2011 Tundra Gets 4 Star Overall Crash Test Rating, Tied For First In Segment

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Last updated 3-17-2011

NHTSA has released their crash test ratings for many of the 2011 half-tons on the market – here’s a summary of the ratings.

So far, it looks like the 2011 Tundra is the safest half-ton on the market, with only the narrowest lead over the GM trucks as a result of the Tundra’s superior IIHS test results. The F150 and Ram come in to third and fourth place respectively (the Nissan Titan has not been rated by NHTSA, so it’s not included in our comparison).

Truck & Cab Front Side Rollover Overall
Chevy-GMC 1500 Reg. Cab 4 Stars 5 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars
Ford F-150 Reg. Cab 3 Stars 5 Stars 3.5* Stars 4 Stars
Ram 1500 Reg. Cab 2 Stars 5 Stars (!) 3.5* Stars 3 Stars (!)
Toyota Tundra Reg. Cab 4 Stars 5 Stars 3.5* Stars 4 Stars
Chevy-GMC 1500 Extended Cab 4 Stars 5 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars
Ford F-150 Super Cab 3 Stars 5 Stars 3.5* Stars 4 Stars
Ram 1500 Quad Cab 2 Stars 5 Stars (!) 3.5* Stars 3 Stars (!)
Toyota Tundra Double Cab 4 Stars 5 Stars 3.5* Stars 4 Stars
Chevy-GMC 1500 Crew 5 Stars 5 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
Ford F-150 Crew 3 Stars 5 Stars 3.5* Stars 4 Stars
Ram 1500 Crew 2 Stars 5 Stars (!) 3.5* Stars 3 Stars (!)
Toyota Tundra Crew No Results No Results No Results No Results

NHTSA is still working to release test data – we will update this table as more info becomes available.
* – Both RWD and 4WD/AWD models were tested and the scores were averaged
(!) – NHTSA has issued a “safety concern” along with this rating

Here’s some more info on the Tundra’s crash test ratings, some crash test videos, and more info about the safety concerns that NHTSA has about the Ram 1500.

Tundra Early Winner In Crash Test Ratings

When compared to similar cabs from Chevy-GMC, the Tundra has the same overall crash test ratings (only rollover tests are better for the GM trucks). However, when you compare the NHTSA crash tests to crash tests conducted by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), you see that the GM trucks did much better in the government tests than they did in the IIHS non-profit tests.

2011 IIHS Large Truck Crash Test Ratings

2011 IIHS Large Truck Crash Test Ratings - click to see the IIHS results page.

While there is always going to be a discrepancy between tests, the average result from the IIHS and NHTSA tests shows that the Tundra is the overall winner because it ties the NHTSA test ratings with Chevy-GMC but rates much higher in the IIHS tests.

The Ram 1500 seems to be in a bit of trouble as far as safety is concerned. The IIHS has issued a “marginal” rating for the Ram in side impact tests, while NHTSA has a “safety concern” to go along with the Ram’s 3 star side impact tests. According to the NHTSA website, the Ram 1500 failed the pole intrusion side-impact test creating a “higher likelihood of thoracic injury.”

To be clear, the Ram scored 5 stars in the standard “barrier” side impact test, and even a 3 star rating is a solid showing all things considered (the standards are brand new this year and designers haven’t had a chance to design for them).

Finally, the 2011 F150 performs slightly worse than both the Tundra and GM trucks, earning only 3 stars in frontal crash test ratings rather than the four stars earned by GM and Toyota. This is a dissapointing result for Ford, but considering their strong performance in IIHS safety tests, Ford owners and buyers can rest assured their truck is safe overall.

Tundra Crash Test Videos

Finally, we have some great footage from the NHTSA crash tests that shows just how tremendous these trucks have become in terms of safety. Watch the side impact crash videos especially, and keep in mind that despite all the damage the Tundra still got a 5 star rating…this is what a good crash looks like folks.

Front Crash Test

YouTube Preview Image

Side Impact Test

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Joshua says:

    How does a truck (ram) get a 2 on front test?! Its a freakin truck! they have tons of room for safety equipment, its not like a smart for two or something where they got to work hard to make it safe.

  2. Jason (Admin) says:

    Joshua – Hard to believe isn’t it? The new standards are much tougher – getting a “3” for example is very close to what a “5” used to be – but still…a 2? Not good.

    The funny thing is that Chrysler has been at a major spending disadvantage for years. Toyota, Ford, and GM can all afford to spend more money on R&D than Fiat-Chrysler-Ram, and it looks like Ram didn’t invest as much in safety as their competitors. The soft ride is nice though, eh? LOL

  3. Joshua says:

    yeah soft ride right till your head hits the wind sheild. lol

  4. Jason (Admin) says:

    Joshua – LOL – good one.

  5. Mickey says:

    Jason I do remember the Tundra being the first truck to get a 4 star rating. Didn’t the Tundra get a 5 star rating not to long ago? If so why the drop?

  6. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mickey – The 4 star rating is under the new 2011 NHTSA guidelines, which are considerably “stiffer” than the 2010 and previous guidelines. It could be that the 2011 Tundra Crew will get 5 stars…NHTSA hasn’t released that data yet but it should hit soon.

  7. […] around. The GMs did better than Dodge, but not as good as the Toyota and Ford in the IIHS tests. http://www.tundraheadquarters.com/bl…-test-ratings/ To be fair, you're right, the GM trucks do well overall in the NHTSA tests, but so did the Toyota […]

  8. Tim says:

    Yeah because the 2010 F150 earned 5-stars in the NHTSA full-frontal test. Its only where the 2011 guidelines are more strict. Also if you look at the “technical data” ( http://www.iihs.org/ratings/da.....038;type=f) on the IIHS off-set front crash, you will see that the 2009-11 F150 gets better ratings (lower injury on the dummies) than that of the 2009-11 Tundra, but the Tundra still is a very safe truck and has good scores. Remember the F150 is also a heavier truck. Also in the “roof crush” test, teh F150 can withstand over 25000 pounds, the Tundra only a little over 23000, again, which is excellent even for the Tundra. The Silverado and Ram could only withstand around 15000-16000 pounds.

  9. Jason (Admin) says:

    Tim – Again, excellent points. Thank you.

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