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Tommy Gate G2 Tundra Liftgate

Loading equipment, supplies or other heavy gear in and out of your Tundra can be a back breaking experience. Even with the tailgate lowered or removed, it’s still not always easy to lift the items you need to haul up over the bumper and deposit them safely in the truck bed. Sometimes you will luck out and be able to back right up to a loading dock that is just the proper height, but most of the time you are on your own when it comes to the heavy lifting.

Toyota Tundra with a Tommy Gate

Toyota Tundra with a Tommy Gate

Tommy Gate realizes that there are certain loads that weight too much to be safely loaded using muscle alone. They also know that not everyone has access to a forklift or other mechanical helper when it’s time to pack up the truck. This is why they developed the G2 Dual Drive liftgate.

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