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DTV Shredder Garners Interest From Military, But You Might Like It Too

Adrenaline junkies love it when a company finds a new way to turn their world into a playground.  When you create a skateboard with  tank tracks that drives like a motorcycle, you’ve got their attention.  The DTV shredder is just such a device, as it combines a tracked drive system with a jet-ski like platform, resulting in a capable device that has caught the military’s attention…as well as a few civilians. Here are the specs and info you need to know:

What is the DTV Shedder? TundraHeadquarters looks at the new world of play

PreRunner Tundra Ready For SEMA – Custom Suspension, Body, and More

As part of Toyota’s Racing Dream Build Challenge NHRA Alcohol Funny Car race driver Alexis DeJoria wanted a “no holds barred” Baja race truck. In order to build this machine, she enlisted her team at Racer Engineering to seriously modify a Toyota Tundra. Let’s just say they were very, very successful. This truck is sweet!

YouTube Preview Image

Review – The GoPro HD Motorsports Hero

High quality in-car video used to be the exclusive province of either professional race teams or enthusiasts with unlimited gadget budgets. This is no longer the case thanks to a number of advances in the world of miniaturization over the past several years and the emergence of company’s like GoPro. GoPro offers a range of different automobile-oriented camera systems at very affordable prices, with the most impressive in terms of video quality being the HD Motorsports Hero.

YouTube Preview Image

The video above shows video taken from an outboard mounted GoPro HD camera on a 1st-generation Tundra with a ton of add-ons…hopefully we can feature this truck soon.

GoPro HD Motorsports Hero

The GoPro HD Hero is a camera about the size of a small deck of cards that is capable of taking 1080p, 960p and 720p HD wide angle video at either 30 or 60 frames per second. The camera features an internal battery that offers 2.5 hours of recording time before it needs to be recharged again, and it saves each digital video file onto an SD card (up to 32GB). The camera can also be used as a standard digital still photo camera, and can even be set up to take time-lapse photos. It retails for less than $200 Having been designed with a specific purpose in mind — sports video — the GoPro Hero is perfect for such a task..

Mounting Options

GoPro HD Motorsports Hero with mounting gear.

The HD Motorsports Hero cam comes with a number of adhesive mounts, a suction cup mount, a buckle mount and a pivoting arm that allows the device to be aimed.

Amatoya: Futuristic Firefighting Vehicle

Most of us grew up with fire trucks that were big, red, and noisy, designed to carry as much water, supplies and men as possible to the scene of a blaze while clearing a path along crowded city streets or twisting rural roads. The future of firefighting equipment, however, might look quite different if Liam Ferguson has his way. The designer has put together an entirely new type of firefighting vehicle called the Amatoya that is more adaptable to a wider range of situations than traditional truck-based apparatus.

The inspiration for the Amatoya came from the “Black Saturday” wild fires that swept across Victoria, Australia in 2009.

Marshall Motoarts Sand Car

Playing in the sand with your truck can be a lot of fun, but it also carries with it quite a few risks. Primarily, jumping dunes and dodging pits can put a lot of strain on your vehicle, especially since stock pickups were never designed to take that kind of pounding abuse on their suspension and frame. This is why so many off-road enthusiasts opt for smaller scale entertainment in the form of a utility-terrain vehicle.

Some of the more interesting UTV options on the market come from the mind of Christopher “MARSHALL” Burke of Marshall Motoart. Located in Ogden, Utah, Burke has been building UTV’s for years. UTV’s are vehicles which started out in life as standard work or task-based vehicles but which evolved through customization to fill a sportier role in their owner’s life. UTV’s typically allow for side-by-side seating, unlike a smaller ATV, and they are also larger and more capable than their entry-level cousins.

Marshall Motoarts Sand Car

The Marshall Motoart Sand Car in its natural element.

In addition to basing UTV designs on existing models, Burke also comes up with completely custom creations for individual customers.