THQ and TacomaHQ Editor Off to Toyota Tacoma National Reveal Event

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We are off to the National Press event for the 2016 Toyota Tacoma. Got questions for Tim? Post them below!

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  1. breathing borla says:

    tell sweers we need storage in the crewmax 🙂

    ok, ok, I couldn’t help it…

  2. DJ says:

    Still a plastic bed?

    Engine spec, everyone wants to know them

    How is it better than new Colorado?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Yes, plastic bed, although like Hemi said, there have been few issues with it.

      I’m under embargo until August 17 for engine specs and driving impressions. I can say, it is considerably different and, IMO, better than the Colorado for an outdoor customer. You’ll hear me talk more about this in the next week or two, Toyota and GM have different views of the mid-size truck market.


  3. Hemi lol says:

    Unless they are sandbagging the new Atkinson/Otto 3.5 makes 278 HP at 6000 RPM and 265lb. ft. at 4600 RPM……….

    DJ that plastic bed is called Sheet Molded Composite and in 9 years I have never seen one broken.

    Its a Tacoma, its ALWAYS better than a Colorado lmao

  4. ricqik says:

    Surprise diesel?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      No. I do have a different viewpoint on the diesel question now. Like I said in another comment, I’m under embargo until 8/17. I’ll have a lot more to say after that date!


  5. TRDSmokedU says:

    Some of the videos I’ve watched seem to show the Tacoma’s all new frame as still being an open C. Can you get confirmation? Thanks.

    @ Hemi from the specs I saw I thought it was 270hp?

    Post 195.

    • hemi lol says:


      that was what was originally posted when my first order showed up in my allocation. the inquiry report showed 270hp 248lb ft which is the classic 3.5 V6 numbers. they have since updated them to what I posted above and who knows those may not be official if they are trying to fool everyone lol….. only time will tell.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      No new frame per se. Altered with high-strength steel like everyone else is doing. It is still a triple tech frame. There is a GREAT reason for this that I will get to after 8/17 (under embargo).

      Sorry, I can’t comment on the specs.


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