I see it!!
    I suspect their J2807 ratings will be awfully optimistic just like their fuel mileage ratings.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      That sounds exactly like something you would say. LOL!


    • Mickey says:

      I agree Mendonsy. They will find a way to make it fit for them. Until it’s done I will reserve my comment. I just don’t believe the other manufacturers.

  7. Breathing Borla says:

    I am just glad that everyone will be on the same page so we can stop hearing about it.

    This may actually be a blow to toyota in a weird way…

    They can no longer say they are the only ones who comply which was a nice marketing campaign.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Good point. It will be nice to finally move on.

      Towing numbers are still mostly BS anyways. Most drivers will either never tow the maximum amount OR not take the time to calculate their towing numbers anyway.


      • Larry says:

        Yes, time to move on. When I buy a truck the last thing I need to worry about is being able to check off a towing standard.

        This issue has been beat to death.

        Like Borla, stated, need to tow more the 7500, move to a 3/4 ton truck.

        • Ken says:

          I disagree. If I am going to tow more than 7500 4 times a year, it would be silly to move to a 3/4 ton and a waste of money.

  8. hemi lol says:

    I am glad to finally see the compliance of this standard FINALLY happen. I feel as if i had some backing and help i would love to start my own third party company website. PUTC is OFFICIALLY a joke. There are no unbiased sites that i know of. the guys at are as dumb as bricks! and i really know of no other site. what ashame.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      LOL! At least with us, you know we are biased. 🙂

      Curious, what do you think of TruckTrend?


      • hemi lol says:

        honestly never paid much attention to trucktrend………. maybe i will more now. always thought the site was annoying to navigate through. lol probably just the stupid user…… this guy lol

        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          I’m just curious as to what our readers like/dislike on other sites/this site and how I can make it better. For example, I am constantly bugging Jason for a new website design. 🙂

          Let me know personally, if you have any concerns with our articles or my writing. One of the things I really try to do is to be responsive to our audience.

          Thanks for commenting!


          • Breathing Borla says:

            we (PUTC) core former members from way back when have started a little site


            it’s not a one brand site but all brands, a bunch of good guys to talk trucks, life etc, with no BS spam, no trolling, but we do have a tug-o-war section if you like to debate trucks. I am one of the mods as well.

            I would like to invite you guys over there, it’s a low traffic site for now, but hey you have to start somewhere.


            Tim, if you would like to post or link your articles over there that would be ok as well.

          • Tim Esterdahl says:


            Any chance you guys would be interested in running a RSS feed like we do on Tundra Geeks? That seems to help keep their site active and I respond to comments on it as well. It is a win-win for both parties.


  9. Ken says:

    Mark Williams was just giving credit to the first of the Big 3 to adopt it. GM and Fiat were too much of a coward to go first, even though they both had newer trucks. He gave credit to Toyota before. And he has bashed Ford for not going with it sooner.

  10. Ken says:

    And by the way I hate Mark Williams and am not a fan of his work.

    • Breathing Borla says:

      “hate” is a strong word,

      maybe “I’m not a fan of his work” would be better

      just sayin’

      • Ken says:

        Dislike. I’ll also say you are a moderator on your forum and you say you don’t troll. I see you calling EcoBoost the Ecobust in every post. You are no better than the people at You are supposed to be better than that!

  11. Ken says:

    Dislike. I’ll also say you are a moderator on your forum and you say you don’t troll. I see you calling EcoBoost the Ecobust in every post. You are no better than the people at You are supposed to be better than that!

    • Breathing Borla says:


      Calling the ecoboost an Ecobust when there are numerous documented issues with it isn’t trolling in my mind. If that offends you that much then maybe that place isn’t for you.

      your are more than welcome to stop by either way.

      Take care

      • FF704 says:

        My god you mama boys.
        Take it out yo the playgrounds.
        Nobody builds a bad truck.
        It all depends what you will do with it.

        • Mickey says:

          Not quite. Resale will tell you if you have a good truck or not. It doesn’t matter what you do to it when Resale is down on your truck. Most mods you’re lucky to recoup 50%.

  12. Mike T says:

    The use of J2807 will allow customers to compare tow ratings directly, as each manufacturer will test and rate their trucks using the exact same set of guidelines. Each manufacturer currently conducts its own tests, meaning that the tow ratings provided do not come from the same set of tests.

  13. Will says:

    There is one small caveat however. GM will not go to J2807 if Ford does not, so once again the onus is on Ford to make the next move before the others follow.

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