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2011 Tundra Gets 4 Star Overall Crash Test Rating, Tied For First In Segment

Last updated 3-17-2011

NHTSA has released their crash test ratings for many of the 2011 half-tons on the market – here’s a summary of the ratings.

So far, it looks like the 2011 Tundra is the safest half-ton on the market, with only the narrowest lead over the GM trucks as a result of the Tundra’s superior IIHS test results. The F150 and Ram come in to third and fourth place respectively (the Nissan Titan has not been rated by NHTSA, so it’s not included in our comparison).

Best Toyota Tundra Burn Out Videos

Once the Toyota Tundra gained a 5.7-liter V8 engine with nearly 400 horsepower on tap, it didn’t take a crystal ball to predict that pretty soon YouTube would be filling up with tire-melting shenanigans caught on amateur video. Burnouts are fun – especially if it’s not your tires going up in smoke – and the Tundra has more than its fair share of cool brakestands and donuts preserved for the ages by camcorders across the country.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Tundra burnout videos available on YouTube.

Toyota Tundra vs F150 Video Comparison Kinda Weak

Toyota has published some comparison videos on their ToyotaUSA YouTube channel. While it’s great to see Toyota embracing YouTube, this effort (this F150 vs Tundra video) leaves a lot to be desired.

Check it out:

AMP Research Power Step Running Boards Review

When someone with AMP Research contacted us a few months ago and offered up a free set of their power step running boards, we passed. We didn’t have a donor vehicle lined up, and we felt like this particular part might be a little extravagant for the average Tundra owner. Unfortunately, we missed out on a good opportunity. When we realized that these power step bars have a very utilitarian purpose – helping passengers step-in to a lifted truck while also maintaining ground clearance – we had to pay AMP for a set of their power step boards for review. We didn’t pay full price – AMP helped us out – but next time we get offered a free part for review, we’ll say “yes” without hesitation.

AMP Research has an interesting story. The company was founded by Horst Leitner, an accomplished motorcycle racer and the inventor of the Horst link suspension. The Horst link suspension revolutionized mountain biking, and gave Leitner the funds and credibility to start AMP Research. Today, AMP Research provides a variety of components to many auto manufacturers.

AMP power step running boards. All the parts.

On the left, the kit in the box. On the right, all the major pieces laid out.