Swimming Pool in Your Truck – Beware

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A fun thing for some truck owners is to turn their pickup bed into a swimming pool. This is a bad idea, really bad unless you own a heavy duty truck. Here is a graphic showing the technical aspects of doing this.

truck-bed-swimming-pool-800x-kraked (1)

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  1. Goldie says:

    45 lbs/cu.ft. for crushed asphalt? Seems kind of low even taking the air voids into consideration. That would mean hypothetically that if I filled a super strong impermeable bag with crushed asphalt and toss it into a body of water, it will float?

  2. mk says:

    I still think 1/2 tons with 3-4 guys/gals in back filled tad over 1/2 full of water or 3/4’s way up will support it no problems since not going to be moving on down the road. My opinion, but I think the payload is underrated or more meant for traveling with that extra payload in the back bed of the truck, NOT for sitting still. Do agree though a 3/4 ton would be much better suited for a bed of water.

  3. Skylo says:

    Asphalt or 3 girls in bikini’s in the back, who care about the maths!

  4. mk says:

    skylo, skip the bikini’s to reduce weight.

    reminds me of a wife who complains to her long time husband asking him if her top half was too small. He responded by helping her out and stating to rub a few TP sheets between her top half every day for months and will eventually make them grow. She asked how? He said, well it worked for your rear all these years so why not the top half?

    Sorry, what was the question again?

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